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FW:  Nov. 10, 2012

(Oct. 1, 2 012)

UN Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon


UN Committee on the “rights” of the child


Global parents’ organizations


Presidents and governments
of the UN member states


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate on behalf of all true Christians of the world expresses support to parents’ organizations of the 193 UN member states. In these days parents have turned to the UN Committee on the so-called rights of the child with a radical protest. Committee session is being held from 17 September to 5 October 2012 in Geneva. Parents’ organizations published a document entitled “Global protest against the UN policies”. The protest is directed against brutal removals of children from their families. It is connected with an internet petition.

The UN is to blame for millions of children having irretrievably lost their loving parents! Mental damage caused to children and parents is incalculable and inexpressible!


Scary and shocking statistics:

Every week one family in 5-million Finland commits family suicide as a consequence of psychological stress caused by juvenile justice criminals and contemporary pirates of the social services. In Finland, these family suicides have become a mass phenomenon. Dozens of fathers have killed their children, their mothers and themselves in abject panic when juvenile workers broke into their houses like terrorists. These statistics are strictly classified. Parents are severely penalized for mass-media disclosure. In spite of that, some cases failed to be concealed and were published.

In April 2011, in the town of Ikaalinen, a father shot his wife, son and then himself while bestial juvenile justice workers were breaking into their house. In October 2011, in Varkaus, a father of the family killed his wife and 10-year-old son with a knife when social patronage workers were demolishing the entrance door. In November 2011, a father in the same situation killed his two children in the village of Tyrnovo. In December 2011 in Vantaa, a father killed his 5- and 8-year-old daughters when social workers approached their house to steal their children. In December 2011 in Kouvola, when juvenile justice workers were breaking down the door, the desperate mother killed her 5-month-old and 3-year-old daughters. On 7 September 2012, social patronage bodies in Vantaa forcibly stole four children from Anastasia Zavgorodnaya: 6-year-old daughter, 2-year-old twins and a newborn baby. The social workers first took the 6-year-old daughter to Helsinki where her parents arrived some time later. The mother testifies: “Veronica was crying, I was holding her. Then the social workers called the police who snatched the child from my arms. They grabbed my hands and dragged me down the hallway. I was in the ninth month of pregnancy – I was expecting my fourth child. They knocked my husband down on the floor, put his hands behind his back and put handcuffs on him. They took us to the police station and demanded that we should pay a fine for having defended our children. We thus allegedly resisted the police but they were committing a crime against us. We were told that we did not need to hurry back home to our two-year-old twins because the social services had alerady removed them from us. A week after the birth, the social services stole the newborn baby too.”

This criminal system, so-called social patronage, has already been introduced in all countries of Europe on the binding command of the UN. The statistics indicate that the juvenile justice system in France has by now 2 million artificial orphans on its consience. Norway has only one million children altogether. 200,000 of these children have already been stolen, that means, every fifth child. 33 children are stolen in Norway every day. Annually, an average of 59 children who were torn from their families commit suicide. Suicide statistics of mothers are not even published any more. In Finland, 16,500 children were removed just from two-parent families within the year 2011. Children removed from their loving parents are sexually abused; the social services traffic in these children and obtain vast sums of money from the state for each child stolen.

The main culprit who bears the blame for the brutal treatment of children after they were piratically stolen from their loving parents is the most criminal organization in the history of mankind, namely the United Nations. Participants in these mass crimes against humanity are the worldwide Masonic Lodge, world bankers, international, so-called charitable organizations, the judicial system, social services and organizations for so-called child protection.

On 20 September 2012, a demonstration with a march was held in Germany against the juvenile justice system and the so-called social services ( German fighters called upon the society: “People, rise up!”

President of Brazil signed an antijuvenile act (№ 12318/10) which protects children and parents and penalizes the social services in case they steal children from their parents. Let it be an example to the Presidents of Russia, Ukraine and of all the nations of the world! Presidents, rise up!

It is an international fraud and cynical mockery to call these cruel crimes, worse than the crimes of fascism, the “rights of the child”. In fact, this is the most brutal injustice and crimes against children, crimes against humanity. These mass murderers, representatives of the UN, should be brought before the International Court of Justice in The Hague like the war criminals once at Nuremberg.

For the first time these days parents’ organizations worldwide have named the real culprit in the current genocide of children – the satanic and genocidal UN organization.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate appeals to this antihuman organization: Immediately withdraw the criminal juvenile projects for genocide of children! Immediately abolish the supranational criminal and piratical juvenile justice system! Immediately stop the genocidal crimes committed by the social services against children and their parents!

Furthermore, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate calls upon all countries of the world: Unless the UN stops this genocidal machine, radically break with this criminal system! We call on all the peoples: Do not accept any programmes, recommendations or conventions of the United Nations! Do not amend your laws and constitutions in accordance with them! Do not accept Judas subsidies! The international UN organization has become a criminal and satanic organization that leads the nations to mass genocide. The UN disguises crimes against humanity, gross injustice and the brutal stealing of children with positive phrases like “rights of children” or “child protection”.

How should parents act towards the murderers of their children? Dear fathers and mothers, do not by any means kill your children in despair and do not commit suicide! Join hands and form armed rescue groups against the terrorists of the so-called social services! Do not let them steal your children at any price! If you will defend your children and juvenile pirates will kill you, you will be dying as heroes and honour is due to you. Rise in protest against the crime of satanization of your children by this bestial juvenile system. The words of Christ will then be true about you: No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” – for one’s children. (Jn 15:13). What is at stake here is your and your children’s eternal life. Do not be afraid to lose your life for the sake of God’s laws and your children. In the hour of death God will give you eternal life in His glory. The motto: “For God and for children!”


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr       + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops



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