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A Fake War In Serbia ~ Muslims Against Christians (with videos)

Posted by Jeff

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Would you care to understand how the media pits Christians against Muslims?

Would you care to see how the media protects NATO war crimes?

If you can simply get through the first 30 minutes of the first video I think that might be all you'll need to see. I'm watching all of the videos but I think the first 30 minutes are enough. Even the first 25 minutes should be enough.

This is the best example I've ever seen of total media manipulation. Propaganda of the highest order where a villain is created and the weaker good guys created right alongside. It's criminal. It pitted Christians against Muslims and the reality is that both sides were equally responsible but in America we can't have that. We need good guys and bad guys or the story doesn't work. America supported the Muslims in this war. It made us look good to the Muslim world so we could go off to Iraq and Afghanistan and kill millions of them with impunity.

Here's the 21st centuries second Public Relations War. The first was in the Gulf but even less is written about that one. This one should have been submitted for Academy Awards.

The video's are below, thanks to James.


March 16, 2010