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March 3, 2013

"Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty,

reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control."

Professor Maurice King


With all the caustic New World Order climate change and land use plans, and in spite of public outrage stemming from the global warming fraud, the bureaucratic juggernaut rolls on. Especially in New York State, the home of the sinister United Nations, the plotters against rational conservation, efficient energy policy and prudent economic growth, are destroying the very nature of sound environmentalism. Hard at work are the brain dead toady bureaucrats and the "true believers" in total denial meltdown mode. Turning the concept of 'self-sufficiency' into a dirty word - ‘sustainability’ - is the new catch phrase to distinguish vogue ignorance, in order to save the planet you need to destroy it, crowd.

Ordinary citizens need to rally and put an end to central control government. Start with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation efforts in there, Sustainability Plan Guidance A Regional Plan. This outline adopts the objectives of imposing an Agenda 21 program as official NYS policy. "The core of the plan is the regional focus that enables a consortium of municipalities to create a shared vision and then pool their resources towards achieving that vision."
Efforts and criticism from the like of John W. Wallace need to multiply across the state and caution their neighbors. Now is the time to stop, GOVERNOR ANDREW COUMO TO IMPLEMENT UNITED NATIONS’ AGENDA 21 IN NEW YORK STATE VIA REGIONAL PLANNING GROUPS.
"Of course, the county and local government officials are unaware that by signing an agreement to participate in this new regional program, that they have actually signed onto Agenda 21 and that their town, city, village or county will now appear on the ICLEI website. Most local residents will remain unaware of the implications of the new comprehensive plan and Agenda 21 until after it is promulgated in their own backyards in the form of a regional draft comprehensive plan that is intended to supersede local planning boards and zoning laws."


In order to appreciate the scope and intrusion into local communities, the destructive role of the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, NYSERDA becomes required understanding. A recent case study assessment provides a firsthand testimonial of an attendee at a regional gathering. Please review the source links for supporting evidence.


The following is the summary of activist Mary Kay Barton.

On January 26, 2012, I attended the final meeting in Batavia, NY for the Finger Lakes "Regional 'Sustainability' Plan"  - part of NYSERDA's $10,000,000 expenditure state-wide to have regional Planning Departments orchestrate plans that coincide with the "sustainability" initiative described in NYSERDA's "Cleaner, Greener Communities" Program.  Following is my take on what is going on in regard to this extensive plan in the works across New York State.



As those who have done their homework regarding the United Nation's 'Agenda 21' plan are very well-aware, "Sustainability" is a key buzzword that is part and parcel of the UN’s 'Agenda 21'.  There is no doubt that the "Sustainability" Plan currently being devised by Planning Departments across the state, who are acting "under NYSERDA's thumb" (as one Planner phrased it at their first meeting in Batavia), IS 'Agenda 21' in the works (think carbon taxes, 'green' energy transfer-of-wealth schemes, and one-world governance). 


While at the "open-house style" meeting in Batavia last evening, folks were asked to read the poster boards relevant to each part of the overall plan: Land Use, Water Use, Agriculture, Forestry, Waste Management, Economic Development, and Energy -- and to then use sticky notes to post their comments on the boards for each particular segment of the plan. 


Many will say they see nothing wrong with developing a good overall plan like this, and there certainly are many aspects of the extensive plan that look good at first glance.   However, as they say - the devil is in the details. 


The fact that NYSERDA is the bureaucracy over-seeing this process is the tell-tale warning sign, as the development of renewable energy across the state and ways to regulate carbon emissions is the overarching goal in each area of the plan.  This should leave everyone very wary about the remaining $90,000,000 - that came from RGGI ratepayer dollars, that will be offered as 'grants' (the proverbial 'carrots' used to lead the sheep) to guide our communities into "compliance" with the overall underlying agenda - that of 'Agenda 21'.  Who knows where the money will come from for Governor Cuomo's proposed $BILLION dollar "Green Bank", and $1.5 Billion dollar Solar fund?  One thing is for sure -- Who needs Cap & Trade legislation when these kinds of "Sustainability Plans" are in the works!


