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Huge Update on the Mueller Report

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The Mueller report could be in its final stages, if CNN is to be believed. The Daily Caller reports:

The special counsel’s investigation could wrap up as soon as next week with the delivery of a confidential report to the Justice Department, CNN is reporting.

According to the network, Attorney General William Barr is preparing to receive a report from special counsel Robert Mueller, who took over an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign on May 17, 2017.


Barr, who was confirmed to office last week, will determine soon after receiving Mueller’s report what information will be provided to Congress.

The exact end date for the Mueller probe has been a longstanding source of speculation in Washington, D.C. In December, NBC News reported that Mueller & Co. planned to deliver a report by mid-February. But a delay in Barr’s confirmation may have contributed to a delay in handing over the report.

The report will be a turning point in the Trump Presidency: if no collusion is the verdict, Democrats will suffer a meltdown, and voters on the fence could be swayed by Trump.