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Dave Hodges

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Through the research of Marilyn Rupar and myself, we have established the fact that a major area of military operations is being organized, right now, both inside of Venezuela, off the coast of Venezuela and on the Venezuela-Colombian border. Previous parts of this series have established the fact that most of Latin America supports the Russian-Chinese-Venezuelan contingent which will oppose Colombia-El Salvador and ultimately the United States.

In two previous articles, the CSS made the case that the United States military would be drained in the Middle East and then the "real conflict" would commence in South America and eventually spread north to our border and would laregely be unopposed because the American military will be rendered inept and weak. However, this looming Red Dawn Invasion force has allies in the form of 5th column forces inside the United States. 

The contemporary anecdotal stories are rushing in and they serve to further validate what we have known for a long time, namely, bad-intentioned UN troops are poised for the takeover.

A  former Q Alert posted at, stated that the United Nations is  preparing for what I have written about in the previous paragraphs.

This does not come from a high level source. Just an everyday average Joe. But a guy that works in the same industry, that always gave a hard time about the tin hat-stuff, recently returned from a Great Divide Concert at which a gentleman just passing by, stopped to mingle with this group of people. They had a couple of drinks, and this guy states, he likes America, he likes the people. He wished he could dance like, the Americans. Laugh. He states he had been fighting beside US troops over past 6-7 years. And this is why I feel I need to tell someone over here in the states a lil something. He said he was from Norway. And he would be back in 3-4 months as a part of UN troops. He said there was nothing he could do. But felt compelled that he needed to say something, just to let such good people know what is coming. He said that they were going to be going door to door taking guns, or shooting to kill. They already had the lists of names, and addresses. I have no reason to not believe the words from acquaintance. It actually pretty much freaked him out. He is rather overwhelmed from the conversation.

John Moore's Daughter

A few years ago as former Green Beret and present talk show host, John Moore, tells the story the revelation of an invasion force was made to John's daughter. His daughter, living in Seattle, answered an ad for a puppy. His daughter visited the home where the puppy was being kept and she met the resident. The resident was asked by Moore's daughter what she did for a living and the resident said "Oh, I am a UN Peacekeeper". Moore's daughter said the home was upscale and was absolutely shocked by the revelation. As John's friend, and my broadcast partner, has wondered outloud, how many "Peacekeepers" are presently in the United States and awaiting orders to spring into action. Moore's daughters revelation is not the only example of what we know to be a multi-national set of multiple sleeper cells inside of the United States. This example is provided as merely one example of what is inside the United States and they are awaiting orders. With the evidence that I have previously presented on the CSS, there is no question that this UN Peacekeeper encounted by John Moore's daughter is part of a 5th column working inside the United States. The location of this encounter is interesting because it is in "Cascadia" and this observation will be fully explained later in this article. 

The Moore story is a nice-to-know story because of the credibility of John Moore. However, and as the CSS has reported for years, the UN Peacekeepers have embedded themselves inside of our country and they have for years. 



Why does the Moore revelation raise so many red flags. First, this event begs the question, why would an United Nations Peacekeeper be living inside the United States. What "peace" is being protected? Or, perhaps, what qonflict is expected on American soil. The location of the Peacekeeper, is interesting.

There are two primary cessationist movements in the United States and they are CALEXIT and CASCADIA. Both have UN and international backing especially from nations like Russia. 

In order to understand what is about to happen to the United States and its people, we have to understand that the UN and treasonous subversives from the Democratic Party, which includes every Democratic candidate for President, is seeking to handoff the entire West coast to communist interests. The economic impact, alone, would be devastating for the United States. And the loss of agricultural rich lands in California would cause spot food shortages and huge food inflation for the rest of the country. Here is the story about what is happeing to Washington, Oregon and California. 


When I first reported on CALEXIT, the planned exit of California from the union. As Paul Preston and myself have been reporting for over 3 years, CALEXIT had the backing and participation of the Obama administration. Former and disgraced Obama-serving Attorney General, Eric Holder, is the spokesperson. Several members of the Obama administration went to the early CALEXIT organizational meetings. Member of the Chinese military and banking establishment attended along with the Mexican consulate. 

The plan is to have California leave the the United States and become a protectorate of Russia. CALEXIT has opened an embassay in Russia as evidenced by this photo. 



This banner, representing the new "state" of Calfornia was rolled in a press conference in Moscow, three years ago. This was the beginning of a formation of a CALEXIT embassy to perate on Russian Soil. This is illegal and unconstitutional and why Trump has not arrested everyone connexted to this illegal plot to remove Calfiornia from the United States, is a mystery.The ONLY thing that stopped this from becoming a reality was Paul Preston's formation the constitutionally acceptable movement to form a 51 state and separate from the "blue" communist areas in California by creating its own state. This movement is legally following the path of WEst Virginia from the mid-19th century.

Besides the CALEXIT threat, Oregon and Washington are also threatening to leave the union with devastating spin off effects. . 


Cascadoa is aproposed country or region largely would consist of the Canadian province of British Columbia and the US States of Washington and Oregon. Including all parts of the bioregion, Cascadia would stretch from coastal Alaska in the north into Northern California in the south, and inland to include parts of IdahoMontanaNevadaUtahWyoming, and the Yukon. More conservative advocates propose borders that include the land west of the crest of Cascade Range, and the western side of British Columbia.




It is not just Cascadia and CALEXIT that we need to be concerned about. Over the past several years, the CSS has covered multiple and questionable interference on American soil by UN forces. 

his is just another case of new information confirming past warnings.

UN Vehicle Storage Area In Hagerstown, MD.