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March 5, 2015

De-dollarization is not only happening, but is close to reaching “escape velocity”.

Obama and Poroshenko can plan fresh hostilities and the breaking of Minsk 2.0 all they want, but time is not on their side.

From economic collapse in Ukraine, to hyperinflation, to the risk of a brand new uprising developing by restless locals, the newest banker puppet regime in Ukraine is in danger of losing control after just one year in power.

Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

Calling a Spade a Spade

Several shield brothers in the past have asked me to write upon a crucial topic:establishing political sovereignty in a bankster world.  For the last several weeks, I’ve answered that call by detailing Hungary’s heroic struggle to reassert itself, and by speaking to Russia and China’s struggle to give the world a SWIFT alternative.  Now though, I want to give another reminder that the struggle for freedom, both monetary and otherwise, in our world is very real.  Real lives are literally at stake around the globe.

To paraphrase a certain actor-turned-politician,I believe the 9 most dreaded words in any language are:

“I’m from the IMF, and I’m here to help!”  

Every country that has accepted that “help” leaves a lasting impression upon any casual observer, as the IMF seems to leave a distinct “card” with their victims.  Hmm, how shall I describe it?

Oh yes!  A full-on, 100-proof bottle of raw, utter destruction:

Donbass 14

There’s no denying it: the IMF is the world’s foremost predatory lender.  Every “loan” is a complete surrender of sovereignty in disguise, as attached to all that new-found digital credit, are bankster talons that lock into a nation’s soil, its resources, its inhabitants, its dignity, even its very national spirit.

Every country they enter is seemingly either turned into a zombified, debt-slave to DC and London(if they submit), or bombed into a fiery crisp, if they stand up and resist.

Take for instance, oh, say, Ukraine, where both of those scenarios are playing out at once!

Blood on the Bankers’ Hands

Over the last year, since Victoria Nuland’s coup there, which toppled the duly-elected government of that country, the Money Masters thought they’d seized the opportunity to both subdue all of Ukraine and Russia along with it. They thought the entirety of Ukraine was in the bag!

What they couldn’t have foreseen though, was that Ukraine would amusingly prove to bethe most disastrous, agonizingly expensive, and intensively, painful migraine that the IMF and NATO has ever experienced!

From the loss of Crimea(and Russia’s coveted naval base), to the embarrassing need to fork over billions of IMF monies to Gazprom(just to keep Kiev’s heat on!), things have been going from bad, to worse….to “just shoot me now, please” for Western bankers.

That was only the beginning of their troubles though!  For soon the Donbass region of Ukraine stood up to the banksters, and voted to secede from IMF-controlled Ukraine.  They called themselvesthe Republic of Novorossia, and vowed to fight the bankster armies tooth and nail.  

Trust me when I say, that this is a vow that Novorossia has kept!

Just when you thought, “Whoa Watchman, that sounds like a complete trainwreck!”, things get even dicier for the Western bankers!

IMF’s Proxy Army is Trapped

For you see:

After the IMF guns-for-hire(aka the Ukrainian army)wasted thousands of lives, and hundreds of pieces of armored, heavy vehicles, throwing themselves at the front lines….only to fail to subdue the capital city of Donetsk last fall…..

After being humiliatingly pushed back on all fronts(by a much smaller force)…

After being compelled to come to the bargaining table, andagree to a temporary ceasefire, in the city of Minsk last winter…

A larger, even more epic failure and military defeat awaited IMF and NATO forces in Ukraine!

For in January, after enduring artillery fire on their civilianshundreds of times, in violation of the Minsk peace deal, the Novorossian rebels had as much as they could take.  They finally launched a decisive counter-attack, and stormed the Donetsk airport, stunning the DC regime in the worst psychological defeat up til that date.

That airport had been key, because the Ukraine troops stationed there had held out for several months.  All of DC’s and Kiev’s hopes to continue this war, and bring this stubborn populace to heel(who refused to accept the legitimacy of DC’s new puppet government) was staked on that battle, and they lost…big time.  Ah, but that defeat would be dwarfed by what happened next!

Now that the people of Novorossia had the momentum, they pressed it with renewed vigor.  They knew that a new Minsk deal would be reached, but they also knew that if they were to stop the IMF-led troops of Kiev, they’d have to negotiate from a place of strength.  That could not be done from the positions they currently held.

So, onward the Novorossian troops pushed, rolling back the IMF forces for dozens of miles along the front line, until a crucial moment arrived.  A chokepoint was developing around a key city, which linked the two breakaway capitals of Lugansk and Donetsk: a city called Debaltsevo(or Debaltseve).

