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Repeat: Cold war Russia never fell

Jim Stone

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There is a reason why Putin is testing his nukes now that it appears Trump is cleaning house.

Now that the house of cards in the United States is experiencing significant wind, Putin is doing numerous ICBM tests, including 4 he launched himself. He knows Russia's role in American politics is about to come to light.

Putin could have blown the lid off the Trump dossier a year ago and did not. If we are not dealing with the same old Russia we were during the cold war, how do you explain the uranium one scandal, and how well the lid was kept on it despite a large portion of the American public knowing? How do you explaine Russia giving Clinton such huge payoffs?

Uranium one is only the beginning. The Clintons also transferred an enormous portion of America's high tech straight to Russia. Then, on top of all of that, kept her info "mail" server up and running, chock full of goodies, for Russia and China to access at will, and get all of Americas secrets - or at least everything Hillary could think to put on it.

All through this, Putin kept a straight face, smiling at Americans, and acting like a friend. Occasionally throwing out dog biscuits of truth on RT while the communist controlled American media did nothing but lie. Nothing landed on RT that any average truther did not already know, truthers were only happy that somewhere in the world there was a "mainstream media" source confirming what they already knew. A lot of damage that did to the conspiracy, when the audience already knew!


The Russian infiltration has been perfect.

Russia was serious about winning the cold war. How serious? If I recall correctly In a book by Ezra Taft Benson, former Secretary of Agriculture, titled "An Enemy Hath Done This," Benson outlines the existence of three cities in Russia that were perfectly modeled after three American cities. The last time I saw this book was in 1993, but If I remember correctly, one of these was Racine Wisconsin. These cities were modeled perfectly, with all the streets and land marks and homes, and even the language spoken and the schools matching their American counterparts perfectly, and there, from their childhood, future infiltrators of the United States were raised with "perfect memories" of their "home town" so when they went to the United States to perform their infiltrations, they'd pass as Americans without question. They could talk about their "American" home town as if they really did grow up there.

I have no doubt Hillary and Bill Clinton are two of these infiltrators. I have little doubt much of Congress and practically all of the top college and high school administrators are these infiltrators, as well as top ranking members of the military, media, medical, and anything else important. These infiltrators number in the hundreds of thousands, and have gotten into everything. They are the prime reason why nothing in America has gone in a way that has actually helped Americans for decades. And yes, these infiltrators are heavily seeded with, but are not entirely Jews.

These infiltrators got into American corporations and sent the jobs overseas. They got into the media, to make sure the death of America was never reported. These infiltrators got into the colleges, and made good and sure American institutions were used to educate communist chinese, with preference over Americans, so the communist Chinese could return to china and use an American education against America, while average Americans were deprived of what was their right to have. How good was it for America to not only educate these people but to also give them all the hardware they needed to manufacture high tech products and sell them back to Americans? What do you think they did with that tech? Do you really think it all went into your latest smart TV, or did they also set up their own side projects to do war with America?

The infiltrators became the lawyers and judges, especially in the family court systems, which have dealt what is probably the most severe blow of all to America by emasculating the men and getting them out of the home via the divorce courts which overwhelmingly favored and rewarded the women, leaving men powereless and stripped of their ability to have a significant influence over their children all the while they stripped men of a majority of their useful income. That is what may truly kill America. If you have ever said "that system is communist" you were right, all of America's divorce policy was drafted in Russia and it was brought to America through Racine Wisconsin, originally titled "The Wisconsin Model". When you hit that link the report is long, search the page for Wisconsin model and it will come up. This is the reason for "no fault divorce" with women coaxed by lawyers to issue phony abuse charges, only to be backed up by phoney judges who knew the charges were fake and acted on them anyway because it provided a platform from which men could be totally destroyed en masse. Sadly, rather than rebel, everyone just accepted it and called it "the new normal" despite the fact that it really was drafted in cold war Russia.

If you want intrinsic proof of how bad the men were raped, just take a marketing course. All marketing courses specifically teach how to market to women, because after the divorce courts destroyed the men, the real distribution of finance in America is now 70/30, with 30 percent of the total national finance being spent by men, and 70 percent by women. That works great for Russia, which as a result won't have to deal with "robot Joe," because as soon as "Joe" gets the money to set up a high tech company that could end up out of control, it is simply taken.


