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BREAKING: Texas Rangers Search Antifa Member’s Bag Near Confederate Statue – Find America’s Worst Nightmare Inside

Jon Anthony

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antifa backpack texas bomb confederate monument

A Texas man was just arrested after he was caught doing something suspicious near a confederate monument. After officials searched his bag, they found something absolutely terrifying inside.

Andrew Schneck, 25, was attempting to maliciously damage the confederate monument…but he had more plans than that. The Texas Ranger that confronted Schneck, confirmed that he had two boxes that contained something absolutely disgusting inside, which he was planning to use.

This comes in the wake of the Charlottesville riots, which have sparked protests all across the nation. After a peaceful rally turned violent, Antifa thugs and radical Muslims have been demanding that President Trump tear down historical monuments all across the nation.

They didn’t start by saying that, of course—they started by claiming that they only want to take down confederate monuments. Now, however, they’re calling for founding fathers, and even Christopher Columbus to be erased from history.

As we previously reported, Reverend Al Sharpton has even called for President Trump to tear down the Jefferson Memorial. These sick leftists will not stop until they’ve erased every single bit of US history, which is a play straight out of the Marxist handbook.

It should come as no surprise then, that Andrew Schneck wasn’t just found trying to vandalize these confederate monuments…he was caught trying to bomb them. Fox News reports:

A Texas man was arrested Monday after he allegedly tried to destroy a Confederate statue in a park during the weekend by planting explosives, federal officials said.

Andrew Schneck, 25, was charged with attempting to maliciously damage or destroy property receiving federal financial assistance. A Houston park ranger spotted Schneck Saturday night in Hermann Park in Houston kneeling near the statue of Richard Dowling, a lieutenant in the Confederate army. 

The ranger confronted Schneck, who had two boxes that contained duct tape and wires and a bottle of liquid containing a “highly explosive compound,” authorities said.

“ln its undiluted form, [nitroglycerin] is one of the world’s most powerful explosives,” federal authorities said. 

Schneck allegedly tried to drink the liquid before ultimately spitting it out, according to The Houston Chronicle.


This is how far the left has come. They’re trying to destroy our national historical monuments with explosives—and they’re claiming that conservatives are the Nazis.

They’ve been caught starting the riots at Charlottesville, after provoking peaceful alt-right protesters. They’ve been caught assaulting innocent Trump voters in the streets and openly yelling racial slurs towards patriots who voted for Trump.


All the while, they’ve had the full support of the liberal controlled media that’s been feeding them lies, to the point that they’re so brainwashed they can’t even think for themselves.

National monuments are always the first to go in historical censorship. If these thugs manage to destroy the confederate monuments, next they’ll come for the founding fathers, and even Christopher Columbus.

Then, there’s no telling what they’ll do. They could stop there, or they could go for the history books, and re-create the Orwellian nightmare that we’re seeing right now in North Korea. If conservatives don’t take a stand to this soon, our culture will be dead soon enough.

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