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More 6/22/2012 Terror Attack Programmin

John Kimber

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June 5, 2012

In previous articles predictive programming for false flag terror attacks on 6/22/2012, and similar programming that occurred before 9/11, 7/7, and the O.K.C. Bombing:-

However, they say “seeing is believing”, so below are some extra video stills of the 21/6 (6/21) and22/6 (6/22) dates from “Operation Blackjack”, with references to 2012, in “fiction”/entertainment.Firstly though, the most blatant and famous example of this phenomenon, from “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” (9/21/1997, S09E01):-

The production code for S09E01, was 4F22. 4 = foundation, f = 6, foundation of 6/22.

The episode focuses on the Twin Towers, and ends on the George Washington Bridge:-

Some recent finds from a “Source Code” (2011) trailer. This movie shares the nuclear terrorism

theme of “Operation Blackjack” (2009), and the closely related TV series “Jericho” (2006-8). 6/21

and 8+5+8 = 21(6):-

Note also the full 21/6/12: 21 minutes to the hour, with an enlarged 6 and 12. The watch is only shown for a split second.    “Source Code” trailer (5 million views).From Jericho itself, a 22/6 bus which is shown as the bomb goes off, a 12 from a car radio shown soon after,  and the “Jericho Doomsday Clock”, shown seconds later at 10m:12s into S01E01. 9/11+1 = 10/12, and 10+12 = 22 etc:-

From the apocalyptic “Drop The World” music video, a 21/6, a blatant 6/21, and a screen filling 2012 (the head makes a zero):-   “Drop The World” (88 million views).

From the “Empire State Of Mind” music video, a crudely superimposed 226 at 10 seconds

(22610), followed by a rapid fade to black (= the end/death). 22610 supplies all of the

numerals for 22/6/2012:- “Empire State of Mind” Jay-Z/Keys

(137 million views).

From Homeland S01E12 (also about terrorism), a 1026, which offers 12, 6, and a reverse

6/21, ignoring the zero. It also supplies all of the numerals required for a full 6/21/2012,

and 6/22/2012, using the zero:-

From “Modern Warfare 3″ (MW3) released 11/8/11, “At 6/22 attacks were triggered

across Europe. The targets were key military and intelligence organizations”:-  7 million views (1m:1s)

Between 11/8/11 (November 8th 2011) and 22/6/12 are 226 days (22/6 or 6/22).

At 50 seconds “WW3″ appears briefly, which changes into “MW3″.  MW3/Blackjack

From a “Dr Who” episode called “Turn Left”, which aired on 6/21 (2008), nuclear

destruction and martial law (like Blackjack/Jericho), plus a 2012 year clue (Titanic


Finally, from The Matrix (1999), a date from the start of the movie which adds up

to 119 (9/11), an end date which adds up to 126 (6/21), and full 9/11/01 from

Neo’s passport:-

These Matrix start and end dates and times, also generate a 10, 9/11/01

+ 10y 9m 11d = 6/22/12, and a 12, as in 6/22/12. 10+12 = 22, as in 6/22/12.

I am aware of Blackjack/Jericho plot references, with dates, in seven TV

shows, three movies, two music videos, a major video game, and an

“academic” book.

This is probably just scratching the surface, because I watch very little TV, and

few movies. Widespread predictive programming also occurred before 9/11.

How can such attacks be prevented? Here is a simple script for radio shows,

to help publicize/prevent any attacks planned for 6/22/2012, be fairly “on topic”

with the call screener:-

“George (Noory or John Wells etc),

Have you heard of Operation Blackjack?

It is a series on the London Telegraph’s website, about terror attacks in

America and Europe, on the 22nd of June.

It is similar to the so-called “fiction”, that foretold 9/11, 7/7, and the OKC


Listeners can Google, “Next 9/11 revealed”, to get more information.

Anyway, now that Coast To Coast has made Operation Blackjack famous,

hopefully nothing unusual will happen on the 22nd of June.

Thanks George.”  Call in numbers, etc. national radio call in numbers