It was there that the Ukrainian army was given orders to dig in, and defend to the last.  The only problem was, that they were the deepest, furthest point in Novorossian territory, and were in dire threat of being completely surrounded.  Here, take a look at the Ukrainian position.  It’s the big protrusion in the top center of the pink area.  

Donbass 10

Over 7,000 Ukrainian troops were being slowly surrounded, for miles around, on every side. As the days passed, and the calls to lay down arms were ignored…the sovereign, Novorossian republics shelled the peanut butter out of those poor, duped souls.

Within a week’s time, that map looked like this:

Donbass 11

It was surreal.  The IMF army, sent to assault civilians and subdue a sovereign people(with billions of dollars of banker cash)….had been utterly trapped.  The men inside the “cauldron” or “pocket”, as it came to be known, were totally cut off, and being shelled to pieces on a daily basis.

It was at this point of desperation, in which Washington DC announced that it was thinking of giving lethal aid to Ukraine; a plan that would not be accepted by DC’s allies.  In fact, once Angela Merkel learned of the US plan to give lethal aid to the failed war against the Novorossian separatists, she came out swinging publicly, saying that:

“Germany will not support Ukraine with guns and weapons…We are putting all our bets on sanctions and doing our best to find a diplomatic solution.”

That was truly the last thing Washington wished to hear.

Merkel and Hollande knew that if DC was allowed to give deadly weapons to Ukraine, it would escalate the war, and perhaps bring a broader, regional war right onto Europe’s doorstep. Considering this whole conflict was the CIA’s and DC’s unwanted pet project anyway, this did not sit well with many of Europe’s leaders.  Something had to be done, and fast.

A Moment of Clarity

Amazingly, in that moment of truth, it was revealed just how opposed Europe truly was to Washington’s goals.  Knowing that the U.S. government planned this coup, and crucially knowing that the Feds intended to escalate it with lethal aid to their hired guns, both Angela Merkel and Francoise Hollande worked with Putin to summon Ukrainian President Poroshenko to a new peace conference in Minsk, within days.

Merkel and Hollande knew the real truth: that the US and UK banksters are the biggest instigators of conflict around the planet.  They also knew that if any peace deal was to have even a ghost of a chance, the US and UK couldn’t be a party to its design.

So it was, that in a huge slap in the faces of John Kerry, David Cameron, and Barack Obama…Europe’s highest state officials met without them, in a desperate attempt to stop the bloodshed that DC was dead set on increasing.

Time was of the essence though: the US Congress had already approved a plan to give lethal aid to Ukraine. If the plan was going to be halted, Europe and Russia had to work together to show the world that they were capable of reaching a diplomatic solution on their own.

Donbass 5

It was crunch time, for sure, but after an intense negotiation(which lasted for 16 straight hours of talks) Minsk 2.0 was reached.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing: this peace deal is unlikely to be honored by either the US or Poroshenko’s Ukraine government.  In fact, Ukraine is already trying to deal with the UAE, in attempts to obtain lethal US weaponry(without technically, getting it straight from the US), so that it can continue the war.

However, it was an enormous victory over the IMF and DC, because it achieved several things:

It halted the plan to yet provide further escalation of this war(which DC and the IMF desperately want).

It forced Europe to stand up for its own interests.

It drove a wedge further between Europe’s heads of State and DC.

It proved that diplomatic solutions can be found without the US and UK brokering them.

It placed the burden of keeping the peace deal on Ukraine, not Novorossia.

Yes, much was accomplished, but the most important thing it bought Novorossia, Europe, and Russia was precious time.

Yet, there was another HUGE problem for the US and Ukraine though:

The Minsk 2.0 accord failed to address the 7,000 trapped Ukrainian troops in Debaltsevo!

The Debaltsevo pocket, and the scores of battalions, heavy weapons, and tanks inside were cut out of the deal entirely!  In other words: they were on their own!

“Wait Watchman, I don’t get it!  If such a huge number of men was trapped with virtually no hope of rescue, then why didn’t the Ukrainian government negotiate their release?”

That’s the saddest part about all of this, friend:

Ukrainian President Poroshenko was so dishonest and delusional, that for several weeks, he spent every waking moment denying that there were any trapped troops at Debaltsevo at all!  He denied to the Ukrainian people and the press that there even was a “pocket”.  He pretended all thiseven during the peace accord, where he could’ve easily brokered a deal to save the lives of roughly half of the battle-ready troops of Ukraine!

