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THE MARSHALL REPORT: “We Can’t Play Into The Hands of These People.” PRESIDENT TRUMP

Dianne Marshall

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Who is really running the nation right now? Biden can barely look at the camera for a few minutes without nodding off. He is incoherent and doesn’t know what he is even being asked. So who is preparing his executive orders, and telling him what to do next? Is it a committee? A few people or one?  



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Or is it Obama, Hillary, or the Corporate Cabal?



What were their plans? Was it to blow up a portion of the Capitol and blame it on the people who wanted the courts to look at election fraud evidence? Was it to create a disaster that harmed and killed innocent Americans? Was this going to lead to another witch hunt on all Trump supporters ending in putting them into their internment camps? Was it going to be the fuse on the powder keg to justify the evil genocide of all who opposed the wicked agenda?

As Trump has said many times, it’s not me they are after – it is all of you.\

Can you not see it now as big as a giant standing in your path? Can you not see Pelosi and her rage that can no longer be contained? If, that is even her?  Watch McConnell squirm, he is guilty of not adding guard at the request of the Capitol Chief of Police. He can not hide from his blatant participation in this evil act. He and Pelosi were in charge of Capitol Security…who knew until after the impeachment  fail that they were? I sure didn’t.



McConnell is bought and paid for. Hope he spends his money quickly. It will soon be useless to him.



Now we know who it was to blame for lack of security. The Mayor of D.C. is responsible for allowing her dedicated ANTIFA, BLM city to coordinate and protect the real rioters. The busses were coordinated and the arrival of the hired thugs was on time….had President Trump not be delayed, many would have died and been arrested in the mayhem that Pelosi, McConnell and Mayor Bowser  coordinated together with others. Or so it now appears in the evidence to be such. Pelosi and McConnell on that day, acting in negligence of Capitol Protection, according to the report from the Capitol Chief of Police, Steven Sund.

We now know that Pelosi demanded his resignation. Blaming him and fearing he would say something. She demanded resignations of all who knew the truth or so it now appears that was her motivation. Pelosi received the letter, along with McConnell, McCarthy and Hayes on February 1, 2021 that gave an honest account of ANTIFA and other actors as the ones entering the Capitol and all the equipment they carried in with them such as explosives, gas canisters, iron bars, wooden boards and more, charging the gates to enter fighting the Police from the very start. Shouting in their faces with all the hallmark signs of ANTIFA.

Meanwhile, President Trump was still giving his speech. Timing was off…many videos show the protestors waiting for the Trump supporters to arrive as they take personal photo ops in the staged setting inside the capitol.