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Dec. 23, 2012

just finished reading Peter Hounam's Operation Cyanide, which I got from Amazon for about four dollars.  What a great book, much tougher than the watered-down BBC program, Dead in the Water.  The operation was a US/Israeli plot for a pretext for the US to invade Egypt, after nuking Cairo
Some interesting items: 
Many F-4s and their pilots during the Six-Day War were Americans.  The jets were re-painted in IDF colors.
Some of the pilots attacking the Liberty were Americans.  Some of the pilots objected to attacking a US ship but the command center ordered them to go ahead and do it.
The jamming of Liberty's radios was done by Robert Douglas, an American.  He said he regretted using his equipment against a US ship!
Capt. William McGonagle, the skipper, knew the Liberty was going to be strafed for the pretext to bomb and invade Egypt, but he didn't realize that the plan was to sink the ship.  He got the CMH for keeping quiet.  Many of his men hated him for minimizing the length of the attack, which he said was over in a few minutes, rather than almost two hours.  He was told in Rota, Spain the purpose of the patrol off Sinai.
The A-4 Skyhawks got within three minutes of dropping their nukes on Cairo when they were stopped.  They couldn't go back to the America and land with nuclear weapons on board and had to find an airport to land.  The bombing was called off when the Liberty got the jury-rigged antenna and radio going and transmitted an SOS.  The whole operation depended on radio silence from the Liberty based on all antennae being destroyed in the first pass.
The insane Americans wanted to start WWIII and nuke Russia, the overall goal of Cyanide.  The nuclear sub, Andrew Jackson, was under the Liberty for the last half of its trip across the Med to Sinai and it was nearby during the attack.  (Walt Rostow recommended to LBJ that the ship be sunk on the way to Malta after the attack.)
Cyanide is the biggest, dirtiest secret in DC, right behind Pearl Harbor.  People are still afraid to talk about it.
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