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Should Texas Secede? America's Four Dictators

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FW:  July 12, 2014

Recently a couple of emails arrived in my e.mail box. One contained a very telling 20-second 2008 news file clip of a Barack Obama campaign speech in which Obama assured the voters (both legal and illegal) that he took the Constitution “…very seriously. The biggest problem we’re facing right now,” he added, “has to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the Executive branch—and not go through Congress at all. And, that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.” Obama added (in a longer clip of the video below) that “…we have a government designed by the Founders so that there would be checks and balances. You don’t want a president that is so powerful—but that’s the whole theory of George Bush, that he can make laws as he goes along. Believe me, the idea of doing this on my own is very tempting.”

On Oct. 11, 2013, we learned just how tempting it was. On that date, in another campaign speech, he made it clear he fully intended to violate the Constitution’s separation of powers. Did the New York Times or Washington Post report what he said? No. What did he say? “We can’t wait for Congress to do its job. So, where they won’t act, I will. So I told my Administration, we’re going to look every single day to figure out what we can do without Congress.” Where the crowd should have, at that moment, booed him, they cheered him. Why? Because the President of the United States, constitutionally, is not the supreme leader of the land. He is the subservient agent of the State governors, not their boss. Collectively, the States, and the People, are sovereign. That is why we have an electoral college, and why the States, not the People, elect the President of the United States. He works for them, not us. Constitutionally, he answers to them. In other words, the President isn’t their boss. They are his boss, and they have the constitutional authority to impeach him and remove him from office if he’s incompetent. And, believe me, the guy with his feet constantly propped up on the HMS Resolute desk in the Oval Office is constitutionally incompetent—perhaps on purpose. The scariest thing about Obama is that, when he attended Harvard Law School, he worked part time as an instructor, teaching (he said) constitutional law. I suppose those who sat in his classroom some years back who were watching Obama today, believe it’s okay for the guy with his feet propped up on the Resolute desk to personally amend the laws by fiat which Congress enacted and previous presidents signed into law or, like he did with the Affordable Care Act, which he signed into law, even though the constitutional separation of powers denies him the authority to legislate—even by Executive Order. I guess Obama failed to read that part of the Constitution when he was teaching at Harvard.

If Obama was the constitutional scholar he claims to be, he would know that an Executive Order is an interoffice memo from the head of the Executive Branch to his employees. Since only Congress can legislate, Executive Orders are not binding on the People of the United States unless they comport with existing law. In other words, an executive order is a set of instructions to the Executive branch employees on the implementation of that existing law. Executive Orders implementing policies not legislated by both Houses of Congress cannot legally be enforced without an enabling law being properly enacted by both Houses of Congress. Somehow, the Oval Office skipped this all important constitutional step in the process of governance. In the New Deal years, Franklin D. Roosevelt decided there was such a national emergency dwarfing the nation, that laws had to move faster than Congress could make them happen (although the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 arrived at both Houses of Congress at noon on March 9, 1933 and that evening Roosevelt signed the bill into law). There was a scant nine hour between the “What the devil is this?”: to “The ayes have it!”

Congress, under Roosevelt, knew that most of the things Roosevelt was doing were illegal, and if they put their names on any such legislation, their political careers would be over. Since the president cannot legislate, his “legislation” takes on a different form. It began non-legislated laws. The president signs an Executive Order which the bureaucracy and the federal courts will consrue as law. From the time the EO is posted in the Congressional Quarterly, Congress has 80 days to reject it. If they don’t it becomes defacto law although every Executive Order, Presidential Decision Directive or Presidential Proclamation ever signed which requires someone in government, or a citizen or collective group of citizens, to obey some directive, is unconstitutional because the Constitution does not grant the Executive any legislative or judicial authority whatsoever.

The question is: why would Congress not say anything when the occupant of the White House—even a legitimate one—violates the separation of powers? Expect it to happen when social progressives (“communists” in honest verbiage) control both Houses of Congress and the White House. The illegal “executive orders” usually deal with expanding socialism, contracting liberty, erasing both religious freedom and free speech rights of conservatives, and creating “Big Brother” regulations designed to protect us from ourselves—the first step in regulating social conduct—for committing “social crimes” like not wearing a seat belt in your car, smoking a cigarette while walking down the street or, now in at least one Maryland township, smoking in your own home. How do they do it? Easy. First, create a problem by using friendly media to publicize the “problem” until the “good people” believe the abhorred conduct is a real social problem. Then second, offer a solution to the problem—taking away that right by fining the conduct. This is the Hegelian Solution that is now making society obedient to the social engineers who are currently changing America into a western version of the Soviet Union—only this socialist nation won’t be atheistic, it will be Islamic. And, where.America’s courts have, since 1946, blocked Christianity from the classrooms, the new judicial thinking will rule that Islam isn’t religion, it’s simply cultural history—while teaching about the customs of Judaism, Jesus Christ and Christianity is not. (To explain why would take too long in a piece that is already exceedingly too long.)

Let me make this exercise less complex and less controversial by giving you one example of almost daily social engineering that makes every parent, or rather every common sense conservative parent, angry. What constitutional right do you possess that the social progressives feel most threatened by? Your right under the Second Amendment to own firearms.

Increasingly over the last five or more years, we have been exposed more and more instances of our children being suspended for bring toy guns to school, or making a symbolic “finger” gun by holding up their thumb and forefinger and going “bang!” We’ve even heard of at least one child holding up crude, childish drawing of a gun on notebook paper and being suspended for saying “bang! bang!” Perhaps the 9-year old would only have been reprimanded for drawing the gun had he not “fired” it? Or, the boy who ate his lunch sandwich into the shape of a handgun and pointed it at a classmate. The zero tolerance policy of the NEA controlled education system today borders on ridiculous. And, because it does, parents need to start asking themselves that “why question”. When they do, and if they do it often enough, they won’t like the answer. My question is, will they do anything about it? Like driving every social progressive out of office.

Prior to 1934, there were three attempts to restrict the sale of firearms in the United States. In 1837 the State of Georgia outlawed the ownership of handguns. The law was declared unconstitutional. In 1865, several Southern States enacted “black codes” which prohibited former slaves from buying firearms. In 1927 Congress enacted a law forbidding the mailing of concealable weapons, forcing gun buyers to purchase handguns in person. That law worked only in “big crime” States like New York and Illinois which banned the sale and ownership of handguns.

On Feb. 15, 1933, 19 days before he was inaugurated, the soon-to-be 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, narrowly escaped assassination by an out-of-work brick layer, Giuseppe “Joe” Zangara, who blamed both FDR and still sitting President Herbert Hoover for the state of the economy—and his lack of a paycheck. FDR survived the assassination attempt only because a Miami resident, Lillian Cross grabbed Zangara’s hand as he prepared to shoot Roosevelt. Zangara’s bullet hit Chicago mayor Anton Cermak instead. Three men subdued Zangara, but not before he shot four more people. Only Cermak would die. Zangara found out how fast justice works when you try to assassinate the president-elect. When he went to court for his arraignment, Zangara pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted murder and was sentenced that day to 80 years in prison. Cermak died on March 6 as FDR was being inaugurated. Since Zangara had already pleaded guilty to shooting Cermak, the court changed his sentence from 20 years to death. After spending only 10 days on death row, Zangara had a hot date with Ol’ Sparkie in the Florida State Prison on March 20, 1933.

If Lillian Cross hadn’t grabbed Zangara’s hand on Feb. 15, 1933, the 32nd President of the United States would have been Vice President-elect John Nance Garner, a conservative Republican from Texas who ended up on FDR’s ticket only to make the social progressive Democrats who now had a death grip on Washington, DC, appear moderate. Garner would likely have been elected to a second term because Alf Landon would not have beaten him.. Garner wouldn’t have run for a third term. The President in 1940 would likely have been Wendall Wilkie. And, this article would deal with only three American dictators, not four. But, when you’re looking at dictators, let’s take them in order, beginning with the least dangerous first—John Adams..

Although Adams knew that the Continental Congress favored Gen. George Washington for the first presidency of the brand new United States of America he wanted the job for himself and threw his hat in the ring. Competing for the job against Washington (who really didn’t want it), was John Jay who would become the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Hancock, John Rutledge, Samuel Huntington, Benjamin Lincoln and, of course, Adams (who wanted the job far more than Washington). Washington won with 69 electoral votes. Adams secured the vice presidency with 34 electoral votes. (There are no historic records of the number of popular votes garnered by each candidate until 1824 because popular votes and the People don’t elect presidents. The States do.) Further, because there were no political parties on Jan. 7, 1789 when the first presidential election was held, it made sense that the second highest vote-getter should be vice president.

That’s how the most conservative President in the nation’s history ended up with a social progressive vice president. And, for that matter, a social progressive Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay, and an extremely liberal Treasurer, Alexander Hamilton who fought hard to include an explanatory paragraph in the Constitution (which precedes Article I) as implied rights of the government. Hamilton was convinced that ensuing generations would come to view that paragraph not as simply an explanation of what the Founding Fathers intended to do, but as a phrase which enumerated the constitutional authority of the new central government. Today, that paragraph is known as the “general welfare clause.” Franklin Roosevelt used it to create the unelected fourth branch of government and Lyndon Johnson used to create the Great Welfare Society. It’s amazing how much law you can squeeze out of a few meaningless words.

The Federalist Party was organized in 1792 and led by Hamilton [NY] who saw himself succeeding Washington. Adams saw himself as the heir apparent and campaigned in 1796 as the man who would continue the policies of Washington. The Federalists in Congress did not trust Hamilton and picked Adams {MA] and Ambassador Thomas Pickering [SC]. The Democratic-Republicans picked Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson [VA] and Sen. Aaron Burr [NY]. While the two elections were amiable, the third was a mud-slinging event as the well-organized and well-financed Federalists launched an all-out smear campaign on Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans. Jefferson was depicted as a whoremonger who slept with his slaves and would, the Federalists argued, abolish slavery if he won, and that Jefferson was a Francophile who would do the bidding of the French throne..

Hamilton felt contempt for both John Adams and Aaron Burr, believing Burr made public facts about an extramarital affair of Hamilton’s in 1795. Embarrassed, Hamilton resigned his post of Secretary of the Treasury and returned to his private law practice. Four years later when Hamilton believed Burr would win over Jefferson in the House of Representatives (Jefferson and Burr tied with 73 electoral votes each). Hamilton used his influence to deny Burr the presidency, and Jefferson denied Adams a second term. The media referred to the Election of 1800 the Revolution of 1800.

Four years later, in 1804, Burr ran for the governorship of New York. Once again Hamilton was able to use his influence to deny the governorship to Burr, and the former Vice President challenged Hamilton to a duel because of derogatory remarks Hamilton made about him during the campaign. Burr critically wounded Hamilton in the July 11, 1803 duel. The former Washington aide and Secretary of the Treasury, died a day later.

In the view of this writer, it would have been better for America if the duel between Hamilton and Burr took place in 1786 and not 1804—before Hamilton’s imprint could be indelibly placed in the Constitution of the United States.

In the Federalist Papers, which were largely written by Hamilton, John Jay [NY] and James Madison [VA], Hamilton argued that the declaratory opening paragraph of the Constitution, now referred to as the general welfare clause granted implied powers to the federal government (although the 10th Amendment makes it clear there are no implied powers. The federal government was granted only those powers specifically detailed in the body of the Constitution). Hamilton insisted that the general welfare clause gave to the federal government the implied power to create debt owed by the States to the federal government.

Since Alexander Hamilton, like Pickering and Adams, was a liberal who believed in a national government fashioned after England that left only two candidates he could support in 1796—Jefferson or Pickering. And since Pickering was a Federalist, Hamilton used his growing political and financial influence to conjole Democratic-Republicans whose primary vote was already decided to cast their second vote for Pickering. Adams won the election by three electoral votes, 71 to 68 for Jefferson. Adams won 9 States, Jefferson won 7. Pickering won only 1 electoral vote (which is what happens when spoilers are introduced into elections. They win nothing.They just change the outcome of the election—even when the princes of industry-owned media claims they did nothing to impact the results. That, after all, is why they’re there. And that’s why the princes of industry today spend real money to promote third party candidates as viable when they never are. The third party candidates dilute the vote away from the best “people” candidates and elect the corrupt candidate which the princes of industry have already bought.

Since America had just endured an eight year revolution to escape the yoke of an oppressive foreign government, Jefferson could not in good conscience submit to one of his own making. He shunned the trappings of nationalism and differentiated his political philosophy from that of his opponent who, like Hamilton, believed the newly created federal government was superior to the States which created it. As the head of the Senate as Vice President, Adams toyed with different monarch-sounding titles for the presidency. In his mind, world leaders were kings, not prime ministers or presidents.

Understanding that the Founding Fathers created a democratic Republic controlled jointly by the States through the US Senate, the People within those States through the House of Representatives and finally, the Executive Branch as the administrator of the States and the People. Jefferson identified himself as a Democratic-Republican. John Adams would serve as America’s only Federalist president, from 1797 to 1801. Congressional and senatorial candidates would continue to run under the Federalist banner until 1820, but the stigma created by Adams in 1797 permanently destroyed it. (The word Federalist is pretty much synonymous with the term “communist.”)

