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Watch Out! Bio-Terrorist Heads Will Roll!

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There is no other way around it.

Bill Gates is a lunatic eugenicist who stands to make billions by terrorizing the people of Earth.

Like much of the Big Club of elitist scum, Bill Gates is a delusional psychopath who perceives himself as the Godfather of population control, a title which carries with it a mandate to determine who lives and who dies - in the delusional mind of psychopath lunatic Gates.

Bill Gates is a biological terrorist, period.

Self proclaimed 'elitist' scumbag Bill Gates, heading the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the CDC, the mockingbird fake news media, and a myriad of other nefarious low-life organizations promoting the multinational Corona virus panic have crossed a bridge too far.

The effect of the virus itself is nil compared to the long term effects of the panic being purposely created.

Up until the time the general public wakes up and discovers they are being herded like cattle into corrals for forced mass vaccinations - the wet dream of big pharma - under the guise of 'saving themselves' from a mythical virus being sold to them by multi-national bio-terrorists - the by design Corona panic will create untold damage to economies world wide.

The public must also be made aware the so-called 'cure' in a syringe will be far worse than the virus itself.

Watch out!

This is a Problem...Reaction...Solution scenario.

Don't get caught up in the panic of this manufactured crisis:

Over 6,000 People Held On Huge Cruise Ship Amid Coronavirus Fears

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, already infamous for the mass sterilization of young African women, now has sights set on multinational population control - better known as mass murder via bio-terrorism on an international scale.

"Youtube didn't like my video yesterday about Coronavirus Patents, Bioengineering, and CLO2"

In due time, those responsible for creating this bio-terrorism panic will be held responsible for the damage they have caused- and it won't be pretty for them.