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Venezuela crisis: Rich and poor both suffer as Venezuela struggles without power

Jim Stone

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It is possible that space based laser attacks are being used in Venezuela

The last electrical explosion happened to a major transformer that Venezuela needed for much of it's grid. The timing is stupid. So stupid I don't believe it. There are a million ways to blow up a transformer,

One is to shoot it. You'd never find the bullet hole because the entire thing would be vaporized, burying all evidence.

Another one is to remove the plugs. All large transformers have oil in them, and if there are any issues it has to be drained and replaced. This oil used to be PCB's (what I mentioned below) which got banned, at least in the U.S. The oil is an insulator. If it gets drained while the transformer is on, Kablooey.

It would not be likely for such a transformer to explode from an overload, unless a computer virus made it happen.

A space based laser could also cause mayhem.

It is not plausible for anything other than sabotage to destroy such a transformer. They all have warning gauges that tell if there is a breach in the casing that could have allowed water in. Even small 500, 000 kw transformers have them. The time delay between the gauges showing a potential problem and Kablooey is months to years. There's no way such a large transformer could have possibly been that neglected.

The only rational answer, given the timing, is intentional sabotage or an attack of one form or another. It was either shot, or had the oil drained (that would be a multiple thousand gallon spill on that huge a transformer, so that's probably not it because it would be too obvious.

The bottom line is that there's numerous ways to cause mayhem with high voltage. And Pompeo is no doubt cracking open the champagne.

Jim Stone

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