• America’s 1st Dictator •

John Adams should be remembered by history for his attempt to convert America’s Executive Officer into an elected monarch with the arbitrary power of God; and for erasing the 1st Amendment by making the act of speaking out against the pseudo-monarch a crime punishable by a year in prison and the seizure of the assets of the malefactor who dared to criticize him. In addition, Adams attempted to create a national religion in the United States—his. (Today, Barack Obama is speeding down that same road. Erasing freedom of speech and creating a national religion. Only Obama’s religion of choice [because it's the princes of industry's choice] is Islam.) If the federal courts do not intercede when the agenda is initiated, Islam will become a subject, like math and phonetic spelling, that will be taught in every school in America. (Christians and Jews may not opt out since the Dept. of Education claims Islam is a cultural class, not one dealing with theology.)

Shortly after he was inaugurated, the second President who ran as “…an advocate of Washington’s style of governance,” the United States suddenly found itself engaged in skirmishes on the high seas with French pirates commissioned by the new French government, headed by Maximilien François Marie Isidore Robespierre, .

As the Illuminati-Jacobin movement grew in Europe, forces in France marshaled by Robespierre, a lawyer and politician, successfully overthrew the government of King Louis XVI on Aug.13, 1792 and incarcerated the deposed king in an old castle which had become a prison. On Sept 21 the revolutionary French government abolished the monarchy and stripped Louis XVI of all titles of nobility, and of the wealth which accompanied them. Louis XVI became known as Citizen Louis Capet until his execution by hanging on Jan. 21, 1793.

As Robespierre began to eliminate his enemies (and potential future enemies or political adversaries) in France, he needed a devise that worked faster than hanging. Dr. Joseph Guillotin and a German, engineer, Tobias Schmidt invented the traditional guillotine. Schmidt’s contribution was the weighted, slanted blade that afforded the condemned a painless, instant death. Between June, 1793 and Robespierre’s own execution by firing squad on July 28, 1794, over 300 French citizens a week were beheaded in what became known as Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.

Once all of Robespierre’s enemies had been dispatched, his loyal allies realized it was just a matter of time before the National Guard knocked on their doors in the middle of the night and marched them off to the guillotine. On July 27, 1794 Robespierre and 18 of his closest Jacobin allies were arrested after they were found hiding in the Hotel de Ville in Paris. The following morning 80 more Jacobins were captured. All 99 captives were summarily executed by firing squad on July 28.

The vacuum created by the executions of Louis XVI and Maximilien Robespierre created the opportunity for a democratic France. Only, a nation with an empty purse cannot prosper nor defend itself from a better armed enemy. The French government, desperate to fill their treasury, commissioned pirates to raid the coasts of the Americas, seizing not only the cargoes of the vessels they captured, but the ships as well—complete with their crews. The crews were impressed into the service of the buccaneers who flew the French flag.

Adams responded to the taking of American merchant ships and the kidnapping and forced conscription of American seamen by the French in 1797-98 by enacting several repressive laws not only against France, but also against American citizens of French extraction. Among them was, the Naturalization Act of 1798 that forced French emigrants to wait 14 years—rather than the customary 7—to apply for citizenship. Adams was convinced that would somehow punish France..He believed that French radicalism would fracture the fledgling nation and bring about a second revolutionary war. (The fact that he would have been the cause of it never crossed his mind. He was, after all, the President.) For that reason, Adams pushed Congress to enact the Aliens and Sedition Act of 1798 to stifle all criticism of his presidency (due largely to the other repressive measures demanded by him which the 5th and 6th Congress enacted).

What was so troublesome about the Aliens and Sedition Act of 1798 was that it violated the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments—and not even the Supreme Court justices who tried the 12 men charged with violating the law seemed to be aware of how egregiously unconstitutional the law was. Without juries to hear their cases all 12 were found guilty. Each was fined $1,000 (or the loss of all of their property) and sentenced to four months in prison. Most of the cases were heard by either Justice Samuel Chase or Justice William Paterson..

The first victim of the the Aliens and Sedition Act was Matthew Lyon, a Congressman from Vermont who published in a Vermont newspaper the transcript of what he said on the floor of the House. His “crime” was saying, “…every consideration of the public welfare is swallowed up in a continual grasp for power, and an unbound thirst for ridiculous pomp, foolish adulation and self advance.” His punishment? Four months in prison and a $1,000 fine. His property was about to be auctioned off to pay the fine when his friends raised the money to pay it. This was a US Congressman, during a congressional session who, constitutionally, was immune from arrest. The Constitution had no standing with America’s first social progressive president.

Thomas Cooper was the second man convicted of violating that law. His crime? Defending Jonathan Robbins, who had been brought before Paterson for violating the same law. In Paterson’s court, Cooper spoke up, saying what was happening was “…without precedent, without law and against mercy.” Paterson stopped the Robbins hearing long enough to show Cooper no mercy. Both men were found guilty and sentenced to four months. Their homes and property were seized to satisfy their debt to the court.

The 12th victim of Adams’ law was a respected News York jurist, Jared Peck. Peck was distributing a petition to force Congress to vacate the law. As Peck was collecting hundreds of signatures on the petition, a secret grand jury in New York indicted him for sedition. A bench warrant for his arrest was served on Peck at a family gathering. and he was carted off like a common criminal, his hands shackled behind him. Peck was found guilty of sedition. That was a serious blunder for the Adams Administration. When the Federalist Congress refused to vacate the the Aliens and Sedition Act, the media decided it was time to fight back. Joining the fray was the Vice President, Thomas Jefferson and Congressman James Madison who wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves, respectively, which nullified the the Aliens and Sedition Act. In the Virginia Resolve, Madison reprimanded Congress, reminding them that, when they created the Union, they surrendered only a small portion of their power to the federal government and, whenever the central government usurped its authority, the States would take that power back and rescind any law which violated the Constitution.

The Kentucky Resolve went a step farther by making it clear to Congress, the federal judiciary and the Executive, that the States retain the power to nullify any federal law with which they disagree. That said, there is a logical question which begs an answer: Why have the States not nullified Obamacare?

Adams left the presidency a defeated man who believed the President of the United States should be a king. Historian George Herring wrote that Adams was neither a Federalist nor a Democratic-Republican. I agree. He was a political quagmire—a communist before communism existed—who would have destroyed the infant nation had he been reelected. Like Barack Obama today, when France attacked American ships just off the coast of the United States and in the sea lanes American merchant ships traveled to Europe, Adams did not show the teeth of a warrior, he turned the other cheek although he, like Washington before him, was building a world class navy and an army strong enough to repeal any land invasion. Adams, however, feared a “land invasion” from within America’s borders.

Adams social progressive biographers insist that Adams’ biggest accomplishment as president was avoiding a protracted war with France by ending the quasi-sea war amicably in 1800. In reality, the unofficial war with France ended shortly after Napoleon Bonaparte conquered France in 1799 and, looking at the European continent, Napoleon realized he would become king of Europe if he conquered England, Russia and Austria. It was Napoleon’s concerted attack on the Hapsburgs in 1800 and his contempt for mighty England that changed the military focus of the French government in 1800. Adams was simply the beneficiary of those changed tactics.

John Adams lived a quarter century after leaving office. He felt partially redeemed when his son, John Quincy Adams became the nation’s sixth president 16 months before his death. Before he died, Richard Henry Lee, a distant cousin of a small boy who would grow up to become Gen. Robert E. Lee, published one of Adams’ pamphlets called “Thoughts of Government.” In it, Adams had expressed a sentiment which explained the social progressive mindset: “The only valuable part of the British Constitution,” he wrote, ” is its definition of a republic—it is an empire of laws, not of men.” (It should be noted that England has not, at any time, had either an oral or written Constitution.)

• America’s 2nd Dictator •

Abraham Lincoln is one of America’s most revered Presidents. He is remembered as the man who saved the nation, and the man who freed the slaves. He did neither. Not only did Lincoln not save the nation, he did more than any other figure in history, including Barack Obama, to destroy it. According to historian Thomas J. DiLorenzo, professor of economics at the Sellinger School of Business Management at Loyola College, not only did Lincoln not want to free the slaves, he wanted a constitutional amendment to make slavery “irrevocable.”

Lincoln, home-taught as a child, was a well-educated, wealthy railroad attorney who “gamed the system” for his wealthy clients in the years prior to the Election of 1860 and throughout the Civil War. Lincoln was a Jacobin like Maximilien Robespierre. He was not a champion of the Constitution and, throughout his presidency, he trampled the Bill of Rights at will. As President, he issued arrest warrants anyone who got in his way—including one Congressman and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The social progressive academic revisionists who build the grey-matter highways upon which those mental images travel, tidy up history by rewriting the past to dovetail with the future planned by the social engineers. Few Americans realize that although Abraham Lincoln is remembered as a caring, compassionate president who was forced into a civil war against 11 States to free thousands of slaves from human bondage. In point of fact, Lincoln had no intention of ever freeing the slaves—at least, not and letting them remain in the United States as free men. In an August 22, 1862 letter to Horace Greeley, the editor of the New York Tribune, Lincoln told the newspaperman that his “…paramount objective is to save the Union. It is not to either save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the union.”

One hundred thirty-two days later, on Jan. 1, 1863 Lincoln issued an Executive Order known as the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves—in the Confederate States (except those Confederate States bordering a Union State). Lincoln opted for freeing some slaves and leaving others alone. Lincoln’s idea—a scheme devised by his military intelligence—was to incite the now, theoretically, freed slave to rebel against the slave owners, forcing the Confederacy to pull at least a third of all their troops out of the battlefields and return them home to protect the economic livelihood of the South. In reality, Lincoln never freed a single slave—nor did he ever intend to. Many of the escaped slaves from the Confederate States who made their way up the underground railroad to the North were repatriated to the slave colony of Liberia which declared itself to be an independent African nation on July 26, 1847.

The Social Progressives who insist that the American Civil War was fought over slavery are in reality tidying up the blackest days in America’s history by creating a patriotic legacy for this nation’s second dictator. Lincoln, the slick, smooth-talking railroad lawyer with the disarming country bumpkin drawl earned his riches from the Jacobin industrialists who successfully took over both houses of Congress in 1856.

While the Jacobins arrived in America to escape Robespierre’s guillotine from 1796-1804, a second wave of proletarian Marxists fled to America between 1848-51 after the European Revolutions, bringing with them the organized labor movement. (They sound more like today’s Democrats than Republicans, don’t they?) That’s because in 1896 the princes of industry and barons and banking and business jumped ship from the Grand Old Party and took over the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, back in 1854, the remnants of the Whigs, the Free Soilers, the American Party (the Know-Nothings) the anti-Masons, the hangerson of John Adams-Federalism and several religious ethnocultural groups who were determined to regulate the moral standards of the nation, joined America’s Jacobins—the wealthy industrialists and America’s barons of business and banking—and formed the Republican Party. In 1856 the Republicans offered up their first presidential candidate, Sen. John Fremont of California. (The Democrats wanted Fremont, but he was an abolitionists and turned them down.)

Fremont, a Brigadier General in the War with Mexico in 1848, was successfully attacked by both Northern and Southern Democrats in three areas. First, the Democrats attached Fremont’s illegitimate birth, the fact that he was a Catholic and worse, that he was a mediocre military leader. Fremont won the northeast and the Great Lakes states, but James Buchanon won the election, 174 electoral votes to 114. The Republicans were not the grand old party in 1856.

During the midterm elections in 1858 the Republicans found their diamond-in-the-rough—Abraham Lincoln, the railroad lawyer. Lincoln didn’t look like a winner, and his laconic Will Rogers’ drawl didn’t make him sound like one, either. But, as he debated America’s foremost political orator Stephen Douglas [D-IL], Lincoln’s sharp wit and debate skills caught Douglas off guard. His barbed questions forced the diminutive political giant to back-pedal on his own publicly known positions on slavery in the western territories. While Douglas won the US senatorial election against Lincoln, Lincoln killed Douglas’ chance to win the White House a full two years two years before Lincoln and Douglas opposed each other for the last time in the Presidential Election of 1860. Or, so the revisionist historians said.

In point of fact, had there been only two political parties in the Election of 1860 and not a Republican vs three separate Democratic factions with their own candidates, the Democrat, whomever he was, would have handily beat Lincoln. Lincoln won the Election of 1860 with 39.6% of the vote. Not exactly a majority. Lincoln won 1,857,610 votes—all in the North. The three Democratic candidates: Sen. Douglas (the Northern Democrat), Vice President John C. Breckenridge (the Southern Democrat), and Speaker of the House John Bell, a Democrat from Tennessee who ran as the Constitution Union Party collectively won 2,819,122 votes.

There were just too many candidates running. Lincoln won 180 electoral votes, carrying 17 States. Buchanan’s vice president, Breckenridge, won 72 electoral votes with 848,019 votes. Douglas, the most popular Democrat won 1,380,202 votes but only 12 electoral votes—and one state. He actually lost the Election of 1860 in 1858. The Jacobins were correct in picking Lincoln as their man in 1860. Had they ran with Fremont again that year, or banker Salmon Portland Chase, the Jacobin leader of the Republican Party who wanted the job, one of the Democrats would have won the presidency and the American Civil War would not have happened because Lincoln would not have been in the race.

