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Rush Limbaugh Just Made A Bold Prediction About Trumpís Next Big Move

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Rush Limbaugh is the king of conservative radio.

For decades the radio personality has been among the first to spot emerging trends and new moves that take place within D.C.

And this time, Limbaugh is making a bold prediction about what Trump’s next big move is.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh took an opportunity this week to dive into the mess surrounding the recent negotiations over border security in Congress.

After ending the longest federal government shutdown in history, Congress began meeting to hash out a compromise bill in order to avert a second shutdown by the middle of February.

Limbaugh is skeptical that this new “compromise” bill is anything but a Trojan Horse for Republicans however.

“Well, let’s get to the details of the compromise legislation. This new offer from the Democrats — they’ve come off of zero. They’re now offering money for a wall, $1.375 billion. And I have to point out that that is still less than the original money agreed to by the appropriations committee,” stated Limbaugh.

The conservative commenter went further however.

“And the continuing resolution that Trump had in front of him had no money in it, nothing, whereas the Senate side had authorized $1.6 billion that got pulled out in the compromise so that’s why I said he’s getting less than nothing.”

Limbaugh then dug into the details of the new Congressional compromise bill, which sets aside $1.37 billion for just 55 miles of border security. He pointed out that Trump’s initial proposal of $5.7 billion for the wall wasn’t just a random number, but was given to the President after consulting with experts.

This is where Limbaugh made his prediction about where Trump will go.

“So let’s look at the options. If the president signs this, what can he say? He can say, “Look, I wanted a 64-mile expansion of the wall. I got 55 here, and it’s just a continuation.” One of the president’s themes last night was we’re already doing it. We’re already building the wall.”

Limbaugh predicts that Trump could portray this as a win, because the Democrats were initially offering nothing at all to him. He also pointed out, however, that Democrats could and likely would also paint it as a victory for them too.

Limbaugh ultimately thinks Trump will take the deal and likely work to portray it as a continuation of his efforts to get the wall built.

Out of the 64 miles he was originally looking for, the deal would fund 55 miles of the wall.

The President could then use his national emergency card up his sleeve to get the rest, or hold out until another budget crisis comes forward to get more money from Congress.

Or he could campaign for re-election on the promise that the job is only half finished and he needs to be sent back to Washington for another four-year term in order to complete what he had already begun.

However, Limbaugh warns that there is a chance Trump’s base would be opposed to the deal, and potentially see it as a capitulation.

If Trump takes it, framing will be key, as will any follow-up moves he takes immediately after signing it.