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Crime Runs in the Paddock Family Younger Brother Also Has Long Criminal History

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As details about the Stephen Paddock and his family continue to emerge, we see a stranger picture of the man who carried out the worst criminal mass shooting in American history.

It turns out that crime runs in the family, and that his younger brother Bruce has a rather lengthy rap sheet with the authorities.

TMZ obtained court documents detailing a long list of charges that Bruce Paddock has had in his life.


Bruce Paddock currently lives in California, but he’s led a nomadic life. TMZ has pulled court docs which show he’s been a regular in the criminal justice system. Among his arrests …

— Criminal threats

— Arson

— Vandalism

— Petty theft

— Burglary

— Weed

— Driving on a suspended license

— Contempt

At this point it is unclear how many of these charges resulted in conviction. What is known is that he does have convictions for petty theft with a prior, and vandalism.

TMZ also later revealed that Bruce is currently wanted by police in Los Angeles County. The warrant is currently issued after not showing up for a court date following a vandalism conviction in 2014.

57-year-old Bruce Paddock is wanted in L.A. County, according to docs, and it stems from one of his laundry list of violations. Paddock was busted for vandalism in 2014 — he jacked up a moving company’s property.

Paddock pled no contest and got 150 hours of community service, but kept trying to get it reduced. When he no-show’d for a 2016 court date, the judge issued the bench warrant.

Certainly police are now going to search for him even more vigorously, given the actions his brother had committed in Las Vegas. Especially given the fact there is still not a known motive, law enforcement will be looking for any and all information they can glean from any source connected to Stephen.

Earlier this week, we also reported that Paddock’s father had a criminal history, and was even on the FBI’s most wanted list for years.

Back in 1960, Benjamin Paddock was charged with bank robbery from three separate banks in Arizona – where he and his son lived. He immediately went on the run, The Independent reports, but was identified by the strange antennas on his car.

It was just a couple of days later when the incident occurred in Vegas.

Authorities chased him all the way there and attempted to arrest him. Paddock drove his car right into them. One of the agents fired directly through the windshield at Paddock but was unable to stop him.

He was finally stopped and arrested a short time later. Inside his car, they said there were weapons including a gun.

Eerily similar to his son, Benjamin Paddock’s neighbors described his as “quiet and unremarkable.”

Stephen Paddock’s brother Eric said that they had little to do with their infamous father. He said Benjamin was on the run when they were born and they were raised by his mother, and obituaries don’t mention either Stephen or Eric.

This information doesn’t tell us that he was genetically programmed to be a criminal, but it leads us to further question the motive. As of right now, Stephen does not appear to have any criminal record at all, and he had passed the federal background checks for the firearms he possessed ever since he started purchasing.

Many questions remain unanswered, and as new details slowly trickle in new ones rapidly pop up as well.