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Kobe Bryant's helicopter did not crash

Jim Stone

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Update: The Nike color scheme was put on Kobe's helicopter in 2015, and has been there ever since.


Update to below: Whatever crashed was not his previous paint job either, his previous paint job had a black and white paint scheme.

The crashed helicopter being shown in the MSM does not match anything he ever had OR LEASED.

Here is a quick history of his helicopter: Originally he owned it. But maintenance made it more practical for him to sell it to a company that had a maintenance crew, and lease it back. It remained HIS HELICOPTER. Years ago it had a black and white paint scheme. The crashed chopper in the picture was an Illinois state government helicopter and the double blue paint scheme was from illinois. Even if the "wrap melted off" as hoaxers are claiming, the fact remains that the paint under that wrap was black and white. It simply was not Kobe's helicopter.


Kobe Bryant's helicopter did not crash.


As of the time of this posting, the pictures of the crash are not common, but those that are posted prove it is not his helicopter.