The South did not secede from the Union over slavery. Beginning with South Carolina, the South seceded over the issue of States rights and the apportionment of tax revenue to the States. The Election of 1860 took place on Nov. 6, 1860. Lincoln would take office on March 4, 1861. On Dec. 20, 1860, by a vote of 169-0, the South Carolina legislature approved an Ordinance of Secession. One-by-one, 7 of the 11 southern States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas issued Ordinances of Secession. By Feb. 4, 1861 all of them had seceded from the Union. Why? Because Lincoln won the White House and the Jacobins now controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House. They now had the prerogative to govern outside the precepts of the Constitution—just as Adams did in 1797 and Obama did beginning in 2009. The Jacobin Republicans now possessed a legislative dictatorship. Sound familiar? In 1933-44 so did Franklin D. Roosevelt, and in 2009, so did Obama. And, although Obama lost the partisan death grip on Congress in 2010, he still rules as a dictator by simply ignoring the House of Representatives and the laws of the land like they don’t exist. Obama is unconstitutionally, and illegally, writing his own laws in the form of Executive Orders although the Executive has no legal constitutional authoirty to write, amend or change, the laws of the land. And, of course, the President must also be a citizen of the United States.

While the verbiage was never inserted in the Constitution, membership in the Union was a voluntary choice. When they signed the Constitution, each State understood they possessed the prerogative to sever that bond should their legislatures decide it was no longer in their best interest to remain enjoined to a federated union that provided strength against enemies.

None of the 11 States seceded from the Union over the slavery. They seceded over the issue of States’ rights because the Jacobin 36th Congress was nullifying those rights by simply ignoring them. When South Carolina, followed by six other States seceded before he was inaugurated, Lincoln—not the Supreme Court—arbitrarily decided that secession was illegal because, he declared, it would necessarily lead to lawless anarchy in the South. Lincoln decided that not only did he have a constitutional obligation to prevent the South from leaving the “Federal Union,” but that the Constititon was so binding, the South did not have a right to secede.

Because the Republic of Texas would not agree to join the Union without the right to leave it at will, the Compromise of 1850 determined that, because of the inherent sovereignty of the States over the federal union, all States possessed the right to secede at will. In its Ordinance of Secession, South Carolina used that phraseology when it said that “…the Federal Government’s encroachment upon the reserved rights of the States fully justifies the States in withdrawing from the Federal Union.” South Carolina, followed by ten other States, claimed that right through inherent sovereignty—the superior rights of the States over its creation: the Federal government—guaranteed by the verbiage of the 10th Amendment which reserves all rights and authority not specifically delegated to the central government to the States, and to the People of those States.

It is important to understand that when the colonies won their war of secession from England, Great Britain acknowledged each of the 13 colonies as independent, sovereign entities. When the Articles of Confederation was written, it was titled the “Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.” The document bound those thirteen States into a sovereign nation, creating a subservient central government to act as its agent before the nations of the world. There was no escape clause, and no right of secession. When the Federalists used a ruse to convene a Constitutional Convention to get a better deal for the central government, the Articles of Confederation, which conflicted with the wishes of the social progressives of that era, had to be nullified because the States could not secede from it. The excuse given in the “after thought” preamble for jettisoning the most perfect form of government ever devised by man was that the Founding Fathers wished to “…create a more perfect Union, establish Justice and insure domestic tranquility, provide fro the common defense and promote the general welfare…” of the People. The Articles of Confederation was then dissolved. It, and the rights it provided, no longer existed. Nor did the perpetual union. In other words, the “perpetual union clause” did not roll over into the Constitution.

The fact that the perpetual union clause, which was in the Articles of Confederation and was noticeably absent in the Constitution, makes it more than abundantly clear that the argument put forth by the States of New York, Virginia and Rhode Island during the ratification debates, that each State had the right to secede from the union if it proved to be not to their liking. In Virginia’s ratifying convention, the State asserted, for itself and for all of the States—at that time or in the future—that “…the powers granted under the Constitution being derived from the People of the united States may be resumed by them whensoever the same shall be perverted to their injury or oppression.” (Note the term “united States.” The reference was not used to symbolize a perpetual union known as the United States, but individual sovereign States united to a common cause with a subservient central government representing the States collectively.) At no time in its history, did those States enact legislation surrendering their superior sovereignty over the central government to the Federal Union.

In other words, while Lincoln was the commander-in-chief of the military, he lacked the Constitutional authority on his own to conscript the troops he needed to to force Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas back into the Union. The governors of the various States had the right to conscript troops into their State’s militia, but Lincoln had no such authority over the People in March, 1861. It would be March 3, 1863 before the Jacobin Republicans enacted The Enrollment Act of 1863 which allowed Lincoln to draft all males between the ages of 20 and 45, and force them to serve until the end of the conflict.

While the US Navy was under the absolute control of the Federal Union, the armies of the Federal Union were not. Since the States had supra sovereignty over the federal government, the governors of each State commanded their own military forces. Which is why when you study Civil War history, the battles were fought by the armies of various States. In 1903 President Teddy Roosevelt (the first president to label himself a social progressive), proposed modernizing the US military, recognizing that State control over the National Guard worked well for the governors but not the President. Congressman Charles W.F. Dick proposed the Militia Act of 1903 (commonly called the Dick Act) which provided the States with federal revenue and the weaponry for their “armies” in exchange for increased federal control over those troops .

It would be during times of war with an opposing nation that the President could federalize the State militias and assume control of the armies of all of the States as commander-in-chief. That changed at the end of WWII with the enactment of the National Security Act of 1947. While the National Guard theoretically remains under the control of the State governor in peacetime, the Dept. of Defense (created in 1947 to replace the Secretaries of War and Navy) is perpetually in charge of all branches of the military. Governors still have a tutorial right to select the commandant of that State’s National Guard, but that General reports to the Pentagon not the Governor’s office.

Abraham Lincoln did not have that type of control over the Army of South Carolina when that State seceded from the Union. in fact, he had none because all controlling authority resided with South Carolina Gov. Francis Wilkens Pickens—and the other 10 States which followed. Particularly after those Staets seceded from the Union.

From the moment Lincoln entered the White House and began manufacturing presidential powers from whole cloth (that simply did not exist), figuring out how to nationalize the State militias was an important step he missed.. Within days of Lincoln’s inauguration on March 4, Confederate forces seized all federal funds, property and munitions throughout the South. Lincoln sent a dispatch to the newly installed Confederate President Jefferson Davis advising him that if the Confederate States did not submit to the lawful edicts of the federal government, Union troops “…would be forced to restore order and arrest the belligerents for treason.” Davis’ response was the siege and the ultimate surrender of Maj. Robert Anderson’s troops at the federal arsenal at Fort Sumter on April 14, 1861. The following day, Lincoln—who had 44 days of practical federal governance experience in his entire life—suspended Congress and declared that a state of martial law would exist until July 4. He did so in order to unconstitutionally conscript an army to invade the South.

Lincoln didn’t stop with creating an army and invading South Carolina.He declared martial law, and suspended the Bill of Rights unbtil his death. Lincoln found new powers in the Constitution that heretofore no president—including those who were party to writing it—knew, or even supposed, existed. In other words Lincoln saw “presidential war powers” by combining unrelated passages in the Constitution which, he declared, gave him unilateral power to suspend the Constitution to protect the Constitution.. From that point on, Lincoln governed as a dictator.

He suspended free speech and freedom of the press. Both were nullified for the balance of Lincoln’s life. On April 27, 1861 when Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney issued a scathing rebuke of Lincoln, ruling that the President has no constitutional authority to suspend habeas corpus—even if he could bully Congress into saying he did. It would require a Constitutional amendment ratified by three-fourths of the States. If the Executive, Taney said, could nullify the Bill of Rights on whim, then “…the People of the United States are no longer living under a government of laws, but every citizen holds live, liberty and property at the will and pleasure of the army officer in whose military district he may happen to be found.” Not only did Lincoln ignore Taney’s ruling, Lincoln, according to an unpublished manuscript written in 1880 by Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln’s former law partner in Danville, Illinois. Lamon, who was appointed the US Marshal of Washington, DC and worked directly for Lincoln, tried to arrest the Chief Jusrtice

In Lamon’s manuscript—the one person who would know if Lincoln actually did issue a warrant for Chief Justice Taney’s arrest—said; “…After due consideration the administration determined upon the arrest of the Chief Justice. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Then arose the question of service. Who should make the arrest and where should the imprisonment be? This was done by the President with instructions [to Lamon] to use his own discretion about making the arrest unless he should receive further orders from [Lincoln].” No explanation was offered why the warrant was never served and why Taney was never arrested. Lamon was criticized by Richard Todd Lincoln, the president’s son who denounced Lamon for a “lack of discretion.” Revisionists were already cleaning up the history of Abraham Lincoln before he was even buried.

Lincoln never appealed Taney’s decision. He simply ignored it as he ignored the entire Constitution until April 14, 1865. Arbitrary arrests didn’t abate, they escalated. By 1862 Lincoln expanded his illegal arrests to include anyone who evaded military conscription (i.e., voluntary enlistment). Included in Lincoln’s dragnet were any citizens who expressed disloyalty to the edicts of the Jacobin Republicans. Military commanders, not judges, were given the discretion to determine what constituted disloyalty— and the authority to arrest anyone for any made-up reason. Martial law made the task of law enforcement easy. And capricious arrest made the job of the judiciary pretty much nonexistent since most of those detained were never charged with the crimes of which they were accused.

It took Lincoln 44 days to create a dictatorship. He was so confident of his “presidential war powers,” that nobody was out of the reach of the White House if they criticized his abuses of power. One that did was Congressman Clement Laird Vallandigham [D-OH]. Vallandigham was the leader of the Copperhead faction in Congress and the commander of the secret Knights of the Golden Circle (which evolved into the Sons of Liberty in 1864).

When the Jacobin Republicans enacted the Revenue Ac t of 1862 it included more than excise taxes to raise war revenue.. It included an unconstitutional income tax and a new agency, the Internal Revenue Service, to collect the new taxes. Vallandigham led the opposition denouncing Lincoln’s income tax, his money policy, and his war of aggression not only against the South but also against loyal Northerners who opposed waging war against the South..

At 2:30 in the morning on May 4, 1863 Union soldiers under the command of Gen. Ambrose Burnside arrived at Vallandigham’s Dayton, Ohio home and, without a warrant, arrested the Congressman. Vallandigham was whisked off to a federal penitentiary in Cincinnati where he remained until Lincoln’s attorney general, Edward Bates, and Secretary of State William Seward arranged to deport him to the Confederacy. His crime? Violating General Order 38.Vallandigham criticized statements Lincoln made in his 1863 State of the Union address. The government said Vallandigham “…publicly expressed, in violation of General Orders No. 38…sympathy for those in arms against the Government of the United States, and declaring disloyal sentiments and opinions, with the object and purpose of weakening the power of the Government in its efforts to suppress an unlawful rebellion…” Vallandigham then declared “…the present war is a wicked, cruel, and unnecessary war, a war not being waged for the preservation of the Union; a war for the purpose of crushing liberty and erecting a despotism.”

Generations of Americans would never know how morally bankrupt Lincoln was because history’s revisionists walked behind the man with a broom and dust pan tidying up history..As Lincoln violated every federal law on the books, and almost every article and clause of the Constitution of the United States, not one federal judge anywhere in the Union States stepped up to challenge the Jacobin abuses. Protecting their jobs and their skins was far more important to judges with lifetime appointments than protecting the citizens of the United States and the sanctity of its Constitution.

The American Civil War was a war waged by government on its own population. During the American Revolution the British engaged in terrorism against noncombatants in the American colonies to weaken the resolve of the population. Lincoln was determined to do the same in order to teach the South the same lesson.

The South reciprocated by bringing Lincoln’s guerilla warfare to the people in the North.. In 1862 an international tribunal met to codify the rules of warfare creating, for the first time in history, what constituted war crimes. War crimes included [a] attacks on defenseless towns and cities, [b] looting and plundering, and wantonly destroying civilian-owned property, and [c] the taking from the civilian population more provisions than what was needed to feed and sustain an occupying force. The punishment was imprisonment or death by hanging or firing squad.

Responding to the Geneva tribunal on April 24, 1863, Lincoln issued General Order 100 dealing with the Union’s conduct of war. General Code 100 became known as the Lieber Code (after Columbia Law Professor Francis Lieber who penned it). The Lieber Code reiterated the views of the Geneva Tribunal that armies should not wage war on the civilian population and agreed that the Union Army would abide by international law. However, the Code contained an exemption which allowed the Union army field commanders license to ignore the General Rule 100 if the field commander felt the targeting of civilians and/or the destruction of civilian food and/or property was necessary to achieve the Union objectives in that battle. What was Lincoln’s objective? To beat the enemy into the ground by hook or crook to force them to capitulate. And by doing so, to achieve its core objective: restore the nation—but not the Republic.

