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Monroe County Gestapo beat and taser retired Naval Commander

Sharon Rondeau

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(Oct. 27, 2010) — As of 9:50 p.m. EDT, The Post & Email has just spoken with LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was arrested today at his home on a charge of “failure to appear” at a hearing last Friday of which he claims he was not notified.  Fitzpatrick is being held in the Monroe County detention facility.

Fitzpatrick reported that there were four officers who used a taser on him “over and over and over” and that “they tried to rip off my left ear.  I don’t know how much of it is left.”  He states that he is unable to use his right arm and that “they came out with the intent to hurt me.  They broke down the door.  It was a battle.  They didn’t stop.”

The Post & Email contacted the detention facility earlier and inquired as to Fitzpatrick’s state of health and was told, “He’s fine.”  When we asked if he were injured, the woman dispatcher answered, “No, not that I know of.”

Fitzpatrick stated that a nurse came to the jail with an x-ray machine and took x-rays of his shoulders and ribs.  He reports that the ribs on his right side are still sore and that he was beaten over the head.  He also said that he has facial contusions.

“It was an ambush,” he said. “I resisted them.  They hit me pretty hard.”

Fitzpatrick has claimed that the Monroe County Grand Jury is “rigged” because the foreman has been serving for more than 20 years and that the judges are corrupt and “have taken over the grand jury.”  Another jury member by the name of Angela Davis was on the compensation roster for 2009 and is again serving.

His closing words were “Everybody knows the grand jury has been rigged.  This is what a dictatorship looks like.”

The Monroe County detention facility telephone number is 1-423-442-3911.

Monroe County, TN occupies 653 square miles and borders the state of North Carolina