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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

November 5th 2019

Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States, Schiff’s Demise and the Rule of Law.

Offense and defense in a single move is the hallmark of a successful campaign.

This strategy when applied to the bogus illegal Schi/Po cabal in Congress opens the curtain to the staged failure of the convention of lies.

Please consider having all subpoenaed executive officers file the following written reply.

"Thank you for the invitation to participate in a Congressional Hearing staged as an investigation of President Trump.

I must respectfully decline the invitation under the following cause.

After rereading my public servants oath and government employment contract I recognized that I would be committing numerous felonies by accepting your fatally defective invitation.

I will be more than happy to present myself and be duly sworn to tell the truth when the Committee provides me with a Jurisdictional Statement.

Please identify the specific portions of the Legislative powers of Congress to act in Executive investigative and Judicial fact finding capacities while meeting as the Legislative branch of government.

Second, please identify the act of Treason, Bribery, High Crime or Misdemeanor alleged against President Trump, providing the Statute created by Congress subjecting Mr. Trump to Impeachment proceedings.


Please file this Official Response to your Invitation for evidence on the Congressional Record certifying your proceedings as lawful, within the Jurisdiction of Congress.

I look forward to Chairman Schiff’s prompt response."

This Beneficiary believes a TWEET is in order.

Charles Miller