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President Trump Makes History – After Dems Rail Against His Peace Plan, Numerous Arab States Show Their Support

Adam Casalino

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January 29, 2020


Most Americans are aware of the decades-long tensions that exist in the Middle East.

You can trace it back to conflicts that have been going for centuries.

Perhaps the greatest problems exist in the land of Israel, between Israelis and Palestinians.

To this day, Arab Palestinians have refused to acknowledge Israel’s statehood. It has led to near-endless fighting and bloodshed.

A few American presidents have tried to bridge the gap and forge a peace agreement.

They have failed. Until, perhaps, today.

Donald Trump unveiled his peace plan for Israel and Palestine, calling it the “Deal of the Century.”

Immediately, Democrats railed against his plan, which would provide land for Palestine if they agreed to end the fighting.

But Trump is seeing support from people nobody was expecting: many Arab nations.

From Daily Wire:

The Daily Wire’s Hank Berrien reported yesterday…Numerous Arab governments, furthermore, have offered public endorsements of Trump’s plan that invariably refer to it as a welcoming or promising development.

After Trump unveiled his peace plan, the leaders of major Arab nations came out in support of it.

That includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, and Morocco!

Several Arab leaders were even present when President Trump and Israel crafted and announced the deal and several others issued statements in support of a plan to end the conflict in that region of the Middle East.

Keep in mind, this has never happened before.

Presidents in the past have tried to broker peace between Israel and Palestine. It never worked.

Few Arab nations joined in or supported it.

For so many Arab neighbors to back Trump’s plan is staggering. It reveals how effective our president can be, when he is working with reasonable people.

That can’t be said about our own leaders in America. Democrats were quick to condemn the plan. I wonder if they even bothered to read it?

It seems like Democrats oppose Trump, no matter what he does. He’s helped the economy, our national security, and now the Middle East. They still want him gone.

It makes you wonder why we keep them around, huh?

The good news is, they haven’t stopped Trump from getting things done.