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Lindsey Graham Calls to Designate Taliban as Foreign Terrorist Group

Sally Kent

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September 14, 2021

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham slammed the Biden administration for going easy on the Taliban and said that the United States should pass legislation to add the group to the country’s designated list of foreign terrorists.

Fox News reports:

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAMWell, right now, you have to make a decision about the Taliban. Do you recognize them as the legitimate government of Afghanistan? If you do, you set in motion a disaster throughout the world. They’re terrorists. I’m going to try to introduce legislation naming the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization. What would I do? 

I would bleed the Taliban dry. I would wait for the civil war to emerge, and it certainly will. And I would help the people on the other side. I would make the Taliban’s life difficult. I would watch them like a hawk, the best I could. If I saw any indication of a rise in al Qaeda, I would act, but I would isolate the Taliban. The Biden administration, I think, is going to embrace the Taliban, which puts Americans all over the world at risk.

Lindsey Graham is only the latest Republican to criticize the administration’s handling of the Taliban’s Afghanistan takeover. Former President Donald Trump has harshly condemned the Biden administration’s actions regarding the military withdrawal, especially in the wake of two explosions that killed 13 U.S. military members.