One of the biggest warning flags I noted last evening (besides the obvious HUGE "green" energy push and carbon regulation goals) was on the chart regarding ‘Land Use’. I noted one line that said, "Home Rule" interferes with inter-municipal cooperation..." The obvious subliminal message here is that "Home Rule" is a BAD thing. 


Our municipalities' long-held, Constitutional-right to "Home Rule" is being progressively undermined in this whole process of State-led planning.  We are unwittingly, slowly and methodically giving over total control to unelected bureaucrats and planners who are devising these "green", "sustainability" plans -- which are part and parcel of 'Agenda 21' (which many officials and bureaucrats say they still know nothing about). 


The sad reality - that most of these planners are not at all educated about energy and power, became evident just as I was getting ready to leave the meeting.  One of the FL Planners asked me what I had thought of the display.  I told him straight out that the obvious push for "Unreliables" (what the 'greens' refer to as 'renewables') like wind is a complete waste of our tax- and rate-payer dollars.  I told him that while I am certainly all for scientifically-vetted, economically-sound energy-innovation, industrial wind was the biggest scam to ever come down the pike.  Not surprisingly, he did not like my response. 


Sadly, he responded with the decades-old propaganda line, "Well, we have to do something.  Oil is responsible for so much of our pollution." 


I responded, "I'm not talking about oil – which is used for transportation.  I’m talking about unreliable wind power - which is used for electricity!”


He tried to argue that eventually we would end up going to all electric vehicles. I just laughed, and said, "Sir, I'm afraid you've drank the Kool-Aid!  I couldn't even make it home and back in an electric car." Thankfully, a local guy who does get it, stepped in and said that even if electric vehicles became more prevalent, they could never be used to do the kind of heavy work required on our farms. 


As our conversation proceeded, we had the attention of the entire small crowd that was in the room - which played out great, as the facts totally destroyed this planner's entire argument.


Not one of the five planners who were there knew what "Capacity Value" was, nor that wind provided virtually NONE.  I told him that wind is NOT the future, and in all actuality, there is a direct correlation between RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE power, and increased health and longevity in this country, which he could verify by doing a little research.


I ended up leaving a copy of The Wind Farm Scam and Power Hungry: The Myths of "Green" Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future with one of the head planners there.  Hopefully, they will actually read them.   


What is transpiring in New York State regarding the push for United Nation’s recommended "Sustainability" plans by Governor Andrew Cuomo and his cohorts at NYSERDA, is described by Dr. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance in the article, "Is your church bowing to the ‘Green Dragon’?" Dr. Beisner discusses how "Environmentalism" has become the world's new religion. Global Warming Alarmism and the push for all things "green" is all about worshiping the earth and protecting the earth from evil men -- rather than worshiping and trusting in God and being good stewards of the earth in order to better serve all mankind, as God intended it to be.   

Dr. Beisner is exactly right! 

NYSERDA is a scalawag outfit that does harm to New York State residents. It is a government agency based upon deceit and pseudo energy research, corrupt cronyism and fake environmentalism. The article, Agenda 21 in New York State - Home Rule and Article X, provides relevant details on the way the technical process of administrative agencies erode the basic property rights of landowners and authority of local communities.

The limited powers and narrow influence of elected representatives on the actual governance by bureaus is the worst of all worlds. The globalist master deceivers, game and work the system to circumvent traditional safeguards and legitimate home rule jurisdiction.

The value of insights gained from attending such meetings as the Finger Lakes "Regional 'Sustainability' Plan", clearly document and expose, the true intent and consequences of Agenda 21. Sustainability really means sustain instability for the consumer, while enriching the benefactors of the Cap and Trade rip off scheme.

SARTRE – March 3, 2013