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Shocking Vid Of 2nd Shooter Just Accidentally Leaked And Exposes MASSIVE Media Coverup

Prissy Holly

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Ever since the brutal massacre took place in Las Vegas on Sunday night after a deranged psychopath opened fire on concert goers, it’s been extremely difficult to get a straight story from the media. Many experts are crying foul over the media’s narrative that there was only one shooter, including the Las Vegas sheriff who says it was “impossible” and a  former Navy SEAL who said in a recent interview that the official story “does not add up.” Now a ground-breaking video from an eye witness has just leaked, leaving many astonished as to why the mainstream media is so incessant with pushing their whopper about a single shooter carrying out the massacre that night.

In addition to the Las Vegas sheriff scoffing at the idea of there being only one shooter, the man who was staying in the room right next door, Brian Hodge, an Australian, said he witnessed more than one shooter. “There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. We were hiding in the bushes outside waiting for the police.”

Now Hodge’s eye witness account cannot be disputed any longer after the video that just leaked, much to the demise of the mainstream media who keeps pushing their biased agenda.

Wendy Miller was also caught up in the attack that night and reported to authorities that she and her husband were at a bar at a nearby hotel when they saw what they described as a “person of interest” rush past them.

“We managed to make our way back to our room…” she told The Courier-Mail.


“We are in lock down.”

“Our door is dead locked and a chair against the door.”

Ms. Miller said the man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay.

The man that they [security] were chasing was wearing a security jacket like them,” she said.

Now a video has surfaced showing exactly what  Miller and her husband witnessed that night proving there was in fact more than one shooter carrying out the massacre.

“New video has surfaced purportedly showing a man in a yellow security vest within the crowd with what appears to be a firearm, and he takes a shooting position as the crowd flees from his area in a panic. The man is seen running up toward the crowd then crouching down, before a flash is emitted in front of him and people flee for their lives,” America’s Freedom Fighters reported.