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The Stories You Don’t See… Here are 8 Stories About The President You Won’t See Anywher


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The Stories You Don’t See… Here are 8 Stories About The President You Won’t See Anywhere




The media is totally unfair to the President, anyone with half a brain could tell you that. The only stories you see on TV are these horrible stories that come from “anonymous sources.” These stories can’t be confirmed by anyone but the media lets them go unchallenged because they want this President to fail. Philanthropist Foster Friess took to Twitter to share some of Trump’s greatest acts of kindness. Here are the stories that you won’t see anywhere in the mainstream media


1.) Darnell Barton



President Donald J. Trump addresses a rally in Montoursville, PA – May 27, 2019. Photo: Michael Malarkey.



On a busy day, New York bus driver Darnell Barton saw a young woman on the verge of ending her own life on a bridge, Barton stepped up and helped her down. This hero saved the woman’s life and when Trump heard the news he donated $10,000 to him. Barton wasn’t expecting anything, he simply did what was right when he needed too. Trump did the right thing by repaying this act of kindness with another act of kindness.


2.) Helping a Family with Serious Medical Issues

When Trump heard the story of a family whose daughter had severe medical issues he reached out to help the family out. This is the sort of thing that more public figures should do, they have the potential to c




3.) Stopping Foreclosure

Trump once helped a woman save her farm from foreclosure after her husband tragically took his own life. Trump came in and helped save the farm, afterward, they took these awesome photos at Trump Tower where they burned the mortgage paperwork!



4.) Flying a Sick Child Across the Country



Gage Skidmore via ( Wikipedia Commons



A 3-year-old Jewish child was extremely sick with a rare illness and required treatment in a New York hospital, the issue was the boy lived in Los Angeles and commercial airliners couldn’t accommodate his medical equipment. This is where Trump stepped in and flew the boy across the country in his private jet totally free of charge.


5.) Miss Wisconsin



Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons



There are many tales about Donald Trump and his involvement in pageantry but one is never covered, and that is the story of Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young. Young, the former holder of the Miss Winsconsin title, was hospitalized with an incurable illness and Donald Trump sent her a handwritten letter telling her that she was the “bravest woman I know”. Trump then proceeded to give her son a full ride to any college.


6.) Jennifer Hudson



Fuzheado via ( Wikipedia Commons



Following the tragic shooting that took the lives of 3 of Jennifer Hudson’s family members, Trump put the family in his hotel in Chicago for free. This was an act of complete kindness and Trump had nothing to gain by doing it, but he still chose to do it. It speaks a lot to the man’s character.


7.) ADL Praise



Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons



While the ADL has fallen from grace in recent years it was once a powerful organization that stood for something, this organization that now attacks Trump once vouched for him. When Trump first opened his famous Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach most clubs didn’t welcome Jewish or African American’s in their establishments but Trump made sure to welcome these communities with open arms. The ADL of today would say that this is somehow racist, but at the time they were quick to praise him for it.


8.) Trump Stops Robbery



The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons



Trump was riding in his limo when he saw a man getting mugged by a criminal wielding a baseball bat. Trump ordered his limo driver to stop and when he did, the businessman and future President stepped out of the car and commanded the thug to stop, the thug quickly dropped the bat upon seeing that Donald Trump was the one barking the order. Insane to think of something like this happening today, no one would have bought this story if there weren’t witnesses.