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Presidential Conduct Worse Than What the Dems are Alleging Trump did


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  • 2019-12-04
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
  • The Democrats are pushing another narrative that is absolutely false, a total lie, a demonstrably made-up fact. 

    This time the Democrats are claiming that what they allege President Trump did was the worst presidential conduct in the history of the nation. Once again we will raise the point that the hyperbolic nature of these claims is fueled by the Democrats' unwillingness to study history and their pure hatred for Trump. The ignorance of the Democrat party aside, these claims about President Trump must not be left unchallenged.

    Even if everything the Democrats said was true (which it isn’t), here is behavior by other Presidents that is far worse than anything President Trump has been accused of:



    1.) FDR Putting Americans in Camps

    photo by Leon A Perskie via The FDR Presidential Library

    It wasn’t that long ago when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt put American citizens into camps. 

    During WWII FDR had thousands of Japanese Americans put into camps due to a lack of trust and fear that they were spies from imperial Japan. This move was widely criticized by people throughout the country and questions were raised as to why German Americans were not thrown into camps considering that the country was also at war with Germany during his presidency. 

    Trump has gotten nowhere near the level of putting people into camps based on their ethnicity, but FDR did.     



    3.) Lyndon B. Johnson

    Lyndon B. Johnson had the behavior of a spoiled teenage boy, he was inappropriate to an extent that makes Trump’s off the cuff remarks look like bible verses. Johnson would commonly flaunt his genitalia to groups of journalists and his staff. He was also known for making racist remarks regularly despite being the president who signed the Civil Rights Act into law.    



    4.) Woodrow Willson