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Friends, I have done everything within my power to assist your education and understanding of what we are dealing with in regard to the proliferation of wireless technology, especially the new 5G tech.


I have sent you articles, provided microwave meters at discounted pricing to many dozens of people on this email list, and have sent out warnings and suggestions that you may need to vacate locations where you are living. I have done all I can possibly do so as to assist this travesty of absolute human, or should I say inhuman corruption, greed and evil.


Personally, I cannot claim to know exactly what the actual biological symptoms will be when people are being directly exposed to 5G wireless technology. What I do know is this...most people will not know what their symptoms are coming from.


Did you just hear and understand what I said? I will say it again, this is important! Most people, because wireless/microwave radiation is invisible, will not know or understand where their symptoms are coming from.Thus, they will wonder about their headaches, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, emotional reactivity, mental imbalance, increasing food cravings and addictions, and blame these types of symptoms on themselves. They will then be misdiagnosed by doctors or therapist and given toxic pharmaceuticals for the wrong reasons.


Microwave radiation is invisible and not trackable forensically! This is why it is such an excellent "weapon." And this is why it is doubtful any telecom corporations will be held responsible for biological damages to humans, animals or the environment.


No autopsy is going to reveal "damage by microwave." It is invisible and does not leave a trace. May I say it again? THIS IS WHY I KEEP TELLING EVERYONE TO OWN A RADIO FREQUENCY (MICROWAVE) METER! Very few people, will experience personal health symptoms then immediately start looking for a wireless cause. And without a microwave meter, sources of wireless exposure cannot be known for sure.


When I am feeling strange in an environment, the very first thing I look for is did the person in my car forget to turn off their cell phone? Visiting a person's home, I know immediately they have wireless if I start yawning and getting brain fog. When shopping in big box stores and I cannot concentrate, I know perfectly well the entire store is saturated with wireless so employees have direct access to inventory information by way of their handheld devices or smartphones.


5G will be a different technology, possibly creating even more intense biological reactions and symptoms. If you are living in a city, once again, I offer you the suggestion to stay awake and aware. We are in a war against corruption, evil, greed and ignorance in high places. And those responsible do not have even the slightest care for human life or nature.


1) It will be up to you to take care of yourself and your family.

2) Own a radio frequency meter.

3) Be ready to relocate if a cellular tower or 5G small cell goes up near where you work or live.

Gary Vesperman