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Senior Police behind the child abuse and child murder cover-up

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Jan. 13, 2014

In court, Dutroux testified that this “Zionist-Jew child sex ring” is a subset of an international porn cartel which was protected by both French police and French politicians. Dutroux further alleges that French officials have been bribed by France’s powerful Zionist lobby.

Eight  Jewish people  of Italian origin and three Jewish people  of Russian extraction were arrested and charged by Italian police for kidnapping, raping and murdering non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years, obtained from Russian orphanages. [Ron: Remember the global Jewmedia's rancid furor about Putin banning Amerikkans "adopting" Russian orphans and taking them to the US?!] The children were raped and then murdered as part of a series of snuff films. Prosecutors estimate that as many as 1700 children were victimized in this heinous fashion and an undetermined determined number of American pedophiles paid $20,000 per film to watch these young children raped and murdered on film.