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Trump has given Israel a licence to kill

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Why quip about such things, when the jews running the show here in America take their orders from Their home-base in Tel Aviv, the real nation's capitol for this country. However favorably you might look upon Trump, he is still a jew, and will always, 100% of the time, be pro Israel and all-things-jew. After all, it was jew money and backing that got him in office, otherwise he would have never got the appointment.

"The American People are being gamed non-stop, and are viewed by Kosherdom as morons, herd-stock, cattle if you will." It is the way of it Sports Fans, so before you start in with the the Trump worship B.S., Trump this and Trump that, look around you, do you not still have a fully implemented Communist Marxist Government? Of course you do, and you, we, one and all, will continue to to have -- no matter who occupies any political office in this country -- as long as the people allow government to tell Them what to do and be bribed by stolen loot.

The only way that America will become truly free, is after Federal, State, County, and Metro City Governments are shut-down, and the people are left to decide for Themselves how They want to proceed from that point-forward. All government, on down to City Levels, have zero integrity, zero honor, and zero allegiance to the people, existing only to enrich Itself, criminal friends, and cohorts, and to keep the game going for as long as It can.

"Shorts version, Government is one big con job, only difference being that when government does it, the people look the other way and pretend it's OK, because after all, how would we function without it."

Rod Remelin