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Dear America, Your warship just got turned into the worlds biggest "Rubber Duck"

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Well, who could have seen this coming?. While the US has been bombing goats and rocks in Afghanistan and Syria with the odd misplaced precision guided bomb on Syrian soldiers someone has been developing the technology to shut down the Byte.

We problem is we have no idea who did it this time i expect? So what did happen?


A fully armed operating and manned US warship in a scenario where they could expect to be attacked by a number of threats including, Israeli planes accidentally attacking the ship (think) or a small Iranian gunboat, perhaps even a pissed Yemeni in a fishing boat of the sort that hit the Saudi ship. Obviously there are also Russian and Chinese threats in the area if we are to believe they would directly threaten US military “might”.  It could be expected to be on guard for threats.

The website describing the ship describe a 24/7 bridge with 10 full time staff and back up observation points for physical confirmation and  they missed a container ship.


The ship got t boned 7 sailors died and the container ship just continued on its merry way after turning around for a butchers at the damage. One of the sailors apparently sacrificed his own life to save 30 others and possibly the ship, but thats not what makes a hero these days, he’s not a cop doing his job.

So if we discount the “no one saw it coming” excuse then what happened?

There has to be a real possibility the ship was electronically shut down, someone found a way to hack and scramble all those 0’s and 1’s and disabled the ship.

What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

A couple years ago the Russians did the some thing to the USS Cole as a sort of Morale exercise and i believe it was very successful.

Someone is sending a message to Israel and its Golum that times have changed and there won’t be any more sea battles, it will be a Turkey shoot. That just leaves the missiles which may or may not be similarly effected, probably not, so its all or nothing, but the Navy in its present form isn’t a contender. Wide open battle groups are a thing of the past it will come down to submarines that can get closest to get a missile or few off before they get wiped out shortly following launch, They are a huge suicide vest.

Listen to the message America “Go home” Let the middle east deal with there own troubles, you have plenty of resources just default on your debt and get on with it, do you really need Chinese juicing machines that badly?

The days of swaggering around the world bringing “Democracy and freedom” to the poor oppressed people