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Jon Carlson

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Oct. 25, 2013

From Jay Patrick. "Let's Live" August 1975

The latest regulations proposed by this body (FDA) in the Federal Register of May 28, 1975 will, for instance, prohibit the supply of cobalt as a mineral supplement. The F.D.A. says that because they are permitting the sale of vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) which contains cobalt, we will not be allowed to get cobalt in any other way. This is the only known function the F.D.A. states for cobalt. But the F.D.A. doesn't get around very much research-wise, it seems.


Dr. John Myers emphasized the role of minerals and particularly Cobalt in human health. When Reading the health literature the importance of minerals, some 25 known in human physiology, also stands out and supplying the minerals is the most important health initiative. Veggies with their need for 13 minerals supply only half of the human needs.

Checking the Internet drew a blank on Cobalt supplements. Amazon and Alpha Chemical carry the powder form only. It has been a major undertaking of my health initiative to supply my body with the minerals as much as possible. Amazed at the extraordinary benefits of cobalt supplementation I started 20 mg of cobalt carbonate powder in an empty capsule daily as an experiment. That is half the size of a pea. It is said that if it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. This is my report. Note the CONFIRMED after points of interest.

1. Cobalt strengthens the pulse and stops irregular heartbeats.

Potassium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, vanadium, cobalt, iodine are important heart minerals.

2. Cobalt makes veins fill and stand up easily, producing a full lumen, while in other patients veins would not stand up making it extremely difficult to get into the veins. With the use of Cobalt these veins regained their turgency. CONFIRMED

3. Cobalt makes skin stronger and tougher. The fragility and thinness of aged skin disappears. The skin appears youthful and fresh. It does not get the blemishes of old age. In several remarkable cases large black moles washed away, leaving normal skin on face and arms. CONFIRMED

4. Cuticle and nail grow faster and stronger and without waves with adequate Cobalt.A deeply waved thumb nail can become smoother under cobalt without the wrinkled portion of the nail growing off. CONFIRMED

5. Hair grows rapidly, strands are thicker and smoother, and ends do not split and fray. Hair is more easily dressed and lays in place better. Several patients have had a natural curl return to their hair.

6. Cobalt makes the eyeballs feel completely at ease and makes the eyeball mucous more lubricating. CONFIRMED

7. Cobalt and copper, along with Iodine, improves the light sensitivity of the retina and reduces irritation from light glare. They also make vision sharper and colors more vivid. Most patients normally have a redued ability to see the color red. CONFIRMED

8. Styes disappear with the aid of Zinc Iodide and cobalt by mouth. Red irritated corneas and lid margins clear up also. The cholesterol accumulation of pinquercula will disappear with the aid of cobalt showing its direct effect on cholesterol metabolism.

9. Fever blisters in the mouth and nose disappear with cobalt added to patient's metabolic support.

10. Athlete's Foot is a breakdown of the sypathetic nerves between the toes. Zinc and cobalt are mostly involved.

11. Cobalt stops nose bleeding and improves the turgency of the turbinates and this strengthens the integrity of the blood vessels.. By improving the erectile quality of the turbinates the stuffiness and bogginess of the nose is relieved. CONFIRMED

12. Cobalt is almost a specific for healing mucous membrane ulcerations. Gastric ulcers are produced by the death of the mucous-producing cells, due to lack of Cobalt and other metabolic support. High concentration of hydrochloric acid does not cause the ulcer; it only serves to make the condtion untenable after the lining is denuded of its mucous covering. CONFIRMED

13. Cobalt along with zinc, copper, magnesium and iodine have a remarkable effect on the thyroid function, serving to regulate its activity as well as to supply the gland with the necessary basic materials with which to carry on the normal control activity of the body.