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Rewilding Is the Agenda 21 Motivation for the California Fires

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Put this map into your GPS, it will tell where you soon cannot go. The UN’s manifestation of forcing people into stack and pack cities. This map spells the demise of American ranchers and farmer as well as Native Americans on tribal lands. And the federal government has show that they are willing to murder to enforce these dictates. Additionally, this map could serve as a guide as to where the next round of California fires are going to start.

The California fires are anything but an accident and scores of reporters are seeing these tragedies for what they are, a contrived event with an agenda (Agenda 21).

From Agenda 21 Radio:

The Truth as Being Reported on AGENDA 21 RADIO

“An interesting perspective on the Agenda 21 plan is explored from the Santa Rosa fire.

Fire-scorched Fountaingrove in Santa Rosa focal point of debate over rebuilding

…”The above article is the down payment for the information being distributed to the general public to usher into the public mind to prepare for mass population redistribution.

One of the concerns we are seeing is a complete shut down of the press relative to the facts.  We are still seeing reports there are only 42 people dead when reports list as many as 400 people are still missing and unaccounted for at this time.”….

Everything is not as it is being reported in the MSM is it?

Is This Why Deborah Tavares Was Forced From the Air?

In the following video, Tavares predicts the Agenda 21 fires and she predicted the event 3 years in advance of the event.


Tavares’ website has not been updated in more than 2 years! She used to be a regular guest on my show and we had a very good professional relationship. She undertood that I thought she was the consumate researcher who possessed great integrity.  Was she forced from her role as an investigative journalist?

 In 2015, Tavares predicted more Agenda 21 anctics


Tavares and Jeff Rense, a little over a year later in 2015, predicted the fires in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties and they stated the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) would be used. This is what Agenda 21 radio host, Paul Preston, concluded as well when he appeared on The Common Sense Show in November of 2017.

There are corporations that are making big money from the fires in both Northern and Southern California. However, this is window dressing. The real motive is to rid rural areas of people. This is the rewilding of America. The implementation of Agenda 21 is in full force and the globalists are using any means necessary. And you can count on one thing, the UN will soon be rearing its head in the impacted areas.