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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1990 8:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 176


Hatonn present in the Light of the Radiant One. Might we continue on our Journal this morning and then later this day I shall have comment on the legal depositions of yesterday and a brief response to John S. Please make sure a phone call is made to him because of the delay of the mailing of the message written for him.


Ones must come into their own balance and comfort regarding these things coming through. Much will be alien and new in presentation BUT NAUGHT new in concept if the content be truth, for TRUTH IS and the WORD IS FOR GOD IS AND CREATION IS AND MAN IS--NO MORE AND NO LESS. I can only remind you ones that you must remain in the light of pro­tection and "allow" truth to "settle in". Further, as the spiritual aspects come into focus there will be more attitudes about a given point than there are per­sons who receive of the writings, for man does not truly know of that which he actually believes. The entire thrust is to pull ones of differing "doctrinal" ideas to come into unity with a "concept" of Godness. For instance you must real­ize, as in the Case of J.S.--the majority of ALL religions do not believe in the "I AM" or Germain. Please understand that doctrines and man-established perceptions might very well be incorrect ideas---but the concept is identical in that ones believe first, in the highest cause--God. All other bits and pieces must fall into proper priority. It is your relationship between soul and God--THROUGH the Christed way that is the focus---not the life journeys of a given HUMAN.


This, because the energy of the Christed one has experienced in many ways in many places. If you become stopped at a given "ripple" in the human's jour­ney you will be separated from the point in truth.


As in the case of "I AM" doctrine--pull away from the isolated thought of words in front of you and go within and call upon Germain or the Christ and ask them. In your own projections--"THE CALL COMPELS THE AN­SWER"--and make sure the beloved Masters come in the clearance of the light. Ye ones need of no "middle persons"--call specifically and the Masters will respond.


We shall speak of these things later this day but presently allow us to return to the Journal where we are discussing the Prison of the Mind and the releasing of "Fear".







All creatures are responsive in some manner to harmful stimuli. Human be­ings are no exception. Possessing the ability to be aware of injurious agents, you translate that awareness into hurt. Whenever you feel hurt, something is causing or threatening damage to you. Your awareness of hurt is so sensitive that it enables you to discern the danger even before it happens. That detec­tion of danger can produce the response of fear, which is the feeling we get when the body is preparing itself to evade a destructive force.


Sometimes it is not possible for the individual to escape the danger, so the body has developed a further protective mechanism--anger. This state of body and mind occurs when danger must be faced and somehow repulsed. All the aggressive fighting instincts are mobilized at that point. The objective of the anger is to either frighten the danger away or to somehow destroy it.


Thus three major principal emotions protect you from danger and enable sur­vival. (1) Hurt is the awareness of pain and the presence of danger. It has its human counterpart in sadness--the continued awareness of hurt. (2) Fear, de­riving its strength from the memory of pain, prompts the individual to avoid further pain by fleeing its source as quickly as possible. (3) Anger protects the individual from danger either by scaring it away or annihilating it.


These three emotions--hurt, fear, and anger--are interchangeable in the split second blinking of an eye. It is, however, that hurt always precedes the other two emotions on a most personal level. The fear and anger are then stimu­lated in direct proportion to the hurt that antedates them and the personal relationship to the point of focus. The causative precipitator of the emotional response may be deeply hidden from the consciousness, you must remember, and never present in conscious awareness. These emotions are present at birth and well before the birthing.


These emotions belong to the Child ego state, and you have witnessed how his expression of normal human emotion can be considered quite criminal.


The newborn babe is able to express its pain by wailing. This usually results in the early arrival of help from a caretaker parent, who is able to locate the source of discomfort and deal with it. For the newborn the expression of pain is a cry for help. Sadness and the expression of hurt is equally a serious cry for help.


As the child grows older, at times help is not immediately forthcoming, and thus the pain or the threat of pain remains. At that moment the reaction of fear will occur, often by a more shrill and piercing outburst. If he is old enough, he will run to mother, who for him represents security. When he reaches mother, he will feel safe and secure--unless she rejects him. She will most often take care of whatever is frightening him, and removing the source of any pain or hurt. Persistent fear in the child or the adult is due to this effort to find security.


The response of fear may not be adequate to obtain the security that the individual seeks. It may then be necessary for him to deal with the danger himself, transmuting his fear into anger. This may happen very very quickly in­deed, and many angry people are never aware of the fear that preceded their anger.  They are certainly not aware of the hurt which preceded the fear if the individual is successful in dealing with the danger by the use of anger, he will once again feel secure.  It now becomes evident that the emotions are the devices by which the individual endeavors to obtain the security essential for his continued survival,


The basic emotion, that of hurt, has as its opposite the feeling of pleasure and comfort. The individual experiences this feeling when he no longer senses any discomfort and everything seems to be at peace. For the young child or in­fant, mother is associated with these feelings.


The second motion, that of fear, also seeks to achieve security and safety, and once again the infant or child associates these with the mother. Feelings of security are the antithesis of fear.


The third emotion, anger, has as its antithesis love. While dealing with danger by the use of anger, the individual, whether child or adult, is unable to feel love. Once he has resolved the danger, he can once again experience security and thus regain the emotion of love. Remember, problems occasioned by fear and hurt must be resolved before love can be established.


