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Trump is on The Right Side of History

Stephen Borthwick

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White House [Public Domain]

The largest landslide elections in American history have all happened because Americans needed someone they could trust to keep them safe. The third-largest, in 1972, saw Richard Nixon win 520 electoral votes, turning practically the whole map of the US red by promising law and order after two years of leftist terrorism.

Over the weekend, two LAPD officers were ambushed in a cold-blooded assassination attempt in Compton. Later, hordes of Biden-voters surrounded the hospital where the men were clinging to their lives, violently threatening to finish the job. Just yesterday in Lancaster, a similar mob smashed windows of a police precinct and called for the police officers to be dragged into the street and shot. 

Young people in this country might think this is the first time this has happened, but older Americans should remember its predecessor when Barack Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers and his terrorist friends began a bombing campaign that culminated in a terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Inspired by this “revolutionary” violence, a brutal campaign of police assassinations followed centered in New York City and Atlanta. 


These same people, who are now mostly employed at American universities teaching the leftist terrorists of today, and who worked to get Obama elected, are trying to undermine this election. They have learned nothing, though – the American people didn’t want their bloodthirsty communist murder-regime in the 1970s and we don’t want it now. 

Nothing about the Left has changed, from the murderous Bolsheviks in the 1910s, to the genocidal maniacs like Pol Pot, Mao, and Stalin, to the present Antifa arsonists and BLM murderers. Those are the people Donald Trump is running against in 2020.