Antidepressants were developed as a weapon, in Russia

Prozac was the original SSRI antidepressant. The precursor to Prozac was developed in Russia, to be used as a weapon against the West. Google claims Prozac, as it is known now came out of Toronto, but that is very misleading when it had its origins elsewhere. Obviously the origins are being covered up, and for good reason. The information was readily available in decent public libraries as late as 2011 but there is nothing findable on the web anymore. All antidepressants after Prozac are nothing but filthy step children, often made by copy cats who have nothing to do with the original Russian formulation. Prozac is an insidious monster, which has a half life of 45 days (this is now also covered up on the web but is in basic staples such as the book "Prozac, Panacea or pandora,") which means that if you stop taking it, it won't half life out of your system for well over a year. So when you go bonkers over a year later, no one suspects it is the prozac finally wearing off and throwing you into withdrawal, with the classic brain zaps and brain fog so many people who take the lesser antidepressants experience a lot sooner, because no one would ever believe a drug would stay in your system as long as prozac does. The extremely long duration of prozac is precisely why many psych docs dose people up on prozac before they discontinue another antidepressant, prozac masks the withdrawal symptoms extremely well, and when it wears off a year later no one blames antidepressants or the doctor, they just say "I must truly be screwed up, because I am having a relapse!".

All antidepressants put people at a disadvantage when fighting tyranny. All of them make people compliant and uncaring about threats. Many people watched the Vegas shooting videos, wondering why so many people kept standing right in the gunfire when they knew what it was. Antidepressants were the reason, because they neutralized the natural response to threat. Many people can see others go on antidepressants and get totally screwed up, yet the media is silent, because it is complicit and part of the same war the weapon of antidepressants is being used in.


It is more than just antidepressants

The scam of America's tainted vaccines, and antidepressants, both prove America's medical system is heavily infiltrated by the enemy, with all efforts to stop the children from being destroyed squelched and usually punished by communist run courts. Even a cave fish has eyes good enough to see that the modern vaccines are clearly destroying the children, yet the communist run media is silent, and anyone who resists gets flushed. After all, if you can get the moms to take their own descendants straight to someone who will murder their future, it is an awesome war tactic if you will be satisfied with winning in the future, and not immediately. And even better, the people actually giving the shots don't need to be told the shots are weapons, they can be kept stupid about it. Compartmentalization of information works wonders for tyranny. All children are being wrecked by the vaccines, with only the most destroyed showing the damage as autism. It makes no difference if you are "normal" after vaccination, when you should have been the genius who developed warp drive. You were destroyed if that was taken away from you.


I am going to cut to the chase with this. And the chase scene goes like this: The communists, fully supported and planted by Russia, were running the show off into the sunset. I think even Regan was one of them (though he would not have grown up in one of the three cities). They were ready to take America off into the sunset and do a running jump into the grand canyon, and then Trump showed up. They figured they'd contain him, but now that it looks like their hedgemony is threatened, PUTIN IS DOING SERIAL NUCLEAR MISSILE TESTS AND SHITTING HIS PANTS. HE IS DOING UNPRECEDENTED NUCLEAR DRILLS, AND PREPARING HIS POPULATION FOR NUCLEAR WAR. AMERICA IS STILL TOO CONTROLLED FOR THE SAME PREPARATIONS TO HAPPEN, BUT WITH TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW UNCOVERING MASSIVE RUSSIAN CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA VIA THE CLINTONS AND A LOT MORE, THERE IS NO DOUBT FORMER KGB PUTIN IS SCARED SHITLESS.

Do not be the fool who thinks Russia fell and is now your friend. They never backed off on the information theft, the divorce courts, the tainted medical, the scamming media, the destruction of education, they never backed off on ANY OF IT. America did not just suddenly decide to commit suicide, what is happening in America is the direct result of infiltration by cold war Jewish Bolshevik communists who are harder than ever at work RIGHT NOW to make an American suicide happen.

27 October 2017