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6 Roles Trump Can Hire Michael Flynn For

TTN Staff|

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Michael Flynn was railroaded by rogue agents within the federal government in a deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to destroy the Trump administration before they even had a chance to succeed. Although this caused some damage and resulted in legal consequences for people who have done nothing, Flynn was able to beat the case and the Trump administration is picking up steam once again. With Flynn coming back into public life Trump has offered him a role in the administration, here are some of the roles that Flynn could takeover in the Trump administration:

1.) National Security Advisor

The position of National Security Advisor was supposed to Flynn’s role in the White House and it nearly cost him his life. It would be great to see him return to the role that he has earned and was wrongly stripped away from him. He is still qualified for the position and this would serve to correct what was wrongfully done.


2.) Secretary of Homeland Security

Gage Skidmore via ( Wikipedia Commons

While Chad Wolf is doing a great job as acting secretary they need someone to permanently fill the position and Flynn would be a great role. He has all the experience and this line of work fits his talents well.

3.) Secretary of Veteran Affairs

DonkeyHotey via ( Wikipedia Commons

While Robert Wilkie is doing a great job looking over our veterans Flynn could take over if he wanted to retire. Flynn is a veteran himself and would likely be able to give the job a solid effort in reforming the broken parts of the system.

4.) Press Secretary

If Trump were to put Flynn into this position it would be a move against the media and could only be called a power play. Kayleigh McEnany has been doing a fine job but it would be awesome to see Flynn stick it to the media.

5.) Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo has done a fine job as Secretary of State but if he were ever to leave the role Flynn would be a great replacement. His military experience would be a great set of skills in the role, especially when dealing with hostile nations.

6.) Secretary of Education

Daniel C. Hodges via ( Wikipedia Commons

While humorous as an idea, Micheal Flynn could do a great job to put backbone back into the system. The education system is nowhere near the standards it should be but it can be reformed, Flynn would do good in this department!