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Montana: Bloomberg Targeting Missoula – Your Action Needed NOW!

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On Monday, September 26, the Missoula City Council is scheduled to consider an ordinance that would only create a burden for law-abiding citizens and may turn them into criminals if they unknowingly violate the ordinance.  Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing this proposal onto Missoula and simply sees this as the first step toward firearm registration.  It is imperative that you take action immediately and contact the Missoula City Council in opposition to this anti-gun ordinance!

This proposal violates Montana’s state preemption law, which prohibits local governments and municipalities from passing their own gun control laws that create a patchwork of complex and confusing gun laws throughout the state.

It is important for NRA members and Second Amendment supporters from all across Montana to continue to take action by contacting the Missoula City Council to prevent Bloomberg from further spreading his New York-style anti-gun agenda in Big Sky Country.

If you are able and live near to Missoula, please attend the Missoula City Council hearing and voice your opposition to this ordinance.  The meeting will be held at 7:00pm at the below location.  Please arrive early.

City Council Chambers

140 West Pine Street

Missoula, MT

Also, please contact City Council members and voice your opposition to this ordinance.  Click the above “Take Action” button to communicate your concerns to the entire Council and be added to the public record in opposition to the proposed gun control ordinance.


Missoula City Council:

Ward 1

Bryan Von Lossberg

(406) 285-1857

Heidi West

(405) 747-9158

Ward 2

Harlan Wells

(406) 544-7240

Jordan Hess

(406) 552-4050

Ward 3

Emily Bentley

(406) 546-6552

Gwen Jones

(406) 549-3295

Ward 4

John DiBari

(406) 274-7337

Jon Wilkins

(406) 543-7952

Ward 5

Annelise Hedahl

(406) 546-6979

Julie Armstrong

(406) 426-1530

Ward 6

Michelle Cares

(406) 215-1905

Marilyn Marler

(406) 544-7189