Now is where and when it becomes very serious indeed. Having considered the three primary emotions as necessary for the proper detection of defense against danger-the question now arises, what happens when the danger, the source of hurt, is mother herself, who normally guarantees security and re­pose? The answer provides the key to the basic conflict central to all emo­tional disorders,


When mother is the source of hurt, the Child cannot express that hurt to her, for she will only increase it. He cannot run from her and utilize his emotion of fear to escape since he no longer has a refuge. He cannot use anger to intimi­date or destroy her because he needs her for his very survival. Therefore, there is only one course of action open to him: he must block the emotions. He simply must arrange to not feel them.


The Parent ego state serves to repress feelings whose expression will involve the risk of parental abandonment. You must be aware of how the display of emotion can then be regarded as a "crime". You can well understand how the repression of emotion that meets with parental disapproval is the only possi­ble recourse. The Parent ego state not only punishes the Child ego state for the crime of distressing his real parent but also protects him by preventing him from being exposed to further disapproval.


We will certainly take this subject further but at this point I only want you ones to realize that the "crucifixion" of that little "phoenix" "child" has already basically begun at or before birthing,


The marvelous potential from any "Child abuse" can only be altered by the child releasing the feelings perpetrated by the "prosecutor parent". When he can grow into the balance of acceptance, allowance and releasing of the fear---he must come relatively back into balance with self as love replaces the other emotions, for fear vanishes in the presence of love. He must learn to accept the prosecutor's accusations without giving up the defense, thereby al­lowing .the crime to be fairly tried, which will in turn cause the judge to make a valid discernment regarding the circumstance.




The next question of course will be---“But how?”  Regardless of all the psychiatric growth and projected knowledge, therapies, etc., you are left with only one course of action in truth--you must go within to the courtroom wherein the trial is taking place--at the level where the subconscious is making these demands upon the consciousness. Then you must begin to retrain, reaccept self and seek assistance from a higher source of focus than that of the parent for the parent is flawed. The only one thing in the universe which is com­pletely without flaw is God, by whatever name you wish to address him--fur­ther, he is even closer within than is the "child", "parent" or "judge", God is the perfection within self that can heal, protect and surround you with the total light of love in never-ending constant and unjudging love.


First you must recognize the problem, desire to change, move toward the change one step at a time and release these emotional responses unto God and not unto the destructive, crucifying methods used by humankind.


This is why the "Anonymous" programs work--you stop judging the child for each and every crime and release the problem unto the perfection of Creator and he will walk you through one step at a time--or carry you if the way is too hard. When you "backslide" he simply picks you up and you resume your journey without guilt or shame for his perfection is quite adequate for the both of you.


I would like to list the twelve steps. They have been so widely published and now the groups who work through these twelve steps are multiplying by the thousands. The soul must be cured at this level of understanding and com­munion with Creator---for no medicines or drugs available to mankind can do a thing until the soul demands freedom.


STEP ONE: Recognize that the addiction to whatever object, be it alcohol; food, pain, worry, guilt, et cetera renders you powerless to control it alone. You must recognize that your conscious experiencing life has become unmanageable in its present state.


STEP TWO: Come into knowledge that there is a Power greater than self and CAN restore you to sanity and stability. 


STEP THREE: Make a decision to turn your will and your lives over to the care of that Higher Source, God--as you understand Him.


STEP FOUR: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself--list  it all, even if only "perception".


STEP FIVE: Admit to God, to yourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs as you perceive them.


STEP SIX: You must be ready to have God remove all these defects of character as you perceive them to be.


STEP SEVEN: Humbly and sincerely request that God remove the short­comings--demand that they be removed.


STEP EIGHT: Make a list of all persons you have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all.


STEP NINE: Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. You have no right to bring pain upon the being of another, knowingly. You may not remove your own burden by "dumping" it upon another.


STEP TEN: Continue to take personal inventory and when you are wrong promptly admit it and confront it immediately.


STEP ELEVEN: Seek through prayer and meditation to improve your conscious contact with God as you understand Him to be, praying only for knowledge of His will for you and the power to carry out that will.


STEP TWELVE: Come into spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, carry the message openly and honor and practice these principles in all affairs.




Addictions are rarely annihilated until a being is "at the very bottom" because until a being is rendered helpless and naked in his addiction can he perceive the only remaining recourse is growth up and into truth and communion with his Higher beingness. He must come as the child unto the mother and ask for assistance--he must extend his hand for God will never use force--all must be­come reality through self free-will.


Your world has gone through the same changes and is addicted to evil. Mankind must walk through the same twelve steps and into the newness of the dawn. You are in the addiction stages presently--the crucifying. Man shows no probability of changing in time to prevent the "fire into the ashes"---then, dear ones, the Phoenix shall rise again by taking the hand of God and coming again into aliveness in glory instead of debasement of evil contempt for thy beingness. God shall greatly bless your path if you but ask for He awaits thy call. He will respond with all the hosts of heaven to walk with thee.


He will shelter you with His golden wings that you can be sustained as He teaches you again to fly; he will be the wind currents beneath your wings that you shall not fall but rather fly freely unto the very heavens for none who fly with their own wings in the winds of God can soar too high for thy way shall be infinite. So be it.


You must come naked unto God without labels that you stop of thy con­demning. It is thy soul that bears recognition of Creator, not thy earth labels, titles and namings.