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Biden's War on America

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Biden's War on America

Biden's new plan WILL affect you and your money

About the only thing President Biden got right during his recent speech to Congress is that America is in crisis.

But here's where he went wrong:

It's not a health crisis... It's not a climate crisis... And it won't be fixed by infrastructure spending, police reform, or gun control.

The truth is... the real crisis America is in today much more serious, and much worse than anything the President focused on.

And if you understand what's really going on...

You'll understand that his latest proposals are about ONE thing only.

Unfortunately, most Americans are blind to the reality of what's going on right now -- and the consequences these policies will have.

Which is alarming--because it will affect the value of the U.S. dollar, and will have serious repercussions on the economy and stock market.

You must be prepared for the scary  events I believe are right around the corner.


Dr. Ron Paul

Contributor, Stansberry Research

Former Congressman & U.S. Presidential Candidate

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