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Trump Peeved by Bolton’s Attempt to Pull Him ‘INTO A WAR’ in Venezuela

Battle for the World

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BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | May 11, 2019: The article highlights that Vice President Mike Pence advised Venezuelan officials to follow a former intelligence chief in breaking ranks with Caracas and joining the opposition, noting that the ex-official has had all previously imposed sanctions against him lifted.

And that US President Donald Trump has expressed his frustration with his senior officials regarding how difficult a task removing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has proven to be, an anonymous senior administration officials and advisers to the White House revealed to the Washington Post.

One senior official said, Trump recently joked that National Security Adviser John Bolton wanted to pull him “into a war” in Venezuela, and that the joke reportedly revealed more of senior concerns. The President also complained about Bolton’s attempt to box him ‘into a corner’ and take his administration to ‘beyond where he felt comfortable’ on the Venezuelan policy, said another official familiar with US Foreign Policy.

Three other officials told the Washington Post that, the president has complained openly about Bolton and others underestimating the strength of President Maduro, and that Trump reportedly referred to the Venezuelan president as a “tough cookie.”