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The First of the UN Occupation Forces to be Unveiled in Chicago

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This will soon be a familiar site on American Soil. Welcome to Chicago.

The City of Chicago is giving out the so-called  “city keys” to every citizen and every illegal aliens? Reportedly, there is a three  point ID verification. The purpose of the ID cards, in reference to the UN soldiers on the streets of Chicago, as well as the UN soldiers patroling streets of the “Windy City”, make it easy to round up “deporables” and to detain them indefinitely. It is noteworthy to mention that this chema is tax supported.

The Common Sense Show has learned from a previously utilized and high ranking and well–placed source, that occupation troops of the United Nations, stationed in Chicago plan to use the extreme tenets fo the NDAA to indefintely detain, without due process that they arbitrarily deem to be a potential problem. The list of detainees WILL NOT be confined to armed gangsters who are creating mayhem and murder in Chicago. Th list of permanent detainees imy include members of the Deep State opposition.

For years, The Common Sense Show has been dilligent in exposing the existence of UN troops on US soil who are simply waiting for a pretext to emerge and enforce martial law as the opening salvo for the takeover of America. The following is an excerpt from The Common Sense Show in September of this year.

UN Vehicle Storage Area In Hagerstown, MD.

The following video speaks for itself. The following is oe of many UN staging areas. Please note the medical vehicles, but also note the vehicles associated with war. This is on American soil, where our DHS is allowing foreign military entities to act with impunity on American soil. I have learned that this facility is owned by the State Department (ie Deep State).

What makes sense here is that a catastrophic event(s) is/are coming America’s way in the form of false flag events designed to create a crisis, in which the great purveysors of humanitarian aid, will come like a thief in the night to offer humanitarian aid, followed by gun confiscatio, followed by martial law. This is shaping up to be America’s darkest moment.

Here is an email from the person that sent me the following photos:

Hey Dave,

This area has been used for storing UN vehicles for at least the last year. If you check out this address on Google Maps you will see some Vehicles there as well. 11841 Newgate Boulevard Hagerstown Maryland 21740. You can’t tell from the pictures but behind the pickup trucks are some armored AMRAP type vehicles. My name is Steven Myers. Please keep up the good work and may God protect and watch over you. (note: Somebody did send me those photos too, look at the top photo at the top of the page).
 The following video contains 10 photos sent by Mr. Meyers. These vehicles are, again, a combination of medical and military assault vehicles. As I stated earlier, I am getting similar reports out of Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

The abovementioned report was not well-received when it was initally published. Perhaps now the American people will look at this with both eyes open so we can decide how to deal with this treason with as much unification as possible.

 UN Equipment Indicating a Coming EMP Attack

Back in September, Paul Martin and myself were sent photos of of the deployment of UN vehicles and equipment. These photos can bee viewed at the same link listed above.

It is the belief of The Common Sene Show, that disabling America through an EMP attack is a distinct possiblity.

There are other possibilities and motivations with regard to a UN military presence on our soil. They will be discussed in Part Two.


The undeniabble fact is that officials in Chicago are allowing a foreign occupation force to patrol the streets of an American city. To hell with the police and the National Guard. This is an act of treason of the highest order. It is a foothold event to desensitize America to the presence of an occupation force on American soil. No matter how one explains this away, this is treason of the highest order.