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In their own words: Suicide bombers justify murdering kids


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The Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually, much of it contributed by other nations, including the United States, to pay salaries to terrorists or the families of successful suicide bombers.

Several nations have demanded that the practice stop, and Israel has adopted a law that penalizes the PA for making the payments to killers.

Now filmmaker Pierre Rehov has put on camera Palestinians who want to become suicide bombers, as well as some who have tried and failed, in “Why They Do It.”

The video already has been censored by YouTube.

But not here:


Rehov says: “The more Jews they kill, the more money they get. Here are some of the people who receive a monthly salary for having organized a suicide killing, tried to blow themselves up, or even succeeded and survived. Listen to them. I conducted the interviews and translations are accurate.”

The Palestinians on camera, who are not named, share a deadly intent:

  • “Whether it is a house, a room, and there are civilians, or children,” the place of attack doesn’t matter.
  • “I wanted to become a martyr. I saw a friend and told him what I wanted and he agreed. I put the belt on and went to the checkpoint.”
  • “I tried … the belt was hidden but I was unlucky. I am really sad that I failed.”
  • “If I had died my mother would have considered it a blessing.”

There are both males and females in the video.

One woman declares, “I only want to satisfy Allah.”

Another: “For the parents of a martyr, it’s a big honor.”

Another quotes the Quran: “Heaven will be my reward.”

There is no concern about victims.

“I will not feel sorry for any Israeli child, and I will not regret even if it is a nursery full of kids. It is enough that I will be a martyr and I will go in front of Allah, representing my family, 70 people, my wife, my children, my sisters and all of my friends.

“Seventy people will go to paradise on my merit. This is a big honor for me.”

One got his own grave ready, and another even chose where she wanted to die: Sbarro pizza.

The Jerusalem branch of the restaurant chain was the scene of a 2001 Palestinian suicide-bomb attack that killed 14 people.

WND reported in May on Rehov’s two-part documentary “Behind the Smokescreen” and “The Great Deception”:


The films are about the six-week protest dubbed the “Great Marsh of Return” featuring violence by the PA in the Gaza Strip.

In “Behind the Smoke Screen,” Rehov has footage from inside the Gaza Strip exposing the propaganda tactics of Hamas.

In a sequel called “The Great Deception,” he juxtaposes U.N. condemnations of Israel for using force when its border was breached May 14 with footage of violent protests and Hamas propaganda.

Apparently Rehov’s second video was too much for YouTube, which shut down his account “for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.”

Rehov wrote to his followers: “My Youtube account has been closed by Youtube. They got down my videos one after the other, and finally closed the account. You can still watch some of my work here:

WND, before Rehov’s account was shut down, downloaded his two-part series, which can be viewed above.

Pierre Rehov’s award-winning, feature-length films are available at the WND Superstore.


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