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CONFIRMED: ONTHE EXACT SAME DAY OF THE SHOOTING, Parkland had a fully realistic crisis actor shooting drill

jim Stone

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March 3rd 2018


CONFIRMED: On the exact same day of the shooting, Parkland had a fully realistic crisis actor shooting drill


I don't know why MSNBC did this report, but they basically blew it. Now we are supposed to believe they had a fully staged crisis actor shooting drill (fake blood and makeup and all), and an actual shooting, at the same school on the same day, when that school has had 13 other similar crisis actor drills before.

Down this page a ways there is a video of a classmate filming hogg, saying he does not know why hogg is even in the school because he's too old, and only there to be a crisis actor. If this school had already staged 13 fake shootings with crisis actors before this so-called real one, it would strongly indicate the video where the student filmed Hogg really was taken before the phony shooting, as advertised.


At any rate, here is the NBC news video, which clearly states the school was loaded with crisis actors:


NOW, let me pop a salient question: Why, in all the MSM news coverage, was this now confirmed drill, complete with fake blood, real blanks, the whole 9 yards never mentioned anywhere in the MSM?

And here's the clincher: The kids did indeed speak about a drill on the same day, and that's what they thought this was. If MSNBC has now confirmed the school had a drill on the same day, why would the students think the "real shooting" was a drill? Would that not have already been over? surely they did not have a drill AFTER the shooting!


Please watch the attached video