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Thursday, May 28, 2020


Urgent Warning!!! Get This to President Trump!

Urgent Warning!!! Get This to President Trump!
All ancient prophecies come down to this. 
There will be "a moment" in time when it appears that we must give up our souls and our freedom in exchange for a solution to our problems.
In this moment, we will be offered an "easy way out" of what otherwise appears to be an impossible situation. 
In that moment, we must trust our own creative abilities and inner resources.
We must say, "No thanks--- but why don't you get off our planet, once and for all?" 
Because at that moment, the Sons of Saturn will be overcome and forced to leave.  Finally. 
So prepare yourselves for the Test.  Resolve to be calm and centered and know the answer to your very soul.
Only the meek, the strong, and certain will remain.

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