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Indian intelligence network in Afghanistan main cause of destabilization in Pakistan

Akhtar Jamal

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ISLAMABAD — According to informed sources Indian intelligence officials working in the disguise of diplomats in Embassy and Conslates in Afghanistan have set up a vast network to destablise FATA, Northern Areas and Baluchistan engaging dezens of Afghan-Indians, drug dealers and Afghan warlords.

According to sources several agents hired by the RAW but captured recently in FATA, Wazistan and Southern Eastern areas have provided extensive details claiming that the Indian had managed to penetrate deeply in collaboration with Indian allies in the region.

According to one spy who was recently killed by Taliban an Indian intelligence official named as C.R. Garg working as Attaché and P.S. to Indian Ambassador in Kabul had recently offered as mauch as US$2000-3200 per foreigner killed in Pakistan.

The spy was given a telephone number for urgent contacts. Another Indian senior official named as Malkit Chand also working as Third Secretary (Education) & Director (Indian Cultural Center) was engaged in transferring Pakistani Baluch students from Afghanistna to India for special training and financial assistance. Baluchi students particularly the children of Baluch refugees are being offered upto US200-300 per month if they agree to proceed to India.

Chandra Mohan Mishra a Third Secretary at Indian Embassy in Kabul and J. Baby working as an Attaché (Technical) have also held several meetings with Blauch militants during mid-2008.

Other Indian intelligence officials engaged in financing and sending Pakistani youths from tribal areas to several other Central Asian states and Middle East are posted in Consulate General of India, Mazar-i-Sharif are Dinesh Behari working as a Consul and D. N. Dutta working as a Vice Consul in Mazar-i-Sharif. Two spies recently arrested in tribal areas were carrying Thuraya satellite phone numbers 00-873-763095858 and 00-873-763095867 and 0700501385 which belonged to Indian intelligence officials inside Afghanistan.

Another Indian agents Sanjay Asthana working as Vice Consul in Habibabad,, Jallalabad was in touch with his "assets" using phone/fax number of 0797638744.

An Indian official based in Herat, Manohar Gangesh working as Consul and posted at the Indian Consulate. He was in contact with local agents who organize secret meetings and trainings for so-callled Islamic militants.

A mlitant leader claimed that he discovered the telephone number of a senior Indian intelligence official Raju Balakrishnan working as a diplomat and Vice Consul in Herat 0799427738 from the possession of a recently captured spy after his detailed interrogation.

According to a reliable sources early this year Indian agents working as Muslim militant leaders by the name of Yasin Khan (Original Indina name Amat Verma) and "Nasir" identified as "Santosh" were operating a massive network of terrorists in Jallalabad while another so-called "Islamic militant leader (original name Sudesh ) was also ad been operating in Khost. Local Afghan commanders, drug dealers and military commanders of foreign country were well aware of their activities but overlooking the covert operations against Pakistan.

This Exclusive new item was first published by Pakistan Observer on December 30th 2008

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