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New Law Will Be Disarming People Soon

The People's Republic of Maryland has officially passed its "red flag" law allowing government confiscation of lawfully owned firearms under extenuating circumstances. 



The law attempts to address concerns raised by people in the aftermath of numerous mass shootings, but the implementation leaves much to be desired.


Per CBS Baltimore:


BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A new “red flag” law could take guns out of the hands of those who present a danger in a state recently plagued by mass shootings.


“If there hadn’t been a gun. it would have been an opportunity for her to be get help and she would still be here,” said Janice Uthe, whose daughter Amanda shot herself.


Those who have lost loved ones to gun violence gathered in Annapolis as Maryland’s “red flag” law went into effect. The purpose is to take guns out of the hands of people threatening violence against themselves or others, provided it’s reported by either a relative, other household residents, like roommates, or healthcare professionals.


Prior to the new law, even if police were notified, they had no jurisdiction to seize guns based on a call from a worried family member.


Is it good enough, if anyone with a disgruntled relative could find themselves with their firearms locked up in a police evidence room and forced to go through an expensive legal proceeding to "prove" they aren't a danger?


What about law-abiding gun owners legitimately suffering from depression or anxiety. Is it right that their therapist could arbitrarily signal them out? Such legislation could have serious repercussions on treating the mentally ill – including veterans suffering from PTSD.