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Sean Brown

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10 -9-17\

As we continue to await details on why a man opened fire and committed the worst mass shooting in American history, the FBI has been busted in a major lie surrounding the ordeal.


Authorities have claimed from the start that Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino on Sept. 28, where he remained until the night of the dreadful massacre.

However, as we previously reported, the timeline given by law enforcement was refuted by a room service receipt that was posted online by a waiter from the room showing that Paddock and a guest were at the hotel at least one day prior.


The authorities’ timeline was also refuted by investigative journalist Laura Loomer, who at the time tweeted that Paddock had checked in a full three days prior to when we were told.

“Source who works at @MandalayBay said  had the suite since Sep. 25th.


Why did police lie and say he checked in on Sep. 28th?”

But now, even further evidence has surface showing that the FBI isn’t being honest with the American people over this entire ordeal. Coming also from Loomer, an image from inside of the Mandalay Bay valet center shows Paddock’s car was first logged into the hotel’s system on Sept. 25, corroborating her previous reporting.

That’s not all. According to Loomer, the FBI lied to the public about the license plate number on Paddock’s vehicle, casting further doubts on whether or not they’re trying to intentionally mislead the public.

Making the entire situation even more problematic is the fact that the shooter’s digital record at the hotel has since been deleted by someone. Although it’s unclear who erased it all.

As to why the FBI would intentionally lie to the public, that’s anyone’s guess. However, a former Trump campaign official has come forward stating his sources within the administration are saying that Paddock had ties to a terrorist organization and the FBI was trying to keep this information from the public.

James Brower’s story seems to align with a report from Big League Politics that the federal investigation has now turned to focus on whether or not Paddock was involved with selling arms to international terrorists. Additionally, Sheriff Lombardo stated that he doesn’t believe Paddock acted alone, and also that their investigation has expanded to “numerous” individuals outside of the country.

ISIS has also claimed responsibility for Paddock’s massacre, claiming he converted to Islam six months ago. As the New York Times’ Rukmini Callimachi noted, ISIS has rarely been wrong when making such claims.