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After Virginia Governor Pushes Gun Control – His Own Senate Dares To Block Northam’s Gun Bill

Adam Casalino

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February 7, 2020


Many think the Democrat-controlled state of Virginia is fighting to undermine the Second Amendment.

We’ve heard all about the many bills Northam and his lawmakers are pushing through the system. Some of them will give the courts the ability to take away a person’s guns without due process.

Another will prevent private gun sales and outlaw AR-15s.

The people responded by making 90% of the state Second Amendment sanctuaries. Then, 20,000 citizens held a peaceful rally at the capital.

Northam refused to listen to the will of the people. He still is pushing his gun laws through.

But at least a few people in the state senate are paying attention.

From Fox News:

Virginia lawmakers on Monday rejected a gun control bill proposed by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam…

The bill is one of eight the Northam has proposed for adoption, drawing the ire of gun-rights activists nationwide.

Virginia’s state senate blocked one of eight gun control bills put forward by Gov. Northam. Two Democrats crossed over to stand with Republicans against the bill.

The law would have made it unlawful to store a gun loaded.

Meaning if you want to have a gun nearby that’s ready to fire—should the worst happen—you could be punished for it.

And the state government is set to block another bill that bans AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles.

While this is a win, in part, other bills made it through. It seems the Democrats will stop at nothing to strip away Americans’ right to bear arms.

Wonder why they tried to force so many laws through at once?

I think it’s safe to say that many of these lawmakers will lose their jobs come November.

Voters might flood the polls to elect conservatives in their place. So Democrats had a small window of time to get their agenda through.

They love to bombard our system with so many laws, that it would be nearly impossible to overturn them later.

Elections have consequences and Virginia is learning that the hard way.

Thankfully even a few Democrats in the state senate are crossing over and voting for common sense. But a lot of damage has already been done.

It’s a lesson to the rest of the country what Democrats will try to do if they get too much power.