While the majority of the books and articles written about Abraham Lincoln or his Administration’s handling of the war between the States and, in particular, Lincoln’s persecution of Clement Vallandigham were written by social progressive academicians (as is most of what you read about America’s past) . America’s two most knowledgeable Lincoln historians are Dr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Professor of Economics at the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola College in Maryland and Edgar Lee Masters, Clarence Darrow’s former law partner. DiLorenzo authored two books on Lincoln, and Masters has what most conservative scholars argue is the most comprehensive work on Lincoln in print: Lincoln the Man. But DiLorenzo’s work, The Real Lincoln, lays out the history of a dictator who planned the death of federalism and executed states rights in four years. Had Lincoln not been assassinated, America would have become a totalitarian state 49 years before the Bolshevik Revolution. Barack Obama, by the way, is trying hard to complete the job Lincoln started. Social Progressives believe that no society can achieve greatness unless the people, who are always enemies of the State, are subverted. Because for any empire to succeed, the political entity of the State must be sovereign.

• America’s 3rd Dictator •

Thanks to revisionist social progressive social engineers, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of America’s most popular presidents. While Thomas Woodrow Wilson, America’s 28th President, planned to run for an unprecedented 3rd term before two strokes debilitated him, FDR is the only President who ran for, and won, four terms. In 1940 Roosevelt contemplated a taboo third run for the roses. The Democratic Party was on the edge of rebellion when Roosevelt, who pretended he was undecided about seeking a third term let it be known, for unity, he wanted party leaders—both Democrat and Republican—to nominate him by acclamation without the partisan campaigning.

In September, 1939 as Adolph Hitler struck Poland, Roosevelt was quietly pondering the decision to seek a third term although Party officials were against it, believing FDR could not win because of his failing to keep any of his campaign promises, his tax increases and the massive debt he had generated. Ouch! Doesn’t that sound like Barack Obama? With a war on the horizon, FDR was convinced that war-talk would trump the economy on the front pages of America’s newspapers. Hmm. Shades of Benghazi in 2012 and Vladmir Putin’s current attempt to reconstitute the Soviet Union with the threat of “AK-47-brand super glue.”.

Roosevelt summoned congressional leaders from both parties to the White House to talk about the situation in Europe. Included in the invitation was the 1936 GOP presidential candidate Alf Landon and his running mate, Frank Knox. FDR intended to offer the 1940 vice presidency to Secretary of State Cordell Hull [D-TN], guaranteeing him the Southern vote. Roosevelt was convinced that with Hull on his ticket, he would own the Southern vote. To win over working class Republicans, FDR planned to offer Republicans Landon and Knox positions in his cabinet. He wanted to make Landon Secretary of War and Knox Secretary of the Navy. Knox accepted. Landon declined.

On May 13, 1940, three weeks before the Republican convention Frank Altschul, the brother-in-law of New York governor Herbert Lehman called Landon and asked if he would come to the White House for lunch with Roosevelt. The next day FDR aide Gen. “Pap” Watson wired Landon an invitation for May 22. Before leaving New York where Landon made an anti-Roosevelt speech, he had dinner with four newspaper reporters who told him that Roosevelt was engineering a plan to put the Republican Party out of business by enticing its leaders not to contest his election.

In other words, Roosevelt wanted the GOP leadership to concede the election to FDR by acclamation. When Landon heard that, he prepared a statement for the press which said that “…at all hazards, the election must be held.” The reporters looked at the statement and told Landon that “…you know this will end your luncheon appointment with the President.”

When Landon arrived in Washington the following day, he received a call from Altschul who said Pap Watson wanted him to call the White House and cancel his lunch date with FDR—and take responsibility for the cancellation. Again, Landon declined and went back to the press at 10 a.m. with this message: “I came to Washington at the invitation of my President, and I am going back home at the invitation of my president.” Before the short radio press conference was concluded Roosevelt called and, lying, told Landon that “…between Altschul and Watson they got us all bawled up.”

After a brief icy-cordial lunch with FDR, Landon met with Knox who told him that due to the terrible Nazi threat to the world, he should reconsider. Landon replied that he thought “…a third term for the President is a greater threat to our institutions than anything from the outside. If we go into the cabinet, we might as well call off the election. But there should be a quid pro quo—no third term!” But Roosevelt would not give up the plan. The GOP had to concede the election. Roosevelt was afraid because he knew that the two-term precedent was the only thing that would stop him from being reelected.

Without the popular Alf Landon as the scapegoat to attract Republican voters, FDR appointed Henry Stimson, Hoover and Taft’s Republican Secretary of State as Secretary of War. Roosevelt abandoned his plan of trying to conjole the Republicans into conceding the election by using a voice vote in Congress to proclaim FDR president. In an interesting side note, ten days before Pearl Harbor was attacked, Stimson noted in his personal diary that Roosevelt felt war was inevitable and “…brought up the event that we are likely to be attacked perhaps by next Monday for the Japanese are notorious for making an attack without warning, and the question was ‘what we should do?’. The question was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.” Roosevelt was not psychic or even intuitive. On Nov. 26, 1941, in a Gestapo wiretapped telephone call (File #321-41), Winston Churchill called him and informed him that a Japanese naval armada was on its way to Pearl Harbor. The Japanese intended to attack the fleet on Monday, Dec. 8,1941—Tokyo time. It would be Sunday, Dec. 7 on the other side of the International Date Line in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Whatever Happened To America? Hallberg Publishing © 2000, by Jon Christian Ryter pgs. 48-50.)

Roosevelt was convinced that only involving America in Europe’s war would restore America’s economy. In his view, sacrificing the lives of a few thousand American soldiers and sailors was a small price to pay for a more prosperous America. On August 10, 1940—16 months before the “sneak” attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR met with Churchill in one of two heavy cruisers off the coast of Newfoundland: the USS Augustus. On board Churchill’s heavy cruiser, the HMS Prince of Wales, the two planned the configuration of the postwar world and, of course, the remodeling of the failed League of Nations into the shiny new red, white and blue United Nations—but with the same failed European leadership. And America would be none the wiser.

On March 4, 1933 New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt became the 32nd President of the United States. He held the power of the office from Nov. 9, 1932 until his death on April 12, 1945. Although he would not be inaugurated until March 4, 1933, Roosevelt had dictatorial control over the government of the United States for 4,528 consecutive days—more that twice that any president in the history of the United States. FDR’s rule included the last 115 days of Herbert Hoover’s single term.

From the moment the media announced that New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States, the 72nd Congress, which would not end until March 4, 1933 began taking its marching orders from Roosevelt. Absolutely nothing happened in Washington, DC that was not approved by the bankers’ president-elect. The Fed bankers who engineered the Crash of 1929 and the election of Roosevelt in 1932 needed two things. First and foremost, they needed to complete the task of removing America’s monetary system from the gold standard. The bankers wanted their gold back. (Although,theoretically, it never was their’s.) It belonged to those who earned it from the sweat equity investment they made in their work. Specie was owned by America, not the princes of industry or the barons of banking and business. Second, they needed to dramatically shrink the money supply because the bankers feared they could not staunch the exodus of gold from the nation’s banks and, thanks to the easy money in the Roaring ’20s, greenbacks greatly exceeded the gold and silver reserves needed to redeem them on demand from the certificate holders. In June, 1932, the money barons feared the collapse of the US monetary system and implored President Hoover to declare a bank holiday because of the “financial emergency” which existed in the country.

Compounding the bankers’ dilemma was that too much of their liquidity was tied up in foreclosed mortgages financed in the good times just prior to the Market Crash in 1929. Additionally, frightened working class people, fearing a repeat of the 1906 Bank Panic (caused by the bankers themselves who blamed the Panic on State-chartered banks in order to justify the creation of a central bank in the United States), began withdrawing their meager savings in gold and silver coin. History would show that the drain on gold from US banks was not caused by the US citizens who actually owned the gold, but by European banks who did not.

From mid- February, 1933 New York Fed Chairman Eugene Meyers spoke with both Hoover and his Treasury Secretary Ogden Mills, imploring them to declare a bank holiday in order to stop the drain on gold from Fort Knox. Hoover knew he had no authority to close private banks and told Meyers so. Meyers had President-elect Roosevelt call Hoover and advise him it was a step he needed to take. Hoover, who was president in name only, was convinced Roosevelt and Meyers would somehow engineer the closing of the nation’s banks on his watch, and he would carry the blame for it into history since the President has no statutory authority to close the nation’s banks.. Hoover penned a letter to Roosevelt to make his concerns public to make sure if the Federal Reserve closed the nations banks, the act would rest on their heads, not his.

Hoover penned the following on Feb. 17, 1933 and had it delivered to Roosevelt’s at 49 E. 65th Street in New York on the morning of Feb. 18. Roosevelt would not respond to the letter until March 1, 1933. It began: “A most critical situation has arisen. The majority difficulty is the public mind. A statement by you upon two or three policies of your administration would restore public confidence by the removal of fear. A number of things have happened on top of this. The breakdown in balancing the budget, ..The proposals for inflation…a state of alarm…rapidly reaching a crisis [from the] flight of capital [and] foreign withdrawals of gold…hoarding. It is obvious that you are the only one who can give prompt assurance that there will be no tampering or inflation of the currency, and that the budget will be unquestionably balanced.”

Roosevelt, as noted in the biography of FDR’s personal adviser, Raymond Moley, the only person FDR showed the letter after he read it for the first time on Feb. 19. Moley noted that Roosevelt found Hoover’s concerns amusing because Hoover was right—and, there wasn’t anything he could do to stop the president-elect. Roosevelt intended to remove America’s monetary system from the gold standard by simply decreeing it so. In other words Roosevelt, the man heralded by the revisionist historians as the man who singlehandedly saved America, was the man who singlehandedly destroyed the American political and economic systems.

On March 4, 1933 Roosevelt and Meyers made one last attempt to trick Hoover into closing the nation’s banks scant hours before Roosevelt was inaugurated as the nation’s 32nd President. Hoover wasn’t buying the rhetoric. Roosevelt was forced to commit his first two impeachable acts all on his own. On March 6 FDR issued two Presidential Proclamations (which were initially implemented for ceremonial decrees—like declaring a national holiday, or flying flags at half-mast). Instead, Presidential Proclamation 2039, the second edit on that day and Roosevelt’s first impeachable offense as President, declared a national bank holiday to specifically to stop Americans from withdrawing their own money (in gold) from the bank. Second, buried in PP 2039 was a provision which cited Roosevelt’s authority to close the banks as Section 5(b) of the Act of Oct. 6, 1917 (40 Stat L411) as amended. The only problem is, Section 5(b) of the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, would not even be proposed to Congress by the Roosevelt brain trust for five more days. Presidential Proclamation 2038, which called for a special session of Congress, would bring the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 before the newly-installed social progressive 73rd Congress on March 9.

Without ever reading the bill which the members were not even allowed to see (now you know where that practice began), it became law. Fearful of repercussions from the voters for passing a revenue bill they never saw, let alone didn’t read, the House used an unrecorded voice vote to pass it (the “ayes” always win even if the “nays” are louder). The Senate, which has been controlled by the princes of industry and the barons of banking since the Credit-Mobilier scandal in the 1860s, passed the bill 73 to 7 with 22 Republican voting with the New Deal social progressives.

Had anyone taken the time to read the Emergency Banking Relief Act they would have discovered Roosevelt intended to seize every ounce of gold in the possession of working class Americans in excess of 5 grams because that was the price demanded by the bankers to put him in the White House.. Those designated as “authorized collectors” (i.e., the princes of industry and the wealthy barons of banking and business) by the US Treasury or by Roosevelt himself, were allowed to keep their rare gold coin collections. Unauthorized collectors (i.e., hoarders—i.e., nobody important) were not. Section 16 of the law mandated a $10,000 fine per infraction or ten years in prison, or both.

According to the Roosevelt Administration gold would be “redeemed” from its rightful owners at $32 an ounce although some rare gold coins might be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Of course that didn’t happen. On the simplest level, let’s consider the non-collector collector who buys one shiny new issue uncirculated silver dollar each year bearing that year’s date. It’s something they do to pass on, usually to either their eldest or youngest child.

Based on the price of gold in 1932, they might have paid anywhere from $160 to $600 for that coin. With gold being seized at $32 an oz, a $5 gold coin would be redeemed for less than the face value of the coin since the coin,which was composed of 22k gold, contained 0.1091 troy oz (3.393 grams) of gold. It would have been redeemed by the US Treasury for about $2.25, not $5. A 1932 $50 Gold Eagle contained 1.0909 troy oz of gold, or 33.93 grams. The Treasury would redeem a current year (2012) $50 Gold Eagle for $34.91. The US Mint sold that coin to collectors in 2012 for $1,835.00. The best price a common citizen would receive for that coin would have been “face value.” Fifty bucks.

Roosevelt was swiftly working his way through the Bill of Rights. After being in office only three days, he erased the 4th Amendment by amending the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 which reclassified the American people as the enemies of its government. That allowed Roosevelt to steal all of the real wealth of the American people and replace real wealth with what amounted to “Parker Bros. monopoly money” greenbacks backed only by the debt owed to the government by the taxpayers and the promises of a government that no wise man trusts.. The money barons were able to confiscate all of the wealth possessed by the working class and then charge them interest on the worthless Federal Reserve Notes they created from nothing to reimburse the public for the real money FDR stole. To this date, the descendents of those first victims of FDR are convinced of two things. First, that their parents or grandparents got equal value for the gold taken from them by duress; and second, that Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents ever to occupy the Oval Office.

