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Dr. Willima B. Mount- Cpt (Ret) USA

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William Mount



Dec 8th 2011

Yesterday, 7 Dec 2011, two military bases were attacked from the air by the US Air Force using 2 modified TRB-3s firing a magnetic blast from 180 miles up at these Iranian Military Bases.
These TRB-3s were launched out of Edwards Air Force Base earlier in the day and given the mission in flight.
All Iranian Personnel were killed, including Hassan Moghadam, head of the Iranian ICBM program. Over 400 ICBM's were destroyed.
The state of Iran was a peace with the United States at the time. This was an unprovoked attack that has led to the deaths of hundred's of both Iranians and Russian military personnel.
The attack was ordered by Leon Panetti.
This attack was an Act of War by the United States and it's owners, the IMF (See 22USC286, 5USC105, Senate Report 93-549) located in London.
Last night forces paid by the IMF attacked the nation of Syria in an unprovoked attack killing Syrian Citizens and Syrian Military personnel.
To what extent the the Eastern Block will respond to this unprovoked attack remains to be seen.
Thus, in accordance with both International Law and UN regulations, a a State of War now exists between the United States & England against the rest of the 192 other states within the United Nations.



Honorable Grace


Dr William B. Mount

Knight of Malta

Cpt (Ret) USA;article=139425