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(Interview found below)


In this interview Dr. Katherine Horton describes her journey of how she came to learn that she was micro chipped at the age of 18, long before she  became a particle physicist/researcher-turned whistle blower.

Dr. Horton describes in great detail how various micro chip technology is being used against the population at large, specific targeted individuals of directed energy weapons, who are responsible, technology involved in her being stalked by MI-5 and the methods used in disrupting the lives of people who are efforting to bring the truth to light.

Dr. Horton’s personal account is incredibly important because thousands of people all over the world are being chipped without the person’s knowledge.

While the public at large needs to understand how and why this is happening, Dr. Horton does not get into what we as Spiritual Beings can do to protect ourselves against the dark side’s sinister and vile plans.

The good news however, is that the average person can protect oneself against psychic implants and even existing physical chip implants found in one’s body.

Patrick Bellringer writes: “The Darkside can inject implants into your psychic when you let your spiritual guard down, just as evil spirits and demons can enter through your Crown Chakra with even one drink of alcohol.

we must ask for their [Realms of Light] help to act in our behalf, as you have done. If you have asked for the complete and permanent protection of the Light against the Darkside, and believe that you have it, you are protected from psychic implants and all other evil technology.  Know it!"


In Phoenix Journal 5, page 83, Ashtar says, “you can destroy the Gremlins”. Quoting: “The technique for destroying such etheric entities is to command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to disappear and cease to exist. In the name of Immanuel Christ, or Sananda, or Creator, or, or, or is quite sufficient”.

Patrick Bellringer further adds, Quoting: “I add that it is important to ask that the space they leave be filled with Love and Light so none others replace them. Boot them out, then ask for protection.”

Lastly and equally important, if a person discovers they have been implanted unknowingly by a physical implant in one’s body, one can petition to the Lighted Realms to have the implant removed/neutralized!

Love and Light to All

Kevin Annett & Dr. Katherine Horton