In 2003, the US Mint seized ten pre-1933 $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins owned by the heirs of Israel Swift, Joan Langbord and her two grandsons, Roy and Donald. They found the coins in a rusty safe-box owned by Langbord’s grandfather. Joan Langbord unwisely took the coins to the US Mint to have them authenticated and appraised. Because the Langbords, who apparently didn’t know about the gold seizure in 1933, told US Mint employee George McCann as much as she could about the history of the coins, McCann seized them without knowing the legal status of the coins other than the Langbords found them in a rusted safe-box on their grandfather’s land. The government didn’t offer the Langbords any compensation although it was legal for them to own them in 2003. Today those ten coins are worth close to $80 million. Another $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin, reportedly owned by King Farouk of Egypt, was sold at Sotheby’s auction in 2002 for $7.5 million. It was one of four gold coins seized by the government in 1933.

When the US Mint (not constitutionally connected to the Federal Reserve) seized the ten Saint-Gaudens coins from the Langbords, they broke the law. Gold coins had been legal to own since Congress unconstitutionally removed the US monetary system from the gold standard by making gold a commodity like food, clothing and automobile tires.

The US Mint assumed because the coins owned by Israel Swift were illegal to own from March 9, 1933 to Aug. 6, 1971, they were still contraband 81 years later. In their mind, there was no statute of limitations on the unconstitutional edicts of a long dead president.

On Aug. 6, 1971, gold became a commodity—and legal to own by anyone except, it appears, those whose working class descendants refused to exchange them at face value in 1933 for FDR’s new debt-backed Federal Reserve notes that were about to become as elastic as a party balloon. Yet, all of FDR’s country club friends not only were allowed to keep their gold coins, they were allowed first choice in buying the most rare gold coins seized from the working class whose ancestors, dating back to the American Revolution and before, had saved them as a family legacy to be handed down, generation after generation—the only way the working class could ever amass enough generational wealth to escape working class poverty..

Lying to the American people, Roosevelt claimed that the gold coins he seized in 1933 and redeemed with scrip was melted down to bullion, justifying the $32 an ounce price the gold’s owners were paid for rare coins whose numismatic value, in many instances, was worth far more. Many of the coins FDR seized from working class collectors were used by the Roosevelt Administration to redeem gold certificates from European countries and wealthy foreign investors at the numismatic value of the coins our government stole from its citizens by paying them up to, but not more than the face value of the coins they confiscated—unless the bullion weight was less than the face amount of the coins, then they only got a fracture of the value of the coins.. How did the government get away with it?

Because the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 allowed the US government to arbitrarily seize the assets of foreigners who are engaged in activities detrimental to the interests of the United States. That right was found under Section 5(b). The problem with Section 5(b) was that it gave leverage to the US government to seize the assets of foreigners safely tucked away in the United States. But, without a court order and just cause, the 4th Amendment protects citizens from the seizure of their property and assets without due process. But, Roosevelt knew that would be relatively easy to fix as long as Congress wasn’t reading the bills they were expected to blindly enact during his administration. And, of course, they didn’t—and still don’t. It’s a Democrat thing.

The amendment altering Section 5(b) was found in the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933. It amended Section 5(b) to make the citizens of the United States enemies of its government, thereby allowing that government to seize the assets of their “enemies of the State.” Section 5(b) became the legal precedent for all seizure laws in the United States today. And you thought Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of America’s best presidents.

In reality, he was America’s most notorious thief. Not quite as bad as Barack Obama who stole the heart and soul of America for the Muslim Brotherhood, but worse than Woodrow Wilson who stole the Republic by killing the participation of the States in the equation of governance. In addition to stealing the real wealth from its citizens, Roosevelt stole accountability by creating the 4th Branch of government. Prior to the creation of the bureaucracy, the lawmakers actually had to write the legislation which means there weren’t any 20 thousand page laws prior to 1936. From 1789 to 1796 Washington’s government enacted 26 laws. Lincoln, who chose to rule by decree, signed 20 pieces of legislation into law. His successor, Andrew Johnson (a Democrat) who railed against the Jacobin Republicans who impeached him, signed 10 bills into law. One, the Tenure In Office Act was passed over Johnson’s veto and was used to impeach him.

Herbert Hoover, who tried to enact economic recovery legislation from 1929 to 1932 in order to create jobs and jumpstart the economy was blocked by the Democrats in Congress. Only 7 pieces of legislation were passed in 4 years—and all of them only because FDR needed them enacted. FDR, using Obama’s “power of the telephone and pen” to bypass Congress, nevertheless enacted 53 major pieces of nation-changing, mostly unconstitutional legislation before WWII that transformed America from a parliamentarian Republic to a socialist democracy. With the creation of the non-elected bureaucracy, Congress began the practice of creating skeletal “shell” laws with the actual lawmaking taking place within the Executive Branch, not the legislative branch. That practice is still followed today. It must be pointed out that the Executive Branch of government possesses absolutely no legislative authority. Theoretically, the sole job of the unelected bureaucratic minions was to simply administrate the laws enacted by Congress—not unconstitutionally write the substance of those laws out of whole cloth out of sight of the voters where, what they were doing could never be challenged. Now you have an better understanding why there is no accountability in the federal government. Most of the sins are committed by tenured bureaucrats who can’t be fired. And the American people are forced to pay the freight.

In late 1933 Roosevelt pushed Congress to create a League of Nations-styled Export-Import bank for the express purpose of loaning money to the Soviet Union. When Congress failed to act, Roosevelt created the Export-Import Bank of Washington, DC on Feb. 2, 1934 through Executive Order 6581—without the approval of the House of Representatives or ratification by the US Senate. A month later, on March 9, Roosevelt slapped the House members in the face a second time with Executive Order 8863 by creating a second Export-Import Bank in Washington to loan money to Cuba. (The House of Representatives controls the purse strings of America. The nation’s Chief Executive cannot spend money without the express consent of the House.) The Roosevelt-controlled House of Representatives neither reprimanded nor impeached FDR for malfeasance. Nor did the US Senate remove him from office.

When Churchill telephoned Roosevelt on Nov. 26, 1941 (as the Gestapo wiretapped Churchill telling FDR that a Japanese armada was on its way to bomb Pearl Harbor), Roosevelt did nothing so he could use the provocation to involve America in a world war he swore to keep America out of. Roosevelt’s complicity caused the immediate deaths of 2,386 military personnel and the serious wounding of 1,177 others—many of whom later died of their wounds. Fifty-five Japanese soldiers and pilots died in the exchange. Rough estimates claim 68 American civilians died in the attack as well as 233 native Hawaiians and 49 Japanese-Hawaiians. Abetting an enemy attack and virtually destroying the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, and killing or wounding 3,563 US Navy and Marine personnel. is treason. America’s third dictator should have been impeached, removed from office, tried for treason. But when the fable-writers alter history, villains are always made to look like national icons and heroes are villainized by the social engineers in order to sell socialism to the masses as the best form of democracy..

When you visit the nation’s capital, you will find the National Park Service Memorial to FDR, dedicated on May 2, 1997, at 900 Ohio Drive SW in Washington, DC. contains the iconic phrase uttered by Roosevelt as he dragged America screaming into World War II—”The only thing we have to fear,” he said, “is fear itself.” In reality, since America has discovered that the social progressives have learned how to use the voting machines to manufacture enough make-believe-voter votes to steal not only the White House, but the control of the both the House and Senate as they did in 2006 and 2008, the voters should have learned what they need to fear most are the social progressives who are determined to overthrow the Constitution and the American way of life. FDR took that game to the third quarter, but died before he could seize absolute dictatorial power. He came close. In 1944 he had himself nominated by acclamation. In 1940, he asked the Republican frontrunners to agree to concede the election to him by acclamation “for the sake of the nation.” Roosevelt’s cherished dream was to become dictator for life. I guess, in the end, he got his wish.

From stealing the wealth of the American people by forcing them to trade their gold for fiat scrip or have their property seized and be thrown in prison for ten years; to allowing over 3,000 Americans die or suffer severe wounds at Pearl Harbor in order to involve America in World War II; to trying to stack the US Supreme Court with likeminded social progressive judges to keep his New Deal agenda from being declared unconstitutional, to cover the crimes against America committed by Franklin D. Roosevelt would require hundreds of volumes and thousands of pages of FDR malfeasance that the societal revisionists have swept under the rug of history because they know that to change the future of a nation, the first thing you must do is alter the past. Lincoln, like Roosevelt, has his own revisionists tidying up the ambiguities of his life as well. Since none of us lived during Lincoln’s time, its easier to sweep his sins under the proverbial rug than, say, Barack Obama who is living his lies in real time..

America’s fourth dictator might have a problem. Although he has issued Executive Orders to shield every moment of his real life since birth, Obama’s biggest problem is that he is contemporary to his lies. The only revisionist (other than the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun and, of course Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV]) Obama is working 24-7 to erase his lies—virtually as they are spoken—through his White House spokesman Jay Carney, who has the most unenviable job in America because every day he has to stare down 49 reporters in the James Brady Press Briefing Room who know he’s lying every time his lips move. Lately, most of the lip movement is confined to stammering.

• America’s 4th Dictator •

When it comes to dictators, there’s now a new quarterback on the scrimmage line. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. There are inherent problem with this quarterback because he hasn’t learned how American despots play the game. What he knows he learned from books and from watching his idol, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s recently deceased dictator. Obama’s biggest asset is that he has an honest face. What makes him dangerous is that his face is the only part of his persona that’s honest. The majority of the words he speaks are lies. He talks a good game with a teleprompter, but he’s rather talk about how his “blue team” plans to win the game than actually get into a scrimmage with the “red team.”

There’s an interesting aside here. Blue team. Red team. When election results were posted on black and white TV in the 1950s and very early 60s before color TV splashed across the landscape, the Democrat-won states were colored red and the GOP-won states were blue. On screen in America’s black and white TV homes, the Democrat wins looked black and the GOP-wins looked punky grey. The Democrats loved the dominance. That changed when the NBC peacock presented the elections in living color. The Democrat wins were red and the GOP wins were blue. The Democrats were extremely sensitive about being red since, in point of fact, they really were socialist red. The left has always presented a side of themselves that does not really exist—the moderate, patriotic “red, white and blue” side of the despots.

If you remember when Obama was running for president in 2008, he hated the American flag so much he refused to allow any of his staff members to wear US flag lapel pins so as not to offend those in the United States and around the world who despised the United States and what it stood for. The leftwing media climbed on board with ABC being the first to forbid their on-air reporters from sporting the red-white-and-blue, using Obama’s excuse, attempting to justify Obama’s prejudice as an act of civility towards illegal aliens in the who hate us but choose to live in the United States because they believe they are somehow entitled to feed off the labors of US workers who invest that sweat equity to feed their own families.. Adding insult to injury, he created his own Obama States icon. That icon appears to be, in Obama’s mind, the replacement to the American flag he would initiate if he can succeed in stealing what Lincoln and FDR tried to steal but died before their dream, and America’s nightmare, became a reality.

Makes you wonder why any American would consider voting for a man who hates their country so much, doesn’t it? Obama has become one of life’s visual lessons. Americans can now see, first hand, what they could only read about with respect to Adams and Lincoln. Most of today’s seniors remember Roosevelt first hand. Like Obama today, Roosevelt and the JPMorgan-Rockefeller banking cartel flooded the US economy with worthless money in the 1920s to deflate the value of the dollar and plunge the nation into a deep depression. Obama is deliberately doing to same thing today. Why? The best way to shred a Constitution and destroy a nation is to create enough chaos to declare martial law. Today, Americans are viewing, first hand, how dictatorships are born. They are always born through apathy.

It took Adolph Hitler 37 days to erase the Weimar Republic Constitution after he assassinated German President Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg on Aug. 2, 1934 by poisoning him. Hitler joined forces with Hindenburg in 1930, believing he would replace Chancellor Henrich Brüning. HIndenburg, however, privately confessed to his inner circle that the only job in his government which he would appoint Hitler was that of Postmaster. In the election of 1932, the Nazis won enough votes to force Hindenburg to name Hitler Chancellor. It was one of those pivotal decisions that launched World War II and resulted in the destruction of close to 60% of the world’s Jewish population.

The poisoning of Hindenberg took place slowly over three weeks, so it would appear to the German people that their beloved Field Marshall’s health had simply deteriorated, resulting in his death. Earlier that day the Nazis enacted a law which combining the role of President and Chancellor. The title of President was eliminated. The moment Hindenberg died, Hitler became Fuehrer, Reich Chancellor and Commander-in-Chief of the military. The Weimar Republic died that day.

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2008 when Obama won his first primary, Michelle Obama chided that “…for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my country.” Michelle Obama’s racist view of America hadn’t changed much from her Princeton days. She didn’t think much of America then, and she doesn’t think much of America now. There does not appear to be an ounce of true American patriotism in her blood. It could honestly be said that MIchelle Obama, whose great-great grandfather, Jim Robinson, was born into slavery in 1850 on the Friendfield Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina has some justification for her contempt of America. Her great-great grandfather,was born into slavery in a land whose Constitution assures all of its citizens two things: liberty and equality. Jim Robinson had neither. Her bitterness is understandable. Her husband’s isn’t. Born in the British East African province of Kenya, Obama—a birth citizen of the British Empire who spent his adolescent years as an adopted son of Indonesia, never experienced the aftermath of post-slavery racism that Blacks in post-Civil War America experienced.

