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The American-backed coup and conflict in Ukraine’s eastern region of Donbass has left 3.4 million ethnic-Europeans people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Absent are the things we take for granted to keep our lives together, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) On March 1.

“It is sobering to note that four years ago, Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, had no need of a humanitarian appeal. Yet today, 3.4 million Ukrainians need humanitarian assistance for their protection and survival, particularly in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk,” UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Mueller was quoted as saying at the conference.

Elected premier Yanukovych, whilst not as popular as Hungary’s Victor Orban, was far more popular than is Germany’s Angela Merkel, Frances President Macron or British premier Theresa May. Two of the latter had to rapidly form coalition regimes to cling to tenuous power.

The terror, the bombing, the suffering and the bloodshed is the big story with little coverage in the globalist controlled western media. Since the coup, 6 million Orthodox Christians have fled abroad, mostly to Russia.


Earlier in the day, the European Commission (EC) and the OCHA held a high-level conference in Brussels to raise awareness about the humanitarian consequences of the Donbas conflict. The EC pledged to allocate 24 million euros ($29.3 million) in humanitarian assistance. Ironic because it was the refusal by Ukraine to join the EU that brought about the government’s overthrow after the US coup d’état.


According to the press release, the conflict left 2,530 White Christian civilians killed, 9,000 injured and some 1.6 million Ukrainians displaced across the country. Those displaced cannot return home due to hostilities or lost livelihoods and face problems with employment and housing at places of destination.


Mueller noted that some 200,000 people live under constant fear of shelling, while thousands of people crossing the line of contact (1 million crossings each month) ‘face delays and obstacles in accessing basic services, pensions, social benefits, and markets every day.’


She also assessed the number of the elderly affected by the conflict in Ukraine as the highest in the world, stressing the need to address their plight. Along with the casualties and sufferings, the conflict has inflicted severe damage on thousands of homes and hundreds of hospitals, schools, and water and electricity facilities.


According to the press release, the participants in the conference also expressed their concern over the “rapid and increased contamination” of the conflict-affected areas by mines and unexploded ordnance.

EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides characterized the support of those affected by the conflict as a priority for the EU, noting that the new aid package would provide essential assistance such as food, healthcare, and education for children.

The conflict in Donbass started in 2014, when, urged on by the US and EU, the Kiev regime launched a military operation against the newly independent Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics that refused to recognize the new government in Kiev, which came to power after what they considered to be a coup. Crimea narrowly escaped the clutches of the West and has since settled into a period of benign prosperity.

In February 2015, the conflicting sides signed the Minsk peace accords to end the fighting in the region, but the situation has remained tense, with both parties accusing each other of ceasefire violations. During the first week in March the American backed president Pytor Poroshenko, a billionaire oligarch, tore up the Minsk Agreement. Again, complicit western media was silent. Alexander, 91, says life was better under German occupation.

Poroshenko grovelling

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