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SOTN: Jan. 6th was NOT an insurrection, it was a protest that was infiltrated by Anti-Fa and CONITELPRO to trigger a trespass of the Capitol.

.S. Boddie

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Questions that Won’t be Asked by the January 6 Commission

By C.S. Boddie

American Thinker

The January 6 commission held a dramatic first hearing with lots of crocodile tears and a few real ones.  As usual, the Democrats, and the two Democrat-friendly Republicans, seemed to agree on an emotional approach to the topic at hand to gain an advantage over their political opponents. However, they failed to ask and answer important questions.

Also, they based their hearing on a false premise: “the Jan. 6 event was an insurrection.” No, it wasn’t. If the hundreds of thousands of Americans who attended the peaceful rally before the riot had wanted an insurrection, we would have seen a much larger, and probably an armed presence. That was not the case.

Another thing: The commission emphasized how “our democracy” is in danger from people who think like those who breached the Capitol.  It’s not hard to imagine that this is justification for government to crush Americans who disagree with it.

Here are some primary questions that are unlikely to come up:

First, who shot Ashli Babbitt and why?  Perhaps she shouldn’t have been where she was and doing what she was doing, but she did not need to die.  The American citizen and Air Force veteran was unarmed.  Federal bureaucrats have kept the information on who shot Ashli from Babbitt’s husband, as well as from the American people, who have a right to know.  Why?

Second, did congressional leaders and other elected representatives, or their staffs, instigate the storming of the Capitol?  The fact that the security profile at the Capitol that day was woefully inadequate and National Guard troops were doing other duty and then were later denied to Capitol Police begs this question. Also, the Big Show the Democrats made afterward, and are still making with the sham commission, shows consciousness of guilt; in other words, are they trying to cover something up?

Third, why have American citizens who have been accused of only relatively minor crimes, such as trespassing, been held in jail without trial for more than six months?  Why were they roughed up initially and kept in solitary confinement, as if they were political prisoners in Cuba?  Why are their civil rights being violated? Does this mean that our Department of Justice (DoJ) has been politicized and is corrupt?

Fourth, why are American citizens from many states who attended the peaceful rally before the storming of the Capitol, being hunted down and prosecuted by the FBI?  Examples include a couple in Homer, Alaska whom the FBI raided and a DEA agent who has been persecuted.  The First Amendment protects Americans from such government abuse of power, and the civil rights of many have been violated after the Jan. 6th event.  Has our government completely forgotten its place under the Democrats?

Fifth, speaking of the FBI, why were there so many FBI agents present in the crowd in the Capitol? Some have called that a “crazy conspiracy theory” but investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald says no, it’s what the FBI does.  Was the storming of the Capitol exploited by the FBI to entrap people? Did bureaucrats and elected officials collude with the FBI? Citizens see that the FBI has been politicized and corrupted; events since 2016 prove that. Perhaps the Jan. 6th storming of the Capitol was another of their machinations to destroy Trump and his supporters.

Sixth, was the October 2020 attempt to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer prior to the Jan. 6th event in D.C. a dry run for the storming of the capitol?  It has come out that it was an FBI setup meant to entrap individuals.  There is a suspicious parallel between the October event in Michigan and the January event in D.C.

Seventh, what role did RINOs who hate Trump play regarding the Jan. 6th storming of the Capitol?  Were they just political opportunists or did they have some deeper role with the intention of hurting their adversaries within their own party?  Have they participated in post-event persecution of Trump supporters by the federal government?  It seems unlikely that representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger would throw their political careers away just because of Trump derangement.  However, we have seen that Trump derangement made many people do things that made no sense.

There are certainly more important questions to be asked in addition to these. But don’t expect that to happen at hearings of the partisan commission or through mainstream media. They are all busy emoting, exaggerating, and letting us know how sad and traumatized they are.  Don’t you feel sorry for all of them?

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC, these days.