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No money–no problems: Syrian terrorists surrender to legitimate authorities after CIA cash curbed

Adam Garrie

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Without the cash incentive from the CIA, FSA aligned terrorists are laying down their arms and surrendering to the only legitimate authority in Syria, the SAA


According to sources on the ground in Syria who have spoken with Sputnik , members of the formerly US backed jihadist terrorist group Mahavir as-Saura who are allied with the larger terrorist umbrella group FSA, have laid down their arms and surrendered to Syrian authorities.

“Everyone who surrendered said that they did not want to fight wars against the [Syrian Arab] Army, they had joined Mahavir as-Saura for money given to them by the United States. And they were waiting for the moment to surrender”.

In addition to losing their cash lifeline after Donald Trump suspended the CIA funding and arming of terrorists in Syria, Mahavir as-Saura who tended to operate in southern Syria, have had their strategic aims thwarted by three developments.

First of all, the join ceasefire in south western Syria enforced by Russia, the US and Jordan has taken away what little momentum the group had left.

Secondly, the illegal US base located in At Tanf in southern Syria has largely been cut off from the rest of the country by steady lines of troops from the Syrian Arab Army and its allies who now control most of the southern border regions of the country.

Thirdly, Israel has temporarily ceased its aggression against Syria which has allowed Syria and her allies to terminate the operations of remaining terrorist groups in the region.

While many members of the terrorist FSA continue to wage terrorism in Syria, this development is a further sign that the conflict is beginning to die down.