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Cops Were Possible Shooters in Parkland

Henry Makow Ph.D

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Erick made a video compilation of evidence of 

Numerous Eye Witnesses to Multiple Shooters in Florida.

It has since been removed.  Here is his transcript 

which contains evidence that Sheriff Israel's men 

may actually be the shooters.  (since removed) 


1.  At: (07:23 - 08:17) There are four (4) sheriffs/law enforcement officers (whose faces can be seen on the video) (two of which) are carrying a heavy bag out of the school. You can also see them here

The bag was apparently so heavy it took two officers to carry it.

A third officer can be seen lowering the tailgate on what looks like a White Late Model Ford 4 Door (crew cab) pickup truck with a 6 foot bed; again, apparently because the other two officers (carrying the bag) could not just simply lift the heavy bag over the side and throw it in the back bed of the truck.

Note, This is evidence of officers tampering with a crime scene and evidence at one of the biggest crimes of the decade, with national / international significance.

These officers faces can be clearly seen on the video. 



stacy-lippel-pointing-at-where-the-bullet-nicked-her-arm1.jpg2. Teacher Stacey Lippel (ABC News) (00:00 - 01:28)

Stacey Lippel teacher: " I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me.

Standing in the hall way, actively shooting down the hallway, just a barrage of bullets.

And I'm staring at him thinking... Why is the police here?

This is strange.

Because he's in full metal garb... helmet, face mask, bullet proof armor, shooting this rifle that I've never seen before. " 

Stacey Lippel, teacher got "nicked" with bullet.


3. Student, black haired girl (with blond haired friend) (WPTV) (01:29 - 02:09)

"He was screaming.

I thought it was a joke.

He must not be... cause they told us like they were going to have a fake... and you know have people taken away and have them scream or whatever...

Q. Interviewer: Like in a school drill?

A. Student, Girl shakes her head yes, then says: "Like a drill... but I just figured it was that but it was so real... I could hear his voice..."


falseflagkidcnnblanks.jpg4. Student, Connor Dietrich, black haired boy holding mike, wearing maroon hoody sweatshirt, Black tee shirt, being interviewed by Streaked Blond CNN woman reporter: (CNN) ( 02:10 - 02:24)

Student, Connor Dietrich: "I heard shots... I thought it was a drill, because they told us they were going to have police officers firing blanks scare us, getting us trained for this... no one took it seriously when I heard screaming... the worst screaming you will ever hear... it was awful like..."


5. Student, black haired girl #2 hair in bun, gray sweet shirt (KPRC channel 2 ) (02:45 - 03:30)

Student, girl: "...that's when because the other shooter was coming up..."

Interviewer (KPRC channel 2)

Q: "So you think there was more than one shooter?"

A: Student, girl: "...there was three shooters... your right...

I saw some other kids going down the other way then stopping because the other shooter was coming."


6. Unseen boys being interviewed and speaking: (03:31 - 03:56)

"They told us about a drill before where they were going to be shooting blanks."


7. Senior student, Alexa Miednik blond girl (04:00 - 05:34)

Senior student, Alexa Miednik: "After coming out of the bathroom... as I was going down the stairs I heard a couple of shots fired, everyone was freekin out, saying that it was a gun.

miednik.jpg(Alexa Miednik--"I was talking to Cruz and shots were coming from another part of the building." Reports that this woman is a plant as well. Strange she would be cotradicting the official story.)


And um as we were walking, the whole class together,

I actually was speaking to the

[she puts her fingers up, as to put her statement in quotation marks]

"suspect' Nicholas Cruz, and as I was speaking to him, he seemed very...

I don't know what the word I want to say is.

[perhaps... it seems... Cruz did not know what was coming down / meaning perhaps he was not part of the shooting]

But um... he was trouble in middle school, so I kind of joked about it and said:

I'm surprised you weren't the one who did it."

[Why would she "joke" and say she was surprised he was

"not the one who did it"

if he had a gun?

He apparently did not have a gun.]

And he just gave me a: "Hua?"

So ah that's really what happened."

Q: Interviewer: "Really?

You were walking down the hall.

He had already fired at that time.

[Notice how the interviewer uses a leading question, making a statement:

"He had already fired at that time."

Senior Student, Alexa Miednik did not say that.]

A: Senior Student, Alexa Miednik: "Yes sir it was him."

[Senior Student, Alexa Miednik did not say:

"Yes" that she saw him fire, or "Yes" that she even saw him with a gun, she simply stated:

"Yes" she was positively walking and talking to Nicolas Cruz.

Q: Interviewer: "Weren't you scared."

A: Senior Student, Alexa Miednik: "In the moment, I wasn't.

Because there was obviously, there was definitely another shooter involved." 

[and she "apparently" did not see Nicholas Cruz with a gun or shooting anyone]

Q: Interviewer: "Oh you think he was not the "only" one?" 

[again, Senior Student, Alexa Miednik did not say he was "the one" she actually said:

she "was surprised it wasn't him."

A: Senior Student Alexa Miednik: "No. Definitely not."

Q: Interviewer: "Why do you say that?"

A: Senior Student Alexa Miednik: "Um... Because when shots were fired, I saw him after the fact.

So... And the shots were coming from the other part of the building.

So there definitely had to be two shooters involved.

I believe."

[maybe more]