In case you missed the significance of what I just said, let’s replay the last sentence. It’s the reason Obama, or his financial backers, spent millions of dollars to conceal who he really is. The very first thing concealed about his past was his birth. Article II of the Constitution of the United States made it clear that, to be the President of the United States, you [a] must be male and [b] you must be a natural born citizen of the United States. Clearly, Mr. Obama is a male. That was the half of the battle that Hillary Clinton lost. Hillary was a natural born citizen, she just failed the [a] part of the test.

Nineteen times in Article II, the Constitution affirmed the sex of the Chief Executive as a male. No other member of the Legislative or Judicial Branch of government is referred to by gender—meaning no other job in the nation is gender specific. During the Clinton era, Sen. Hillary Clinton made it clear she planned to seek her husband’s job when he left office. She was unaware that in 1997 global financier David Rockefeller promised the 43rd presidency to Texas Governor George Walker Bush. The promise-maker in 2007 was Hungarian-born socialist billionaire George Soros who promised the job as 44th president to a man wholly ineligible to hold it because he was not an American citizen—Barack Hussein Obama.

When Gore lost the Election of 2000 to Bush-43, the social progressives saw Hillary Clinton as fresh cream rising to the top of the quart of putrid, curdled, squalid milk, as the left proposed the “Screw-America” law—the Equal Opportunity to Govern Act—in June, 2003. Only, they pretended they weren’t plowing the road for another Clinton. Instead, they said they were clearing the political “natural citizen” landscape to provide a way for naturalized citizens like Austrian-born Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger [R-CA] or Canadian-born Gov. Jennifer Granholm [D-MI] to legally seek the highest office in the enacting a law to erase Article II of the Constitution—something which must be proposed as a constitutional amendment that must be ratified by 3/4ths of the States, not enacted by a simple majority in Congress. But since everyone knew the States would never ratify a Hillary Amendment regardless how the stench of it was camouflaged, the social progressives were prepared to violate the Constitution they’ve been doing it since 1906. They simply find more social progressive judges and ignore the Constitution

The Founding Fathers very deliberately, and with much forethought, chose their words carefully when they penned the natural born clause in Article II. Many of the “natural born” citizens in 1790 when Rhode Island finally ratified the Constitution, still thought of themselves as loyal Brits on American soil. Hundreds of them joined the Tories during what would be called the Civil War of 1812, and two decades after the first shots of the American Revolution echoed throughout North America, they were still loyal to the British in both Canada and the New England States. At the same time there was a secessionist movement growing in the New England States with American Tories dying to return to the motherland. The prevailing view of every nation on Earth was that if you were born to that nation, you owed your allegiance to that nation as long as you lived. Allegiance was more than empirical; since it is based on your heart, soul and faith in God.

Which, of course, is why Article II was inserted in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers instinctively knew that national allegiance is generationally rooted in God—the God of the Christians and Jews, or whatever form of God that culture deified and worshipped. And, that’s the reason the Constitution forbids naturalized aliens from ever occupying the White House. The United States of America is a nation founded on the Biblical tenets of Jesus Christ—with liberty a free gift from God.

The self-described Birthers whose flawed notion it was that although Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was legally a citizen of the United States based on his mother’s birth in Kansas, he wasn’t an Article II citizen because his birthright father,Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was East African. Compounding the dilemma, Obama’s step father, Lolo Soetoro, a geographer for the East Indies government (which ultimately became Indonesia), married Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama soon after she divorced her son’s father. Soetoro renounced Obama, Jr.’s East Africa citizenship—not his United States citizenship since Stanley Anne Dunham Obama-Soetoro was three months shy of being able to legally transfer citizenship rights to her newborn son. In other words, Barack Obama, Jr. never was a US citizen. He was a British subject of the British East Africa Protectorate. The Protectorate encompassed the land of present day Kenya, including the Great Rift Valley and much of the Sudan that was claimed by the Imperial East Africa Company, owned by Sir William McKinnon and several of the members of the House of Lords in London). Like most of the third world British Protectorates such as the British East Indies Tea Company and the British East Africa Company, the privately-owned British mercantile dynasties were ultimately were granted self-governing colonial status as League of Nations or UN Protectorates between 1920 and 1946. Kenya became a British colony in 1920.and a free nation under a UN charter in 1963—two years after Barack Obama was born. As such, Obama was legally, by birth, a British citizen. His mother was three months and 10 days too young to endow her son with US citizenship. Obama possesses dual citizenship, but neither of them are from the United States. He is British-Kenyan East African by birth and Indonesian by adoption. Neither birthright qualifies him to seek political office in the United States

Did Obama’s three primary political and financial benefactors: George Soros, David Rockefeller and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia know that a serious constitutional flaw existed over whether or not Obama could constitutionally—not successfully—seek the office of the President of the United States? Or, even more important, whether or not Obama’s backers had enough green to bury those flaws like thick grass over an old grave—so completely that financial clout would keep them buried. Soros knew pretty much everything about Obama’s past since he was grappling with the notion of backing Obama for President in 2006 when Obama was an Illinois State Senator.

It’s likely that Crown Prince Abdullah who ascended to the Saudi throne as King Abdullah in 2005, knew far more about Obama’s Muslim’ childhood than anyone in the non-Muslim world—including the fact that America would never knowingly accept a Shariah-indoctrinated President who would use every devise at his disposal to erase Jesus Christ from the sanitized Word of God. And Obama’s Muslim background would add muscle to leveraging the United States judicial system to entwine Shariah into the US legal code. The Christian world is in trouble. Real trouble. It seems that, under Obama, everyone is getting what they want except the voters who believed it when Obama promised them “hope” and “change.” Today, the voters hope there will be no more change. With seventeen trillion two hundred billion dollars of debt and growing they can’t afford it because, guess what? The chaos comes next.

Socialist philanthropist and global financier George Soros hosted a political affair at his private retreat in the Hamptons in 2004 for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry where “buyers”and “sellers” could talk openly without reporters overhearing quid pro quo deal conversations that may well have made their campaign contributions felonies.

A couple of weeks later Soros held a private one-on-one soiree with Barack Hussein Obama at his very private penthouse residence in New York. Soros was neither buying a presidential nor senatorial candidate that night. He was just fishing in a new pond where he had been told he just might find the “biggest fish” in his political fishmongering career in Chicago. That night in 2004, Soros was smelt fishing for a tiny, pint sized smelt that he was led to believe would evolve into a political denizen of the deep. Soros seemed to believe that whomever it was that recommended Obama was correct. Soros was convinced the Indonesian-naturalized citizen would not only successfully violate Article II of the Constitution, he would prevail in the Election of 2008 that was supposed to be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s election.

Remember: Hillary would also have violated Article II by running because just as Article II prevents a non-Article II citizen from running, it also makes it clear 19 times that the Chief Executive of the United States must be a man. Anatomically, Hillary has a uterus not a prostatic utricle. I know she thinks like a man, acts like a man more than a woman, and of course, she lies like one with all of the appropriate masculine profanities. Anatomically, she’s still a woman. That’s probably why that even though she knew Barack Obama didn’t have a US birth certificate as early as Jan. 8, 2008 and wanted to play, the bankers she needed weren’t quite ready to roll the dice on 19 specific gender clarifications in Article II.

Which brings us to the “Clinton -bummer” that unfolded within a few minutes after the tallies began to appear on the tote board on the night of the New Hampshire Primary on Jan. 8, 2008. As the polls in Manchester closed and the ballot counts began to trickle in, Republican challenger and pre-designated 2008 loser John McCain was amassing what would amount to 37.1% of the GOP vote. On the other side of the political divide the electronic tallies suggested Hillary Clinton was trouncing the political newbie, Barack Obama who should never have been in any race. It could be said, from the tote board, that Hillary was having a good day. As the electronic tote board began racking up a healthy Clinton lead, the former First Lady became personable with the “little people” who worked the streets for Clinton’s campaign around Manchester for several weeks knocking on doors and asking people to vote for Hillary.

With the electronic tote board ticking what appeared to be good numbers for Clinton, I watched on Fox News as one of Hillary’s key campaign aides walked up to her and whispered something in her ear. Immediately the polished political smile vanished and color drained from her face like a technicolor film that suddenly goes to black white. Hillary plopped into a folding chair at a white cloth-covered picnic table where other campaign workers were watching the result of their labors. What did that aide tell her? It became clear the following morning. Clinton’s campaign finance people had informed Hillary that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase (all of the Rockefelller-Morgan linked banks) had withdrawn their campaign pledges from Hillary. As she appeared to be well on her way to winning her first primary, she lost the Election of 2008. The Rockefeller-aligned banks had just reversed their credit lines from the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Fund and transferring them to the Obama Campaign. The free enterprise system had just joined the social progressives.) The Clinton Campaign was now broke. The Clintons were now forced to self-finance their run for the White House. Which, of course, sent Bill Clinton hustling for donations to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, which the foundation could, in turn, loan to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Add to the loss of 100% of her big dollar campaign donors, a sense of confusion now clouded the New Hampshire primary, giving pause to the outcome of the nation’s first primary. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama claimed the win. What the Primary of 2008 revealed is that Clinton appeared better at squeezing votes from the electronic voting machines and Obama was better at manufacturing voters from thin air, convincing millions of voters that the only honest elections come from paper ballots and #2 pencils. If the American people do not very quickly enact the laws needed to immediately overturn the electronic voting machines laws and return to paper ballots and #2 pencils, America will never see another honest election. The candidate who wins will always be the candidate with the biggest campaign coffers whose funds were supplied by the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business. He could be a Republican but more likely will be a Democrat. But he will be in the hip pocket of the powerful money trust.

Without interference from the princes of industry and the barons of banking in 2008, the winner would have been Gov. MItt Romney [R-MA]. Former Governor Mike Huckabee [R-AR] and former Senator Rick Santorum [R-MA] were financed as the spoilers who were funded to attack Romney and drain votes from him in order to guarantee that McCain would win the lion’s share of the delegates. When McCain agreed to to be the designated loser of the Election of 2008 he needed to make sure that the GOP did not blame him for losing to Obama since he had an election to win in 2010 That was the reason the newbie-nobody governor Sarah Palin [R-AK] was McCain’s choice as his running mate.

She was in the first year of her first term as the governor of the State so close to the Arctic Circle that most people’s first guess about who the governor was would be Santa Claus. By the way, who’s the governor of Alaska today? I thought so.

But the American people loved Palin. But, when establishment Republicans and the liberal media together throw enough mud at the designated “blame” candidate, some of it sticks. Palin ended up resigning as Alaska’s governor and hung out her “GOP Strategist” shingle, and went “Tea Party,” trying to win enough name recognition to run on her own in 2012. In her case, she had one shot at the merry-go-round because Republicans never forgive the loser—even those who were “framed.”

Strangely, McCain, who was promised no real competition in 2010 from the Democrats in his Senate race, almost lost the nomination to former GOP Congressman J.D. Hayworth (who would have been a stellar US Senator, and would have made Arizona proud of that Senate seat). What saved McCain? Sarah Palin. I wonder if Palin would have bailed McCain out if she realized that all of the mudslinging that soiled her “expensive new campaign wardrobe” came directly from John McCain operatives who needed to blame his 2008 presidential loss on her in order to keep his Senate career alive? Politics is a dirty, dirty business and usually its the “clean people” get soiled.

The election of Barack Obama took a lot of planning. McCain was only the small part of it. Today, elections are decided in hundred million dollar retreats in the Hamptons or, a hundred years ago, in one of the very exclusive residential meccas in the Sea Islands like Jekyll Island where America’s wealthiest families killed the American Republic in 1913 and stuck the American middle class tax payer with so much debt they couldn’t pay it off in a hundred lifetimes—long before Jekyll Island, Georgia became an annual vacation spot for the upper middle class. And you thought elections were decided in election booths. They used to be—back in the days when you entered the voting booth with a paper ballot and a #2 pencil. When voters used #2 pencils, they entered the voting booth, marked their choice and the process was done. What fraud existed then was minor.

You may have had to wait 24 to 48 hours to know, without an iota of doubt, who won the White House, but at least the national elections up to the electronic voting machine was introduced to control the outcome, was honest. Granted, pockets of fraud will always exist. But, usually that fraud in #2 pencil elections will generally be municipal or county and, every now and then, you might even find fraud in a congressional or a Senate race. For example, when Sharron Angle who was leading Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] lost in the Nevada US Senate race, it was fraud. Remember when the lights mysteriously went out in Clark County? When the lights came back on, Reid was miraculously leading and the woman who should have won, lost the election.

When you’re voting with paper ballots, it’s much harder for the princes of industry and the barons of banking to steal the the Oval Office than it is to steal a congressional or even Senate seat. The money barons have to dump billions, not millions, into the key races with much of that money ending up in the pockets of the designated losers and the third party spoilers whose job it is to strip votes from the candidate who would have won if the third party candidates were not in the race, skimming the votes which would have otherwise been cast for them.