Those men, who had fought for him, were abandoned in return, without even an acknowledgement that they existed.

Truly incredible.

As a result…since the Minsk deal only secured “the line of contact”(the front lines), and since admitting this defeat would bring Poroshenko an enormous loss of face, the Ukrainian army was cut off, shelled for several weeks….and annihilated altogether in the Debaltsevo cauldron.

Here’s what the map looks like now.

Donbass 12

The pocket is no more, and the IMF troops inside it are all gone.  A few of them escaped, but most were captured or killed.  How many Ukrainian men did the IMF needlessly throw away in that one battle alone?

That’s difficult to pin down, but the more reliable estimates(from Donetsk) say that up to 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers were killed while in that pocket….in less than two weeks.

Furthermore, several hundred prisoners were taken, and up to a quarter of all the Ukrainian army’s gear is now in the hands of the sovereign republics of Lugansk and Donetsk(including over 80 tanks).  

This point also underscores something that the geniuses in DC haven’t thought of:

Even if they gave lethal aide to Ukraine, at this rate, those weapons would end up in the hands of their opponents within weeks or days!

Despite the IMF’s vast monies being thrown into the fray, their dreams of oppressing yet another people are hitting a rock, solid wall of resistance in Novorossia.  It is inspiring, to say the least!


For the last several weeks, I’ve given our brotherhood some real world examples of successful resistance to the banksters on multiple fronts: the political sphere, the monetary one, and now the military one.  I normally write about the monetary side of the world’s struggle against the banksters, but today I chose to write about a literal, military struggle against them, to impress a few things upon us:

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Firstly, this isn’t a game.

Real people are dying because of the wars these bankers start.  As Chris Duane has said, the Anglo-American empire spreads “debt and death” around the world. We know of the debts all too well, but this is a taste of the death they’re currently responsible for.  I also wrote this though, to demonstrate that these banking powers, far from being invincible, have actually never been weaker than they are now.

Keep in mind brothers, this new, catastrophic defeat on the field of battle, comes right on the heels of fresh defeats on the monetary front as well.  With the ratification of the new BRICS Bank this week, with the near completion of the new SWIFT alternative, which is being connected to hundreds of Russian banks and lenders as we speak, there can be little doubt:

De-dollarization is not only happening, but is close to reaching “escape velocity”.  With the world’s alternative lending and wiring systems a go, it’s now only a matter of time before the rest of the necessary preparations for walking away from the US dollar are finished.  The IMF is all wet, as their personal shock troop army has met defeat after defeat at the hands of “former tractor drivers, and coal miners”.

Ukraine has become the all-consuming headache that no amount of aspirin can dent.

Though the coup by the banksters in Kiev may have resulted in a war that has claimed as many as 50,000 lives, and may have stopped Ukraine from signing a trade treaty with Russia, it has most certainly:

Failedto take away Russia’s naval base in the Black Sea.

Failedto plant the bankers’ talons in Crimea.

Failedin its attempts to conscript the numbers of troops Kiev needs in their insane war.

Failedin its false flag shoot-down of MH17, to suck Russia into the conflict.

Failedto usher Ukraine into NATO.

Failed to conquer a tiny territory, despite being fully funded by IMF war-hawks.

Failedto maintain any credibility in the eyes of the world.

Failedto rescue thousands of its own troops which were obliterated at Debaltsevo.

Failedto keep the Ukrainian currency, the Hryvnya, from spiraling into a truly, hyperinflationary collapse.

Failedto even pay much of its heating bills!

The desperate battle plan of the Banking Dragon, to yank away Ukraine from the East is floundering in the mud. DC and the IMF, who have already shuttled roughly $30 billion dollars into the Ukrainian money pit, are discovering that country is a black hole investment.

Obama and Poroshenko can plan fresh hostilities and the breaking of Minsk 2.0 all they want, but time is not on their side.  From economic collapse in Ukraine, to hyperinflation, to the risk of a brand new uprising developing by restless locals, the newest, banker puppet regime in Ukraine is in danger of losing control after just one year in power.  Incredible.

If this is all making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then good!  It should do that! For against all odds, the tiny republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have thus far demonstrated a most potent desire to resist Western, banker oppression in their lands.

Their indomitable spirit has also demonstrated another powerful truth:

When a people, with God’s help, and an unbreakable desire for real sovereignty, latches onto a cause worth actually fighting and dying for…

Then despite legions of tanks or armored vehicles from the CIA, IMF, NATO, US, and UK sent against that people to subjugate them…

That people can still prevail!