When the media, in bed with the princes of industry and barons of business who fill the coffers of the media moguls, keep telling the American people that the candidate with the biggest campaign war chest is the the best candidate, they are lying. And, yes, they know they are lying. They are lying because when the merchant princes, representing the barons of business who control the annual advertising budgets of scores of major newspape3r chain advertisers across the country tells them who they want to see win, the public falls lockstep behind them. Unless the candidate is using his own money, how long before the American people realize that the guy with the biggest political poke is the biggest crook? He or she should be the last person anyone should ever vote for more important that dog catcher. The problem is, however, that one of two things would happen. First, no stray dogs would ever get rounded up; or no one’s family pet would ever be safe taking a zit or zat in the yard.

By now you should realize that every felonious act of malfeasance committed not only by John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt as well as Vice President Schuyler Colfax (who was the highest ranking elected official forced from office due to the Credit-Mobilier scandal that enriched almost every member of Congress and bankrupted the Union-Pacific Railroad) and Thomas Woodrow Wilson who sold out the American people and unconstitutionally certified the 16th and 17th Amendments as ratified even though a majority of the State ratifications for both amendments were flawed and, by law, had to be disqualified;

Wilson was responsible for erasing America’s status as a “Republic.” Where Obama sold out to George Soros and JPMorganChase Money Trust, Wilson sold out to JP Morgan and the Money Trust in 1912 for the help he needed to win a election in which all of the newspaper polls accurately predicted would be a Taft upset, with the incumbent easily winning reelection over Wilson with a minimum of 54% of the vote. In the end, JP Morgan convinced Republican Teddy Roosevelt to seek a third term, convincing him that their private polls showed that Roosevelt would beat both Taft and Wilson and become the first President to win a third term. In reality, they knew Roosevelt would merely split the Republican vote with Taft, electing Wilson. Wilson won 42% if the votes cast, and 435 electoral votes. Roosevelt actually came in second with 27% of the vote and 88 electoral votes. And Taft, the man who would have easily won reelection in a two man race, won only 23% of the vote and 8 electoral votes. In 1912 the Money Trust discovered that when you control the views published by the media, and you get to pick all of the candidates running, picking the winner of the election is no longer a crap shoot.

The problem with Taft in the minds of the Money Trust was that he was opposed to both the proposed 16th Amendment that would create a permanent income tax (since Taft favored only a corporate income tax, not a tax on the incomes of all of the people), and worse, he was even more opposed to the 17th amendment which would destroy the Republic by allowing the general voters and not the States elect their US Senators, stripping from the States their triparte constitutional voice in the federal government.

The States, after all, had blocked every previous attempt by the bankers to create a new central bank in the United States since Andrew Jackson killed the 2nd National Bank in 1833. It was imperative for the bankers to kill the power of the States to control the Senate in order to get their wish. The 17th Amendment did just that. No State in the Union wanted to surrender their legislature’s right to elect their Senators.

For that reason, almost every State (between 1906 and 1911) deliberately made enough glaring errors in their ratifications that should have caused all of them to be disqualified. Compounding the problem, Taft’s Secretary of State, Philander Knox, a former attorney representing the Andrew Carnegie and the JPMorgan Money Trust, and Solicitor General Reuben Clark ruled that the disqualifying errors didn’t mean anything because the States had voted “aye” on them, they must have intended to ratify them. Apathy on the part of the American people let them get away with it and steal the United States Republic from the American people. Today, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, our popular democracy has devolved into a socialist democracy. And, as you know from history, neither the Soviet Union nor the People’s Republic of China were democracies of any type.

Reuben Clark offered a legal opinion in 1913 that only the collective Supreme Court could legally proffer—that since the States signed the ratifications, that indicated they intended to do precisely that. The errors, then,were meaningless since they contradicted what the States appeared to be doing.

Henry Stansbery, President Andrew Johnson’s attorney general suggested that since the 11 Confederate States were obligated to ratify the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments in order to be readmitted to the Union, the errors they deliberately made could not invalidate the amendments in question even though, constitutionally, every ratification must be identical right down to every comma, semicolon and period. If one word is misspelled the Secretary of State is obligated to disqualify the certification. Yet Solicitor General Reuben Clark insisted that since the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments which the Confederacy was forced to ratify to gain readmission to the Union were viewed as valid, he reasoned the deliberate errors in almost every ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments didn’t matter, either. In fact, they established a dynamite precedent for fraudulently ratifying any constitutional amendment the social progressives needed to weaken the Constitution or erase liberty in the future

Reuben Clark’s nonbinding personal opinion that 48 to 50 entirely different resolutions still equated one amendment was never contested until 1985. Money Trust federal judges, like a score of federal judges today who were presented with petitions challenging Barack Obama’s lack of standing as a United States citizens, simply declined to hear the cases challenging both the 16th and 17th Amendments—knowing the plaintiffs in all of the aforementioned cases were legally correct, and giving those cases “fair hearing,” would have caused the 16th and 17 Amendments and the election of 2008 to have been invalidated.

Wilson’s Secretary of State, Williams Jennings Bryan, who reviewed the fraudulent ratifications of the 16th and 17th Amendments (as well as the 13th, 14th and 15th) and saw the dilemma in store for the Money Trust with the first legal challenge launched against the 16th Amendment by taxpayer groups, and the 17th Amendment by the States themselves whom Bryan knew had been under extreme political pressure by the Money Trust (which possessed the power to very decisively end the political careers of any State legislator or governor who failed to vote the way the princes of industry and barons of business and banking wanted him to). Bryan solved the problem by sending petitions to all 48 States asking them to universally ratify the 16th and 17th Amendments for “unity.”

When the State of West Virginia, which was supposedly the 35th State to ratify the 16th Amendment on Jan. 31,1913 received Bryan’s letter on April 13, 1913, West Virginia had never submitted a 16th or 17th Amendment resolution to Philander Knox.

How do I know that? Because WV Governor William E. Glasscock never signed the legislation because the WV House of Delegates and the WV State Senate wrote their own resolution which failed to meet the “language, punctuation test.” So when Philander Knox and Reuben Clark certified the 16th Amendment as ratified, the rampant disqualifying errors notwithstanding, only 35 States had actually submitted signed certifications but only six of them were passed without error..

The 16th Amendment had not constitutionally been ratified when Bryan’s “unity note” reached newly elected Gov. Henry Hatfield’s office from an unknown House of Delegates aide who wrote the response to Bryan. The response was sent to newly elected Gov. Hatfield [R-Logan] , the nephew of Devil Anze Hatfield, for his approval before being sent to Secretary Bryan. Hatfield assigned that task to a “questionable” political aide, M.T. Davis (who was actually the President of the fledging United Mine Workers Union). (Davis was actually working with Hatfield and former Gov. Glasscock to covertly supply coal miners in West Virginia with surplus military rifles.)

What made that 1913 letter to Bryan—and to the American people—important were these comments: “…I beg to inclose [sic] herewith, resolutions of the legislature of West Virginia ratifying the income tax amendment. As this amendment has already been ratified by thirty-six States, I take it that this paper can now serve no useful purpose, but it was sent to me, and I received it just today…” (April 13, 1913) “…I had always supposed West Virginia had been in time to get in the official count. Her intentions were good, I know.” Unbeknownst to Davis, WV was listed as the 35th State to ratify the income tax, although no official documents were ever sent to the Secretary of State until the President of the United Mine Workers’ letter to Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan’s was accepted as the official certification from the State of West Virginia. (I don’t think a labor union president has the legal jurisdiction to ratifiy a United States constitutional amendment on behalf of a duly elected State governor.

Keep in mind, all of the labor unions in the United States are ideologically linked to the Communist Party they are, philosophically, socialist. The communist movement in Russia was rapidly growing. Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Ilych Lenin were still four years away from the Boleshevik Revolution. The Bolesheviks were being financed in great part by the Rockefeller family, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and virtually all the nation’s wealthiest princes of industry and the barons of banking and business who owned shares of the Federal Reserve System (which was enacted on Dec. 23, 1913) and who also owned shares in the American International Corporation [AIC] who wanted to overthrow the monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II, and were willing to finance the coup—providing the new government would agree to allow the American princes of industry and the barons of banking and business to modernize Russia with the Rockefellers controlling oil drilling and refining, the Carnegies building their steel industry, and the Vanderbilts with their own railroad monopoly. James Cash Penney saw an opportunity to become the largest retailer in Russia. All of the charter members of the American International Corporation were convinced that the Russian economy, under their tutorage would dwarf the US economy. To the Money Trust in the United States this meant immense wealth—for themselves and global prosperity.

Trotsky and Lenin doublecrossed the Money Trust, reneged on their promise to Rockefeller and JP Morgan, and used the $50 million they received from the princes of industry and the barons of banking to launch the Bolshevik Revolution, assassinate Tsar Nicholas II Pavlovich Romanov and his family, and create a rift in the world that would ultimately result in over 100 millions deaths and an Iron Curtain that divide the ideologue East from the free enterprise West for all time. But, the Money Trust shrugged it off. It was a good idea. It just didn’t work. There would be other opportunities.

From the circumstances that brought an inconspicuous nobody Indonesian, Barack Obama, from third world obscurity to the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, DC, it appears Obama may well have been the Money Trust’s latest great hope of a global money monolith controlled by the princes of industry and the barons of banking (more commonly known today as the New World Order). My guess is that, based the bizarre circumstances which kicked off the Election of 2008, the American people need to revert to “1775 people thinking” and take a good look at what’s happening to their country by peeling back the layers of political skullduggery like you would peel back the layers of an onion—only, once you understand these layers, your tears won’t come from a volatile sulfur compound of propanethiol S-oxide, you will “tear-up” when you realize the same financial monolith that destroyed the Articles of Confederation which gave the States permanent supra authority over the central government, was also the same money cartel behind the Bolshevik Revolution which unleashed its power against the people of parliamentarian Russia for profit and power

The super rich cannot be trusted with super wealth because they will always use it to financially rape the middle class best suited to compete against them, to create a dual-tier society which better suits them, containing only a protected class and everyone else.

Barack Obama has already proven to be less trustworthy than Trotsky and Lenin, who themselves proved they couldn’t be trusted at all. Today we are posed with an interesting question that I’ll bet you can’t answer. How does an obscure political wannabe with an Indonesian passport, no money or financial wealth; nor with sufficient economic or political power of his own, conceal not only something as basic as a nonconvertible legitimate birth certificate, a Selective Service Card that has not been forged, or a Social Security card beginning in 042 which means it was issued to someone born in Connecticut, not Hawaii (where Obama claims to have been born) come up with the money and the political clout to prevent the media from securing first generation copies of all of these documents?

While this may also come as a surprise to you, the Social Security Administration insists that it does not reuse Social Security numbers. In 2011 the SSA said that since 1933 it has issued about 450 million SS numbers, and continues to issue about 5.5 Million new numbers per year. It will be several generations, the SSA said, before the agency will have to reuse any Social Security numbers. And, contrary to leftwing media claims that SS# 042-68-4425 that was issued to 87-year old French immigrant Jean Paul Ludwig in 1977 when he arrived in the United States, we now know there is no truth to the leftwing claims that it was reassigned to Obama after Ludwig’s death in 1982. Sounded plausible then, but now we know Ludwig’s SS number was simply pilfered.

Why would someone who was legally born in the United States need to steal a social security number? When you apply for your very first job delivering newspapers or washing dishes at a local eatery, or when grandpa and grandma or mom and dad set up a college trust fund for4 you, someone filed for your social security number. Most American children have their social security card by the time they are 13 or 14, if not earlier.

All male American enrolling in a US college since the Selective Service Act of 1917, amended 1940, 1951, 1987, 1968 and 1971, have a draft card since they are required by federal law law to apply a Selective Service Card by the time they were 18 1/2 years of age. You can;t be admitted into college without a draft card. Nor can you apply for a government job without one. To get a Selective Service Card, you must have a Social Security Card. As long as Obama was flying under the Indonesian flag, he was eligible to seek admission into any college or university without any of those American amenities. All a foreign student needed for identification was a passport and a valid “student” visa.

When he enrolled in Columbia University as Barack Obama, why would Obama need a Selective Service card? Because,when Barry Soetoro came to Los Angeles on his Indonesian passport to attend Occidental College, he enrolled as a foreign student. He didn’t have to worry about being drafted because he was not an American citizen.. He would, however, have to be concerned about pocket money. If he applied for a job anywhere, even in the College cafeteria, he would need a Social Security card or an ITIN card (International Tax Identification Number). It works just like a Social Security card with one drawback—it’s issued to foreign students or legal aliens working in the United States. If you’re a Manchurian candidate being groomed for key role in the United States government which requires you to be a natural born American citizen, carrying an ITIN card through your college years won’t work. When you’re given your red, white and blue suit of clothes, the “whole cloth garbmaker” has to start weaving the Manchurian identification from the diapers. The remake must begin with birth. Which is why every record in Obama’s life from birth had to be erased and refabricated. Again, that requires someone, or a whole group of someones with the financial, political and economic power to not only hold the free press at bay, but those in government—exactly the same way the Money Trust did when they overthrew the American Republic between 1906 and 1913 and removed the States from the equation of power.

Which is why no federal court will touch the Obama eligibility issue, nor will anyone in Congress. Men with enough power to end the careers of the most powerful Congressmen, Senators or federal judges in this country are behind this world-changing scheme because over the years, they discovered that no loyal American, even those who would sell their ethics for 30-pieces of silver still won’t deliberately set up the United States for economic and financial collapse.

Today, Barack Obama doesn’t bother with time-draining shams of pretending to govern a republican-form of government based on the rule of law. In a cabinet meeting on Jan. 14, 2014 the Arrogant Mr O told the assembled media he was prepared to declare war on the House of Representatives by “…calling all hands to deck,” telling the media that he was “…urging his Cabinet to identify ways to keep his Administration relevant to the people.” Someone needs to remind Mr. Obama that his constitutional job is not being relevant to social progressives. His job is being relevant to the Nation—which he’s not. His job description is transcribed in the Article II of the Constitution. First, his job is do what Congress tells him to do. Second, his job is to protect the borders of the nation and prevent invasions by aliens on American soil. (While Article II declares that the President shall be the Commander-in-chief of the military, charged with protecting the borders of this nation, no where in Article II does it state that those invading the soil of the United States must be enemies carrying weapons intent on inciting war.) The President may not engage in war without the consent of Congress. The most important responsibility of the President is to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” And, that’s the one thing the Arrogant Mr. O has never done from Jan. 20, 2009 to this day.

On Jan. 14 Obama made it clear that if the House of Representives refused to give him what he wants, he had a phone and a pen, and if he can’t “coax” what he wants from pliable members of the President’s party and special interest groups, “…we’re not going to wait on legislation…I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone…I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that will move the ball forward.” While the House of Representatives may not have the President’s phone, under the Origination Clause, they solely and exclusively possess control of spending. Thus, the Speaker of the House, not the White House, controls the pen—and the checkbook.

That was pretty much how Obama concluded his 2014 State of the Union address on Jan. 28. Promising a year “of action,” Obama said he was eager to work with Congress but he was ready to chart a new path with or without them, stating that America’s not ready to stand still, nor is he. It’s a shame that a Harvard law “professor” (i.e., student tutor) skipped constitutional law since he seems to lack any knowledge of the separation of powers.

He has arrogantly defied the Congress and has usurped their authority by ignoring the laws of the land he dislikes, and by amending laws at whim by Executive Order to increase executive power he does not possess. (Keep in mind that the occupant of the Oval Office constitutionally does not have the power to legislate anything. Nor does he possess the power to appropriate money. He has to ask the House of Representatives for it. Obama intends to simply move money from programs approved by the House of Representatives to finance programs never approved by the House of Representatives, or appropriately enacted by Congress.

Below are just a handful of the impeachable offenses committed by Barack Obama (but don’t count on anything happening until there are 67 Republican Senators in the United States Senate.) Note: if Obama is impeached and removed from office for impersonating an Article II American with no evidence that he is a citizen of the United States, then every law, decree and Executive Order he signed since Jan. 20, 2009 becomes null and void due to fraud. And ever political appointment he has made since Jan. 20, 2009 is invalid. By the way, a majority of constitutional scholars believe that Article II, Section 4 of the Constitutional does not prevent and actually allows—as punishment for malfeasance or criminal acts while in office—the post impeachment of a president after he has left office. Further, post-impeachment is mandated for Congressmen, Senators and federal judges guilty of malfeasance or criminal activity to make sure they can never hold public office again.)

It’s sadly interesting that Congressman Alee Hastings [D-FL] was a defrocked federal judge found guilty of accepting $1 million in bribes from the Mafia for “judicial concessions.” Hastings was impeached and removed from the bench. Based on his impeachment and removal from the bench for criminal wrongdoing, according to Article II, Hastings was ineligible to hold any elective office. On Jan. 2, 1993 the Democratic House voted to validate his election, and Hastings was seated in the newly created 23rd District of Florida. Hastings was given a full pardon by Bill Clinton shortly before noon on Jan. 20, 2001. When the 23rd and 20th congressional districts were merged in 2012, the Democrats made sure Hastings, who should have been in prison, received no serious candidates for his seat to deal with, and he was easily reelected in 2012 with 79% of the vote.

Barack Obama’s Impeachable Offenses:

§—Allowing four Americans to die in Benghazi, Libya to conceal the suspected non-approved transfer of military weaponry to radical Muslims associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria—and use his Office to actively promote a lie, blaming four deaths caused by his administration on an innocent man who remains in prison for the “crime” in order to bolster Obama’s reelection.

§—Deliberately falsifying intelligence intended to fool the American people into believing a Muslim video producer was the cause of the Benghazi attack, and personally ordering the arrest and detention of that man—although the entire Obama inner circle, particularly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, knew the man they deliberately smeared was innocent. And, further, by still holding that man in prison for over two years, thereby denying him his constitutional rights under the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments. (What was the man’s crime? Fearing assassination due to a fatwah issued by radical Islamics because he belittled Mohammad, the frightened men fabricated a pseudonym and attempted to get a drivers’ license under that assumed name.)

§—Knowingly, deliberately and covertly calculatingly orchestrating and implementing a “mandatory euthanasia clause” to kill elderly social security recipients who, in the view of the Obama Administration, had become a drain on the system. The provision was inserted into the very first piece of legislation the Obama Administration enacted, HR 1, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Pub-L 111-5 [123 Stat115] on Feb. 17, 2009. That provision legalizes elder-genocide. I think genocide in any nation’s laws is a crime punishable by death. Therefore it stands to reason that, in the United States, for a man calling himself President to sign into law the mechanism created by his underlings to do just that, would be an impeachable offense.

Obama continues to deny there’s a “death board” in Obamacare. And, since it’s in Public Law 1115-5, enacted over a year before Obamacare I guess he’s right. It was buried under the boring name of Federal Coordinating Committee for Comparative Research. It’s purpose, the law said, was to.”..assist the agencies of the federal government, including HHS and the Department of Veterans Affairas…to coordinate comparative effectiveness and related health service research.” The FCCCR, under a bureaucracy called the Independent Payment Advisory Board would determine when it was pointless to waste taxpayer dollars treating people who, eventually are going to die anyway. The program was developed by Obama’s personal Dr. Josef Mengeles—Dr. Ezekiel Emmanul, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanual’s brother who was, at the time, Obama’s Chief of Staff.

Why euthanize the elderly instead of just treating their illnesses and letting God take them in His time? Do you remember the argument against Obamacare launched by the GOP in 2009? Minority Leader John Boehner [R-OH] argued that Obamacare would speed up the collapse not only of Social Security but the economy as a whole? In a typical community organizer stump speech, Obama poophahed Boehner’s “fearmongering,”, assuring the American people that not only would Obamacare not add to the US debt, it would actually fix Social Security by making it so solvent for decades to come. When you euthanize the recipients of millions of Social Security retirement checks and military pension and disability checks they, of course, will no longer need them. You just heard about 40 veterans in Phoenix, Arizona who died waiting for an appointment with a VA doctor. CNN discovered these vets were placed on a secret waiting list that was never entered into the active patient database. These men, who served their nation faithfully, were sentenced to die because they were too much of a financial burden on the VA/Social Security system..They are not the first. In the VA system, this has been going on since early 2010. My guess is they were the experiment to see if the Obama Administration could euthanize those who were a burden on society without being caught.

At a press conference on Monday, April 28, 2014 a reporter asked Obama for a comment on the 40 or more military veterans in Arizona being allowed to die without ever seeing a VA doctor, Obama replied, “This is terrible. I promise, I will get to the bottom of this!” Did he mean, he would find out why they weren’t treated and report back to the America people the names of VA personnel who were fired? Or did he mean, he was going to find out how the leak happened, seal it, and fire whomever leaked the information to the media? I know if she was President, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, knowing if the Independent Payment Advisory Board did their “math,” it would be a waste if taxpayer dollars to treat them. Questioned, I surmise she would have angrily said, “What’s the difference?”

Fearing the ultimate collapse of the economy due largely to the fact that we have too many elderly people being supported by too few working people has justified, in the mind of the princes of industry, the thinning of the world’s population—beginning with those who consume everything and produce nothing. The collapse of Social Security will ultimately topple the Fed and wipe out the central banks of every nation on Earth as the world watches Revelation 18 fulfilled before their very eyes.

§—For failing to uphold Public .Law 82–414, 66 Stat. 163, the Federal Immigration Nationality Act of 1952 (Section 8 USC 1324[a][1][A][iv][b][iii]), which is the toughest immigration ever enacted into law in the United States of America. It was passed by the Democratically-controlled 83rd Congress. President Harry S. Truman vetoed the law. Congress enacted it over his veto. Arizona used Public .Law 82–414, 66 Stat. 163 as the basis of its law to go after illegal aliens and those who harbor them. This is not the only law Obama has arbitrarily chosen to not to uphold, it’s just one of many. But, it’s probably the most important one because it solves the illegal alien problem in the United States. In the Arizona case, Obama used both Elena Kagan, then his Solicitor General, and US Attorney General Eric Holder to argue before the US Supreme Court that Arizona’s illegal alien law was unconstitutional. Even with two Obama appointees on the high court, the Court ruled that because the Arizona law was based on standing law, it was legal. Remember: the oath Obama took mandates that he faithfully uphold and execute all of the laws of the land. In other words, he has no authority to arbitrarily or capriciously ignore nor fail to enforce laws he doesn’t like. This is an impeachable offense.

§—Fast Furious Gun Running scheme was actually an act of treason against the people of the United States. The scheme is believed by most to be an Eric Holder sin. I suspect that Fast and Furious originated not in Eric Holder’s Office, but jointly in the Oval Office and Secretary of State’s Office at Foggy Bottom; at the FBI headquarters on 9th St and Pennsylvania Avenue and at the ATF headquarters at 900 New York Ave., NE. And, I suspect it was covertly coordinated in southwest Washington by the Dept. of Homeland Security. I suspect that complicit in the Fast Furious, first and foremost were Barack Obama and now former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Holder, B. Todd Jones, then head of the ATF; FBI Director Robert Mueller, and the facilitator, Janet Napolitano head of Homeland Security. Why did Fast Furious, which resulted in the death of US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry who was killed with a weapon the FBI deliberately approved for sale to Mexican gun runners, happen? Because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted the United States to sign the UN’s Small Arms Treaty which was the first step in a UN complete and total global ban on the private ownership of guns by all law-abiding citizens in the world. To justify the watermelon US Senate’s ratifying the Small Arms Treaty and outlawing the private ownership and sale of small arms in the United States, the Obama Administration had to be able to prove that US gun dealers were illegally selling handguns and automatic military-style weapons to gun smugglers in Mexico who, in turn, were supplying weapons to the drug cartels and to terrorists in Mexico and Central America. The ATF and FBI convinced lawful gun dealers that they were participating in a sting operation to not only round up the gun smugglers but the gun buyers in the drug cartels when what they were actually doing was creating the paper trail they needed for the headlines that would convince the American people that US gun dealers were the key illegal weapons suppliers in the world, and by banning the private ownership of guns would make America a safer place in which to live.

An absolute ban of the private ownership of guns by private citizens in any nation is the first step by any government to create a dictatorship. When a People no longer possess the means to defend themselves from the government, they no longer possess liberty and cease being citizens. From that point, they become human chattel. That is why the 2nd Amendment exists. It is the most important fundamental right people possess. You will not possess the right of free speech, or the right to worship God, or even the right to move from, say, Michigan to Nebraska because you found a better job opportunity. When government stops fearing the People, the People will begin to fear the government. Liberty will vanish, and you will have a more personal understanding of the fear felt daily by the peoples of the captive nations of the world until Russia’s brief sojourn with liberty from 1991 until a few weeks ago.

The list of impeachable offenses committed singularly and collectively by Barack Obama and his Department Heads and Czars who also decree laws by fiat using Secretarial Executive Orders is so lengthy that it now also includes a cabal of Congressmen and Senators who willingly participated in Obama’s malfeasances—as have a bevy of federal judges who have denied the American people their 1st Amendment rights to seek redress of their grievances against a government running amuck is barely the tip of a behemoth iceberg. I have seen lists Obama impeachable offenses on the Internet containing anywhere from 50 to over 100 acts of malfeasance. Suffice to say, only one is needed.

When an elected official violated the pubic trust, whether that official is a president, a senator, a congressman or a bureaucrat, that act is grounds enough to merit his or her removable from office. Sadly today, our high schools and colleges no longer teach our children the foundations of the rule of law because academicians financed by the princes of industry add to and take away elements of our history to make history fit the world being created today by the social engineers. Congress needs to pass a law making passing American history mandatory for any student to graduate from any school in this country. The final examination for graduation should require a basic understanding of Emer de Vattel’s The Law of Nations (upon which our Constitution is based). If you don’t understand how the rule of law was established in America, how will you know when your elected officials are violating them?

A federal government which steals the power of the people by appointing political hacks as judges to justify the theft by protecting unconstitutional laws needs to be jailed before they succeed in further destroying the Bill of Rights, and We the People find ourselves behind bars for speaking out against precisely the same types of tyrants which caused the first American Revolution.

john christian ryter

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